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Best Summer Movie of 2019

For the return of Movie Fights Joe (Hal), Lon and Danielle judge the fighters as they debate everything about the Summer movies of 2019.

Season 3

18 Oct. 2015
Dream Back to the Future Sequel
Guest Host Dan Murrell judges panelists Miri Jedeikin, Mike Carlson and Adam Johnston as they debate such topics as, "Dream Back to the Future sequel", "Best Movie of 1985", and "What is the Best Coen Brothers Comedy".
25 Oct. 2015
Luke Skywalker: Good or Evil?
Guest Host Alicia Malone judges panelists Scott Mantz, Grae Drake and Dan Murrell as they debate such topics as "Should Luke Skywalker Be Good or Evil in Ep. 7", "Best Australian Actor", "Which Dead Director Should Come Back For One Film".
1 Nov. 2015
Wes Anderson: Horror Director?!
Panelists Marc Andreyko, Ben Begley and Mark Ellis debate such topics as "Who Should Be the Next James Bond", Pitch a Wes Anderson Horror Movie", and "Best Heist Movie".
8 Nov. 2015
Casting Shazam! Opposite the Rock Plus HUGE SJ NEWS!!
Guest Host Hal Rudnick judges panelists Nick Mundy, Spencer Gilbert and Andy Signore as they debate such topics as "Who Should Play Shazam", "Who Should Play The Crow", and the announcement of a new platform for Screen Junkies.
15 Nov. 2015
Best Stoner Movie? with Doug Benson!
Panelists Doug Benson, Scott Mantz and Chole Dykstra debate such topics as "Best Stoner Movie", "What RomCom should get a sequel" and "What Movie would make the Best Broadway Musical".
21 Nov. 2015
What Star Wars Character Would Win the Hunger Games?
Panelists Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell and Chris Stuckman debate such topics as "What Star Wars character would win the Hunger Games", "Worst James Bond" and "Pitch a Fast And Furious spin-off".
28 Nov. 2015
Jessica Jones & MCU Team Up?!
Panelists Marc Andreyko, Mike Carlson and Roger Barr debate such topics as "Best Star Wars Movie", "Who in the MCU should Jessica Jones team up with", and "Best Stallone Movie - that's not Rocky or Rambo".
5 Dec. 2015
Best Moment in the Batman v Superman Trailer?
Guest Host Dan Murrell judges the panelists Umberto Gonzalez, Kim Horcher and Andy Signore as they debate such topics as, "Best Moment in the BvS Trailer", "Best Comedy franchise" and "Most Overrated Superhero Movie".
12 Dec. 2015
Pitch a Solo Batman Movie (with Kevin Smith!)
Panelists Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert and Kevin Smith debate such topics as "Pitch the Next Solo Batman Movie", "Greatest Director who is also an Actor" and "Best Star Wars prequel".
19 Dec. 2015
Star Trek Beyond Trailer: Good or Bad?
Panelists Doug Benson, John Rocha and JTE debate such topics as "Star Trek Beyond - Should we be worried", "What Movie Most Lived Up to the Hype" and "Pitch your Ultimate Barbie Movie".
26 Dec. 2015
Is the Force Awakens the Best Star Wars Movie?
Panelists Ken Napzok, Hector Navarro and Yancy Berns debate topics such as "Where does Force Awakens rank among the Star Wars films", "Best Christmas Movie", and "Worst Movie to Watch with Your Family."
2 Jan. 2016
Pitch the Matrix Sequel - New Year's Eve 1999!!
In this "throwback" episode Guest Host Alicia Malone judges as the panelists Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert and Andy Signore debate all things 1999, including "Ideal Matrix sequel", and "Who Should Direct Star Wars: Episode II"
9 Jan. 2016
Best Movie of 2015?
Panelists Alison Haislip, Ben Begley and Cody Decker debate such topics as "Best Movie of 2015", "Best Performance of 2015", and "Greatest Billion Dollar Grossing Movie".
16 Jan. 2016
People argue about movies.
23 Jan. 2016
Best Suicide Squad Trailer Moment?
Panelists Marc Andreyko, Erin Robinson and Marc Reilly debate such topics as "Best Part of the Suicide Squad trailer", "Your Dream Director's Cut of a Classic Movie", and "Pitch the Villain for Wonder Woman".
30 Jan. 2016
Best Animated Sequel?
Panelists Hal Rudnick, Brett Erlich and Adam Hlavac debate such topics as "Best Animated sequel", "Best Parody", and "What's a Widely Mocked Movie that You Love".
6 Feb. 2016
Pitch the Next Big Fast & Furious Action Sequence
Panelists Dan Murrell, Max Landis and Rob Fee debate such topics as "Pitch the Next Fast and Furious Set Piece", "Pitch the Best Prometheus sequel" and "Favorite Movie Bar or Restaurant"
13 Feb. 2016
Will Batman v Superman Be Great?
Panelists Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis and Spencer Gilbert debate such topics as "What Movie Won the Super Bowl", "After the BvS How Excited Should We Be" and "What Superhero deserves a second chance".
20 Feb. 2016
Pitch a Deadpool Sequel (w/ Kevin Smith!)
Panelists Kevin Smith, Marc Andreyko and Spencer Gilbert debate such topics as "Pitch a Deadpool sequel", "The #1 thing you want to see in Star Wars: Episode VIII", and "Best Batman Movie - Blind Fight"
27 Feb. 2016
Who Should Join the Justice League?
Panelists Jason Inman, Trisha Hershberger, and Ryan Right debate such topics as "Who Should Join the Justice League next", "What's A Role An Actor Was Born To Play", and "What Franchise should crossover with Transformers".
5 Mar. 2016
New Ghostbusters Trailer: Should We Be Worried?
Panelists Jeremy Jahns, Scott Mantz and John Rocha debate such topics as "Should we be worried about the New Ghostbusters", "Most Badass Action Movie sequel" and "Best Film starring an SNL alum".
12 Mar. 2016
Could Captain America: Civil War Suck??
Panelists Hal Rudnick, Roger Barr and Nick Mundy debate such topics as "Could Captain America: Civil War Suck", "What Live-Action movie deserve an animated spin-off" and "Most Annoying Character in a Movie You Otherwise Love".
19 Mar. 2016
Pitch Indiana Jones 5!
Panelists Chris Stuckmann, Brett Erlich and John Flickinger debate such topics as, "What movie should have a sequel", "Pitch Indiana Jones 5" and "What Classic Movie should be remade".
26 Mar. 2016
Which Superhero Would You Want to Be?
In a Last Fighter Standing Match the top ranked competitors debate such topics as "Best Performance in a Bad Movie", "What Movie Superhero would you like to be for a whole year" and "What One Actor would you like to Punch in the Face".
2 Apr. 2016
Batman v Superman: Fun or Failure?
As teams Dan Murrell and Harley Morenstein face off against Marc Andreyko and John Campea debating such topics as "BvS - Fun or Failure", "Favorite BvS Moment" and "Should Snyder Direct Justice League".
9 Apr. 2016
Best "Star Wars: Rogue One" Trailer Moment?
Panelists Trisha Hershberger, Jon Schnepp and and Stephen Glickman debate such topics as "Best Moment in Rogue One Trailer", "Best Speilberg movie after 2000", and "The Best After Credits scene"

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