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Generic awards show with good hosting and decent winners though Warning: Spoilers
Here we have "The EE British Academy Film Awards" or in short the BAFTAs 2015. The host is Stephen Fry as usual and the director is Matthew Amos and these are not the only BAFTAs he hosted. The show runs for slightly under 2 hours and features some of the year's best who also went on to be awarded at the Oscars like Simmons and Arquette. Moore I haven't seen yet, but Redmayne I would have been fine with him or Keaton. With Redmayne being British of course, he won here. Also I liked the love for The Theory of Everything in general as it is clearly the superior British film compared to The Imitation Game and the horribly overrated Cumberbatch performance. BAFTAs got it right here, Oscars got it wrong in the screenplay category. Apart from that we have the usual sucking-up which was not too pleasant to watch, even if I like Stephen Fry as well when he is called one of the most intelligent men. He did a decent job with hosting too, but his final words were a bit of a failure. Keep politics out if you can. Opening number a music act I am not a huge fan either, unless it's Tiger Tom Jones going all Thunderball once again. Other than that nice to see the love for Boyhood, Interstellar and Whiplash, but Grand Budapest Hotel won too much here I believe. And it's a joke that Ida beat the French and Indian entries for Best Foreign Languague film, possibly the biggest fail of the night, even if it wasn't unexpected. Nice speech from mike Leigh finally and I recommend this show to all awards show lovers like myself.
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