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Re-imagining the Re-Imagining
A_Different_Drummer15 November 2016
I "get" that it is a time-honored tradition on IMDb that the first reviewers of any new series are usually fans in the making who have fallen in love with the show and want to sound the trumpet for others to follow.

This is not one of those reviews.

What this IS is a review that will tell you what the show was trying to do and why, in the opinion of this reviewer, it is not succeeding as well as intended.

First, let's start with the REAL backstory.

1. A top-tier fiction writer named Stephen Hunter over a long period of years penned a series of books about a character he created, one Bob Lee Swagger, a tall rangy ex-Gunnery Sergeant with a deep southern drawl, probably one of the greatest snipers on the planet, and a true American hero. (Some of the book reviews called Swagger "the greatest" American hero in modern fiction.)

2. The character was a surprise smash hit, much like the Bourne character in the popular series of movies was equally a "surprise" to his original creator.

3. Hunter was so overpowered by the strong response to Bob Lee that he actually tried to hobble his character through the series of later novels (Bob aged quickly, he was wounded, beaten, crippled, etc.). Hunter even tried to phase Bob Lee out completely and start a brand new series based on Bob Lee's son. None of that worked. His fans to this day still cannot get enough of Bob Lee. He is, and will always be, a wonderful read.

4. Hollywood came knocking but found the character as written did not fit their "star mould." So Hollywood re-imagined the core story (from the first book in the series) with Bob Lee as a much younger, shorter, big city type hero, no accent, and cast Mark Wahlberg in the lead. The movie was a mild commercial success but fans of the original hated it and believed it could have been so much better if the original template had been followed.

5. This new TV series re-imagines the already-reimagined character from the Hollywood version. Now Bob Lee is very young and graceful, already married (not so in the book) and, as portrayed by Ryan Phillipe, something of a pretty boy and a smartass at the same time. Bob Lee's "friend" at the FBI, Nick Memphis, has also been re-imagined -- from a man to a woman. In other words, the current story and the characters driving this series are less about the original Stephen Hunter character, and more the kind of thing you would expect from focus groups. Clean. Politically correct. And just a little boring.

To be really clear -- there is nothing inherently wrong with trying to make something better, assuming of course you do not end up making it worse in the process. And that is the problem.

Assuming for example that the hit TV action series BANSHEE is currently the "gold standard" for a male-oriented action show, SHOOTER in contrast comes in weak on story, weak on writing, weak on casting, weak on acting, and weak on direction.

Even the music -- a constant drone through the entire first episode meant to convey suspense -- is annoying.

As I said, first reviews are usually one fan trying to hook another.

This is not one of those reviews.

This show might become better with age, like wine. But the omens and portents suggest otherwise.


** REVIEWERS' ADDENDUM 12/28/16 **

Films and indeed film reviewers ultimately have to live in the real world. Revisiting my original review and the other critiques, I can see two opposing points of view forming. A large number of IMDb members (presumably other lifelong Swagger "fans") seemed to have agreed with my viewpoint. Another group seems to desperately want to look at the actual product solely on its own, and simply ask whether or not it meets minimum standards of entertainment (even though the plot arc for the whole season is already known if you read the book or saw the movie); and seem especially annoyed that we the viewers keep insisting on more...? If I didn't know better, I would venture that my original POV represents the "populist" position, ie, that fans who have supported the author and his character for decades actually DESERVE a production which respects their wants, hopes and aspirations. The other group seems to represent a more "establishment" POV saying, hey, the money guys, the guys who do the deals and make the decisions, went ahead with the safest and most politically-correct product, designed to appeal to everyone and yet offend no one, and most likely to appeal to the broadest audience in later syndication. And so maximize revenue. This is the way TV deals are made -- and who are YOU to suggest otherwise? Populists on one side. And the establishment on the other. Ironic isn't it? --- this bland series finally gets the blood boiling, and yet none of the action shows up on the actual screen?
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Worth The Time
grimjac10030 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Lot of reviews and as one reviewer noted, seem to fit into two camps, each seizing every opportunity to support their view.

Yes, it is based on a series of books by Stephen Hunter, of which I was a fan of the first few. The later ones lost me as the author altered Bob Lee from a badaxe sniper to a John Grisham-style hero. His character, his story, his choice...I preferred the earlier Bob Lee.

So, any complaints about the transition from print to video automatically fail because in the book, Bob Lee was a *Vietnam* vet, meaning he'd be in his 60s at best. So, most will agree some things must change in order to keep it relevant to today's viewers. If we can accept that change, we should be able to accept other understandable changes from print.

Now, one point that keeps coming up is the pilot's scene between Bob Lee and the hunters, where he disdains the .223 round. Objectively, yes, it is an the context of the scene it makes perfect sense. Bob Lee is insulting the choice of the hunter, essentially calling him clueless and instilling doubt in order to make his next actions easier. How these armchair warriors can mistake this seriously undermines their reviews. Did they not hear the sneering accusation about a Wal-Mart employee hosing the dentist on the purchase? The hunter is so inexperienced he buys his weapon at the scene again, and see if you think Bob Lee is being serious about the .223 caliber round.

There are factual inconsistencies...talking about the circumference of the human head which has nothing to do with how much target is available. Most are said in passing, easy to attribute to the flow of colloquial conversation. I'm sure *none* of us has ever used the wrong word a just assumed our listener will understand what we meant.

