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Season 1

10 Jan. 2015
Death: Seven Darts
A newly married couple arrived Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. He leads them to play a "Death Game".
17 Jan. 2015
Death: Reverse
When a black-haired woman woke up at strange place, she has lost her own memories. Nona, a mysterious white-haired girl tells her that the woman has to assist Decim in his work.
24 Jan. 2015
Rolling Ballad
A male university student woke up at Quindecim. Although he is given an explanation of the situation from Decim, he falls in love with a female opponent at first sight.
31 Jan. 2015
Death: Arcade
When she has to play the game, a female TV celebrity expects that a reality-show is taken. She wants an opposite guy to cooperate for more interesting.
7 Feb. 2015
Death: March
A man and a boy arrived Quindecim. When Decim started to give an explanation of the situation, the man said he has seen Decim before.
14 Feb. 2015
Cross Heart Attack
Mayu, a girl arrived Viginti, a Japanese style bar attended by the red-haired Ginti. She is glad to be able to play the game with Harada, her favorite idol.
21 Feb. 2015
Alcohol Poison
In Quindecim, the black-haired woman finds a picture book which she sees in her dream over and over. Meanwhile, Quin visits Nona.
28 Feb. 2015
Death Rally
Decim and the black-haired woman heard that a murderer has come to Quindecim. Soon after, two men arrive.
7 Mar. 2015
Death Counter
Men knew their circumstances with each other, and all memories come back to their mind little by little. The black-haired woman persuades Decim to stop the game, when she learns their memories.
14 Mar. 2015
Story Teller
Decim has doubt about a way of judging, because he was influenced by the black-haired woman's opinion. He reports his feeling to Nona.
21 Mar. 2015
Memento Mori
Ginti could not judge Mayu, because she gave priority to Harada over herself. It irritates him, and he forces her to make one decision.
28 Mar. 2015
Suicide Tour
Nona fights secretly against principle of judges, and she is waiting growth of Decim. Oculus knows all of it.

 Season 1 

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