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With the Lowsleys and Hector gone Vaughan brings in a new deputy, Lorna Hutchinson, and surly gym teacher Danny Spencer, with his protégé, budding cycle champion Dale Jackson, whose single-mindedness alienates the other boys. New pupils include kleptomaniac Kenzie Calhoun and Scott Fairchild, both having been excluded from several schools and both hating each other. Vaughan is shocked to find Olga has arrived as a supply teacher and there is worse to come when, thanks to Olga turning on the Tannoy, Vaughan 's conversation with Lorna regarding taking on problem pupils and the proposed merger with Havelock High is heard by the whole school. Kenzie's disruptive actions warrant a home visit from Lorna who discovers that she looks after her sick mother and both are dyslexic whilst the handsome Scott teams up with Bonnie Kincaid, a former ugly duckling who now has a very glamorous image but lacks confidence.

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