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Sex & Nudity

  • There's a tampon machine in episode 1, though players can't interact with it.
  • Nothing is shown but a character implies possible assault in a story she tells her friend. Though she said she managed to get away.
  • At the third episode, protagonist who is a girl, can kiss another girl if desired. In the same episode when entering a drug dealers RV; you can see a rather clear poster of 2 naked women kissing. You can also see a naked woman as someone's laptop wallpaper. If you observe closely you will most likely find more posters similar to this.
  • Some sexual innuendos.
  • Girls are shown in their underwear in some parts.
  • In the last episode there is some kissing between boy-girl and girl-girl.
  • It is implied the main character was in love with the missing girl,

Violence & Gore

  • If this game were a movie it would be rated R for Language throughout, some Drug Use, Disturbing Thematic Material, Sex-Related Content, and some Violence
  • Episode 1:
  • A girl is shot with a gun, but you have to rewind time and save her.
  • A girl gets hit with a rugby ball in the head, but you can safe her.
  • A boy is shown bullied. Isn't violent, but you can suppose that they hit him.
  • A character fights another and the one who is your friend gets a bruise in the eye.
  • Episode 2:
  • It is mentioned that a man died in a car accident.
  • A character has a gun and in a part of the game you go with her and play with the gun and the time. When she asks you to shot something, if you chose incorrectly, the bullet rebounds in the direction of your friend (the character who shot it) and she gets injured.
  • A girl is stuck in a train rail and if you don't safe her the train kills her, although you only see the train near the girl and orders you to rewind time.
  • A character is shown attempting suicide, although you rewind time and you can safe her speaking with her. But if you chose incorrectly she will fall off the building and die. Not very graphic, but may disturbing and very emotional.
  • When you use too much the time rewind power, your character bleeds a bit from the nose.
  • Episode 3:
  • Dead birds and whales are shown.
  • A man tries to kill you with his knife if you do something to him, but the game orders you to rewind time so you only see the man moving to your character.
  • If you choose to throw the false bone to the highway, the dog gets knocked down by a truck.
  • Episode 4:
  • You can choose to kill the best friend of the main character with euthanasia. Although later you rewind the time and she's alive.
  • If you choose the wrong answer, the friend of the main character shoots a dog and a man, and also with another answers the man can get injured with his own knife. The man can kill you, but it stops and order you to rewind. But you can also finish with none injured.
  • Dead whales are shown with some bruises and some blood.
  • It is reveled that the girl who disappeared is dead. The scene when they found her we can see a bag implying that she's inside. Nothing graphic, although it's very emotional.
  • You have to let die a man to return to the original time-line.
  • Photos of girls tied and dying are shown. This is more disturbing than violent.
  • A man injects a syringe in the main character's neck. In the same scene, a girl is shot in the forehead, blood is shown. We later see the girl in the floor with blood around.
  • A boy hits another that has a gun numerous times. If you choose to stay away from him, the "good boy" hits the "bad boy" more times and he starts bleeding.
  • You can kill a bird if you close the window, although you can rewind in time and safe it.
  • A girl accidentally gets hitand falls into a swimming pool, although you can warn her.
  • Episode 5:
  • This episode is the most violent, although nothing too much or too gory.
  • The main character is tied in a chair in some sequences. Another character is also shown tied in some moments (depending on certain choices made in Episodes 1 and 4).
  • A man hits another man various times and dies. In the same sequence if you choose the wrong choice the bad guy will shoot the other man, showing some blood. If you do it right, the good guy hits the other man various times. In the part of the game, when you speak with the man who saved you, if you choose "TELL THE TRUTH" he will shoot the bad guy, showing blood.
  • A lot of pigeons hit the windows of the classroom covering everything with blood. Weird and bloody.
  • A lot of dead pigeons are shown.
  • It is implied that a boy was killed.
  • Dead people is shown in the street.
  • You allow a teenage boy and girl to die or save them.
  • You can accidentally electrocute a fisherman.
  • You can choose to let your friend die or destroy the whole city. If you choose to let your friend die, the same sequence of the first episode (when a boy shoots a girl) is shown, but we see more blood than the first time. If you choose to destroy the city, some corpses can be seen.


  • There are some instances of the F-word and other minor swears. Shit, bitch, crap, weirdo, bastard, slut... are used a few times. It sounds like realistic teenage dialogue.
  • Depending on the choices you make, someone may end up calling the main character a 'dumb cunt.'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A girl smokes weed in her bedroom.
  • It's discussed many times that a girl was drugged at a party, but luckily got away.
  • Some of the characters are drug consumers and drugs are discussed many times through the game.
  • Some drinking is shown in diferent scenarios.
  • At a party, some people are drinking. Some of them are swearing. We also can speak with some people that are drunk. For example, a very good friend of the main character is drunk when we speak with him.
  • The villain injects a syringe in the neck of the main chracter.
  • Finishing "Episode 4", in the teaser of the next episode, a man is shown preparing a syringe and the main charater asks mercy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • If Life Is Strange (2015) was a movie, the game would be Rated R for language, violence, some sexual and drug content.
  • Although it's an exploring adventure game with a sci-fi tone, it has a dramatic tone with very emotional, intense, shocking and disturbing moments. Although they are some lighter happy and funny moments to make it pleasant.
  • Like I said in the "Violence and Gore" section, the most of violent it's disturbing and emotionally intense. Also shocking.
  • Some intense moments like the escape from the academy and discussions.
  • The final scenes of Episode 3 and 4, and opening scenes of Episode 4 are highly emotional and gut wrenching.
  • The final episode or Episode 5 has a very sad tone, plenty of weird and quite heart wrenching moments. The episode is emotionally very intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Chloe dies at the end, if the player chooses to sacrifice her.
  • If you decide to tell Chloe's step dad, David, that she was killed by the villain, he will shoot the killer off-screen. However, the player can see the dead body of the villain.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The game has two endings. In one ending, you sacrifice Chloe (the other main character) to save Arcadia Bay, and in the other ending you sacrifice Arcadia Bay (and all the residents) to save Chloe. Both endings are pretty sad.

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