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Season 6

3 Oct. 2017
Mississippi Delta
Andrew explores the iconic soul food of the Mississippi Delta. Deep South menus feature famous fried catfish and hushpuppies, smothered oxtails, beefy hot tamales, a smoky, ground pork sandwich, and a decadent mud pie for dessert.
3 Oct. 2017
Panama City
Andrew digs in to Panama City's classic tastes. From fried whole fish and plantains to citric ceviche, and yucca fritters packed with steak to complex soups and stews, the Latin flair of this multicultural city seasons every dish.
10 Oct. 2017
Andrew highlights iconic Belgian waffles and chocolates. Steamed mussels and frites are explored as is Carbonnade Flamande- a hearty beef stew cooked in Belgian beer, and also an endive sprout wrapped in ham and cheese.
10 Oct. 2017
Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Andrew uncovers the most delicious food in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. From Croatian chicken cooked over an open flame to a fresh caught Lake Superior whitefish dinner and traditional pasties, the UP is home to hearty favorites.
17 Oct. 2017
From sweet and succulent roasted piglet and hearty meat stews to fried calamari sandwiches and tapas to share, Madrid transforms food into a true culinary, social experience.
17 Oct. 2017
A pilsner lover's paradise, Prague in the Czech Republic's cuisine is full of hearty comfort classics like pork knuckle marinated in lager, creamy mushroom soup, sweet plum pastries- and lots of dumplings.
24 Oct. 2017
From hearty lamb stew with root veggies, to pork offal meatballs with gravy; cheese and mustard on toast to big breakfasts of seaweed and cockles, Cardiff's thrifty cuisine has outlasted lean times to become modern favorite fare.
24 Oct. 2017
Andrew dives in to Baja's Mediterranean and seafood inspired gastronomy. From simple smoked tuna to crispy fish tacos, Caesar salad to zesty seafood cocktails to cure a hangover, Baja's cuisine is an international sensation.
31 Oct. 2017
Antigua Guatemala
Andrew takes in Antigua's vibrant and flavorful cuisine. Antigua, Guatemala is known for colorful enchiladas that face the sky, tiny tamales, traditional handmade confections, and sweet and savory pockets of beans and plantains.
31 Oct. 2017
Andrew reveals unique cooking methods and ancient recipes of Marrakech, including pigeon meat pies, beef and lentil dishes cooked in bathhouses, tiny hand rolled balls of pasta, and whole lamb slow roasted in underground ovens.
7 Nov. 2017
Trinidad and Tobago
Andrew show us the culinary mashups of Trinidad and Tobago. Featured dishes include curried crab with dumplings, crispy fried shark sandwiches, and soft and silky flatbreads perfect for scooping veggies and curries.
14 Nov. 2017
From salted cod to lamb hot dogs piled with toppings, cheesy cod and potato mash to the tangy, creamy dairy breakfast skyr, Reykjavik's edible icons are as colourful, quirky, and steeped in history as the city itself.
14 Nov. 2017
Andrew explores Quito's biodiverse culinary classics. The "City of the Heavens" satisfies stomachs with fried pork and potato cakes, fresh ceviche, cheesy potato soup, sugar-coated roast peanuts, fluffy empanadas, and fish soup.
21 Nov. 2017
From crispy breakfast pancakes to deep bowls of chewy noodles, tender Peking duck to zesty donkey sandwiches, Beijing's cuisine is a modern-day dynastic sensation steeped in history and fit for an Emperor.
21 Nov. 2017
Andrew shows off the tempting flavors of Cartagena, Colombia. From fried fish and sizzling egg arepas to seafood stews and sinful coconut sweets, the taste of the coast infuses every bite.
28 Nov. 2017
Andrew highlights Stockholm's herring- from picked to stromming, and traditional Swedish food like peas and pancakes, Joansson's temptation, and Swedish cinnamon rolls topped with crunchy pear sugar.
28 Nov. 2017
Andrew walks us through the rich culinary heritage of Jerusalem. From savory classics like shawarma, falafel, kubbeh and hummus to tempting pastries like halva and bureka, this holy city's edible icons are steeped in history.
5 Dec. 2017
Cape Town
Andrew Zimmern leaves no meal unexplored in Cape Town, South Africa, where meat comes in all forms, from sausage to stew to pie. The coastal city's seafood is out of this world, and the favorite pastry is bathed in syrup.
5 Dec. 2017
Phnom Penh
Andrew unveils the convergent and complex flavors of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, including spicy grilled crab, cold and refreshing beef salad, herbaceous fish and noodle soup, and stir-fried noodles with beef and duck egg.
12 Dec. 2017
Dominican Republic
Andrew Zimmern takes a culinary tour of the Dominican Republic's meaty, tropical dishes. From whole roast pig to crispy, Lebanese-inspired fried dough pockets, Andrew finds that Dominican gastronomy is full of surprises.
12 Dec. 2017
Andrew introduces the rich and welcoming dishes of Amman, Jordan, like multi-tiered towers of goat and veggies, sumac-coated chicken with onions, lamb cooked in creamy yogurt sauce, and fava bean spreads to share.
19 Dec. 2017
Andrew unveils Mumbai's multicultural flavors and addictive ingredients that include deep-fried fish and prawns, saucy goat over rice and vegetarian dishes from puffed rice salad to spicy potato mashups.
26 Dec. 2017
Viking foods are on the menu as Andrew reveals Oslo's most iconic dishes. From reindeer steak and local cured salmon to heart-shaped waffles, Norway's capital city serves up recipes that have stood the test of time.
26 Dec. 2017
Key West
Andrew Zimmern delights in the fun and funky flavors of Key West, FL. From conch fritters and pink shrimp to toasty Cubanos and quintessential Key lime pie, Key West is full of fresh eats and local ingredients.
2 Jan. 2018
Scottish Highlands
Andrew explores the bountiful larder of the Scottish Highlands. From lean, flavorful Highland beef to sweet and buttery shellfish, handheld meat pies to smoked salmon, the gastronomy of the Scottish Highlands is hearty and local.
9 Jan. 2018
Chicago: A Second Bite
Andrew takes a bite of Chicago's humble, hearty, and world-renowned food scene. From juicy rib tips to zesty Polish sausages to experimental, edible works of art, Chicago's eats stay true to its roots.
9 Jan. 2018
Jersey Shore
Andrew uncovers the boardwalk indulgences of the Jersey Shore. From sticky-sweet saltwater taffy, to slices of tomato pie and Italian subs, the Jersey Shore's culinary scene is a carnival for the taste buds.
16 Jan. 2018
The Hamptons
Andrew dives into the seafood masterworks of the Hamptons. From delectable surf and turf to buttery lobster rolls, clam chowder to smoked bluefish pate, the Hamptons' dinner scene is sizzling.
16 Jan. 2018
London: A Second Bite
Andrew highlights the iconic British dishes and ethnically diverse foods that have put London on the culinary map, from humble shepherd's pie and posh beef Wellington to sizzling seekh kebabs and smoky Jamaican jerk chicken.

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