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2 Jan. 2018
Scottish Highlands
Andrew explores the bountiful larder of the Scottish Highlands. From lean, flavorful Highland beef to sweet and buttery shellfish, handheld meat pies to smoked salmon, the gastronomy of the Scottish Highlands is hearty and local.
9 Jan. 2018
Chicago: A Second Bite
Andrew takes a bite of Chicago's humble, hearty, and world-renowned food scene. From juicy rib tips to zesty Polish sausages to experimental, edible works of art, Chicago's eats stay true to its roots.
9 Jan. 2018
Jersey Shore
Andrew uncovers the boardwalk indulgences of the Jersey Shore. From sticky-sweet saltwater taffy, to slices of tomato pie and Italian subs, the Jersey Shore's culinary scene is a carnival for the taste buds.
16 Jan. 2018
The Hamptons
Andrew dives into the seafood masterworks of the Hamptons. From delectable surf and turf to buttery lobster rolls, clam chowder to smoked bluefish pate, the Hamptons' dinner scene is sizzling.
16 Jan. 2018
London: A Second Bite
Andrew highlights the iconic British dishes and ethnically diverse foods that have put London on the culinary map, from humble shepherd's pie and posh beef Wellington to sizzling seekh kebabs and smoky Jamaican jerk chicken.
21 Aug. 2018
Las Vegas
Andrew Zimmern invites us on a culinary tour of Las Vegas, Nevada. This adult playground and entertainment mecca is home to some of the best restaurants in North America. Andrew takes us through the buffet line, to quail prepared by a chef with 31 Michelin Stars to his name, to mouthwatering Waygu steaks, old world Veal Parmigiana, and Norther Thai cuisine. This town has it all.
21 Aug. 2018
The Big Island
Andrew Zimmern is off to Hawaii's Big Island to take in the laid-back island cuisine. Hawaii's rich volcanic soil makes it a paradise for cultivating and harvesting food from the land and the surrounding ocean supplies a diverse bounty of sea food. From ancient traditions steamed in taro leaves, like Lau Lau and Opakapaka fish, to new traditions like the loco moco, huli chicken, and sweet bread, we dive deep into the food culture from Hilo to Kona.
28 Aug. 2018
Andrew explores legendary hotspots and secret culinary treasures in the diverse and thrilling city of Hollywood, California. He highlights steak and martinis with a sizzle of glam, steamed whole fish plated like a work of art, Armenian flatbread topped with minced beef, and Persian ice cream.
28 Aug. 2018
Door County
Andrew uncovers the agricultural jewels of Door County, Wisconsin. From Friday fish fries to sweet and tart cherry pies, Belgian soup to creamy cheese curds, Door County's culinary scene is packed with flavour and tradition.
4 Sep. 2018
Cape Cod
Andrew explores the treasures of Cape Cod's coastal cuisine. From fried clams to fresh caught cod, clambakes to cranberry bog ice cream, the peninsula's culinary scene is cause for summertime celebration.
4 Sep. 2018
Andrew summarizes the rich and time-honored culinary icons of Genoa, Italy. From heavenly dry-aged salami to fresh pesto with pasta, crispy focaccia to peasant-created seafood salad, Genovese gastronomy is a regional touchstone.
15 Sep. 2018
Quebec City
Andrew scopes out the French-influenced eats of Quebec City. From hearty, gooey poutine to family feasts of meat pies, local red deer to sweet maple taffy, Quebec City's cuisine mingles rustic tradition with creative spirit.
15 Sep. 2018
New Jersey
Andrew introduces the inventive and international eats of New Jersey. From all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat to rich seafood stew, potato-loaded hot dogs to Dominican marinated pork, New Jersey's edible icons are diverse and bold.
6 Oct. 2018
Andrew explores Tuscany, Italy, which is rooted in the tradition of simple, local ingredients. Andrew highlights specialties like spicy fish stew served over crusty bread, chickpea pancakes and whole fish simmered in tomato sauce.
5 Oct. 2018
Andrew introduces Kanazawa, Japan, a modern city filled with deep traditions. From regionally fished Kano crab to sushi built using aged rice and fresh seafood, he explores tantalizing eats unspoiled by international tourism.
12 Oct. 2018
Santa Monica
Andrew dives in to the laid-back eats of Santa Monica, California. Boasting miles of coastline, Santa Monica is home to spicy seafood soup, Chinese chicken salad, Tsukemen and many other dishes any seafood lover could want.
12 Oct. 2018
Andrew explores the alluring eats of Phuket, Thailand, an island paradise with aromatic flavors and multicultural cuisine. From spicy crab curry to sweet, crispy street snacks, Phuket's gastronomy is a feast for the senses.
19 Oct. 2018
Andrew explores the legendary and timeless cuisine of Lyon, France. The flavors of pike fish dumplings, breaded beef tripe and pink pralines have all helped Lyon earn the title "World Capital of Gastronomy."
20 Oct. 2018
Andrew explores the frontier fare of Denver, Colorado. From classic game meats to the signature green chili sauce of Den-Mex cuisine, Denver has become the region's cultural hub with an abundance of top-shelf food.
28 Dec. 2018
Andrew introduces the tropical and frenetic coastal cuisine of Guayaquil, Ecuador. He tries everything from sweet red mangrove crab to a plantain dumpling studded with crispy bits of pork.
28 Dec. 2018
Andrew digs into the culinary treasures of Uruguay's capital city, Montevideo. He explores this meaty mecca by highlighting their slow-cooked Asado meats, a thin-sliced steak sandwich called chivito and yerba mate tea.

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