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Season 1

22 Sep. 2015
Brian Finch develops superhuman abilities after taking a mysterious drug called NZT, which finds him landing on the FBI's radar as he works to clear his name of an NZT-related murder.
29 Sep. 2015
Badge! Gun!
Brian risks his new FBI job when he disobeys orders to stay out of the investigation into a renowned journalist's murder.
6 Oct. 2015
The Legend of Marcos Ramos
Brian helps Agents Harris and Boyle investigate the murder of a retired FBI agent and is shocked to find a link to the elusive head of a notorious drug cartel. Also, Brian reconnects with an old flame.
13 Oct. 2015
Page 44
Brian's loyalty to the FBI is tested when Sands demands he steal the FBI's secret files on NZT; Rebecca is emotionally conflicted when she learns what her estranged father left her following his death.
20 Oct. 2015
Personality Crisis
Brian learns a shocking secret about Rebecca's late father and accidentally meddles in her personal life while learning self-defense from her secret boyfriend, FBI Agent Casey Rooks.
27 Oct. 2015
Side Effects May Include...
Brian's physical and mental health begin to deteriorate again as Morra demands a high price in exchange for another inoculation.
3 Nov. 2015
Brian Finch's Black Op
Brian takes a day off (a la Ferris Bueller) but it all goes wrong when he is kidnapped by the CIA who needs his NZT skills.
10 Nov. 2015
When Pirates Pirate Pirates
When Naz is detained on suspicion of funding terrorism, Brian and Rebecca's efforts to clear her name lead them to Naz's daughter, Ava, who reveals a family secret Naz has kept from the FBI.
17 Nov. 2015
In pestering Naz for his own personal "Headquarters," Brian offers to capture the FBI's 10 Most Wanted criminals as a bargaining chip.
24 Nov. 2015
Boyle's old friend from the service claims someone hacked his prosthetic arm and used it to murder his wife and frame him, so Boyle asks Brian to help prove his innocence.
15 Dec. 2015
This Is Your Brian on Drugs
When Casey and his SWAT team skim 80 NZT pills for themselves from the recovery of stolen inventory, it starts an internal investigation that is viewed through the shifting perspectives of Brian's immediate circle at the FBI.
5 Jan. 2016
The Assassination of Eddie Morra
Senator Edward Morra is targeted by a would-be assassin, and Brian is ordered to sabotage the FBI's investigation into the murder attempt in order to prevent exposing the Senator's connection with NZT.
19 Jan. 2016
Stop Me Before I Hug Again
As Brian investigates his first serial killer case, his child-like, NZT-fueled subconscious objects, exchanging feel-good words for scary ones.
9 Feb. 2016
Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture
Brian hunts down a thief who has stolen digitized copies of the world's brightest minds. Rebecca comes closer to finding the truth behind Morra's tampered jacket.
16 Feb. 2016
Brian goes undercover with an associate to bring down the women trafficking association and people involved in it.
23 Feb. 2016
Sands, Agent of Morra
While Rebecca and Boyle look for a kidnapped boy, Brian is forced to help Sands after he shows up at his door wounded.
8 Mar. 2016
Close Encounters
While Brian and Rebecca investigate a blackout, they are exposed to an unknown substance and put under quarantine.
15 Mar. 2016
While Rebecca gets closer to discovering Brian's secret, Brian goes rogue from the FBI and goes to Russia to find the only person who can help him cut all ties from Senator Eddie Morra.
22 Mar. 2016
A Dog's Breakfast
Back from Russia but under the thumb of Naz's new restrictive rules, Brian helps investigate the murder of a billionaire who's new kidney was forcibly removed.
5 Apr. 2016
Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris
When Rebecca learns a truth about her father's death, she takes NZT and uses it to seek justice for his murder. Sands allows a dangerous move against Brian to ensure the success of his new initiative.
19 Apr. 2016
Finale: Part One!
When an NZT outbreak causes chaos in New York City, Brian is forced to investigate on his own because the FBI won't let him in.
26 Apr. 2016
Finale: Part Two!!
Brian attempts to stop "The Legion of Whom" and find Piper as the side effects of NZT start to get to him.

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