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The victim: pastry chef Chelsea Richmond. The killer: pilot Brad Calgrove, a first officer for his airline. He is engaged to wealthy art gallery owner Nicole Gaynor who was recently mugged. Chelsea had recently moved from Florida to Vancouver, her cocktail dress clad dead body found frozen in the freezer in her rented house. She was knocked unconscious before being frozen. Her body is found by her absentee landlady, as Chelsea was supposed to be out of the house two weeks ago. Because of the freezing, Betty cannot pinpoint how long she has been dead, it being anywhere from forty-eight hours to six months. As such, the detectives have to work backwards to determine when she died. They will learn that Chelsea was let go two months ago from from her latest job at a casual chain restaurant, where her perfection did not mesh with the style of the restaurant itself. Her move to this job was surprising as she came from a more lucrative high end restaurant job in Florida, and had a similar ...

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