Now, the series isn't perfect; a big issue for me is Bob Lee's varying skill levels. In one fight, he gets his butt kicked and only survives because the Bad Guy decides getting shot by a bystander is too much of a risk. In another, he dominates several skilled assailants. Now, I don't want him to be Superman, but at least keep the skills in the same general vicinity.

The addition of wife and kid...sure, gives some extra avenues for Dramatic Tension, but for me, detracts from the overall story. Extra scenes devoted to them string the story out, give more minutes of run-time. Other than that, they add little to the story. Not to say they aren't interesting or worth watching, adding another layer, but I don't find them all that compelling.

Nadine Memphis...meh. Don't know why they decided to make her a black female, but it doesn't make huge difference in how the story plays out.

So, all in all, if you're a fan of action and intrigue, this series is worth a watch. You may love it, you may hate it, but it should keep you interested. The acting is solid, the writing is much better than the average, and the pacing is done fairly well. Any errors should be easy to overlook if you're not specifically looking for something to get your knickers in a knot about.
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Loved it. Kept me gripped all the way through.
Starmix71519 November 2016
There are so many reviews detailing every minor things they thought wad wrong but why can't people just enjoy something without picking faults in things that don't affect the overall show? The acting was very good indeed. the story was good, it flowed nicely, it ended in a way where I cannot wait to watch the episode 2. Ryan Phillipe's depiction of Bob was superb! He was truly believable. It wasn't overbearing with political nonsense, it showed his home life and explained why he had walked away from the army. It has the potential for greatness if the rest of the series keep up the pace, it wasn't one dimensional, it looks like we are really going to get to know the characters, and at the end of the day it was entertaining, what else do you want from a TV show??
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A non fallacy review
Ivanero30 November 2016
After three chapters, I don't think it really deserves a 10/10, more like a 8/10 or 9/10.

But I see the average rating not being fair and all the top rated reviews that are not even focused on the actual show and just based on fallacies, ad hominem fallacy for example, talking about the changes the original character has suffered through adaptations, or even trying to be literal about some script sentences to say "that's not well researched, I know more about sniping and a .222 can kill 'something bigger than a rabbit', find a better researcher" despite the character meaning that it has the smallest round for sniper rifles thus being more appropriate for a beginner... Even the 2nd top rated review is an entire rant about other reviews!!

After this (big) introduction, I'm going to talk about the ACTUAL SHOW:

I'm a fan of smart stories about spies, conspiracies, victims, smart plots and smart characters. This show gives you all about that and even more.

I can't say it's a masterpiece after only three chapters but it's on the right path. As a fan of TV shows like 24 or Homeland I'm really enjoying this one, specially now that there are not too much outstanding TV shows running apart from Westworld.

The script is pretty good. Nothing new, of course, a conspiracy, an expert sniper as a hero, governments, focus on United States of America, FBI, secret service... But the story it's really well constructed. The main characters are not stupid, and I think we're tired of stupid characters in fiction movies and TV shows.

Of course, Bob Lee Swagger is really smart and kind of "awesome" cliché. But I like to point that also his wife is, and I like to see a female character that is not just a mere accessory as the hero wife. But yeah, the characters are not "perfect", the wife is a mother. And Bob Lee Swagger is smart but he's not unbeatable. Oh, and the bad ones, most of them they are not stupid either! (yeah, that's a surprise). This is the least you can expect about characters working for intelligence, special ops and FBI, right?

The characters have no big complexity yet: They almost seem like good or bad. The good ones are politically correct, classical "hero" character. We could say that bad ones have a bit more complexity, but that's not exploited yet.

Main thing about this show remembers me to Inception. You need to be pretty awake to watch this and notice all the complexity and well developed script. It has a lot of details and you can go back 10 seconds to watch "that" again and think "wow, they really thought about this".

I'm really enjoying this plot, it's smart and it gives you more than enough each chapter to feel like you didn't waste time with filler plots (more on the contrary!) but leaving enough answers for future development and maintaining the interest.

The plot changes are unexpected, at least for someone like me who lets himself to be drawn by the story and enjoys it without prejudices.

8/10 at least for sure.
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Entertaining But Unbelievable
saltpieter7 February 2018
So you can discharge very high calibre weapons at will in public places and no-one calls the police? People can be killed and no-one ever witnesses the incident. Did the American people all go overseas at once as there is a complete absence of normal movement of people during incidents in the show.

Entertaining but totally unbelievable.
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Suspenseful with Twists
Nice Job. Great to binge watch. Ryan and Omar are on target. Nice to see Tommy Back in the game. I want to see him as a regular. Let's see Mark make an appearance. I appreciate the GM sponsors.
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I enjoyed the pilot
mike_brunton18 November 2016
There are quite a few bad reviews for this pilot episode of Shooter, and I don't quite realize why. I am a big man of a well made series and also quite picky and critical. Very few series can maintain my interest for a long time, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Hannibal are just a few I have stuck to right to the end. However, as movies are so badly made these days, Star Trek Beyond anyone? I have to admit I enjoyed the pilot. I think Ryan Philippe was fine, he didn't appear too young to be a seasoned vet. I thought the family angle was endearing and added to the torment of what is about to happen to him. I watched the 2007 movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg and I also think it was a very good movie that deserved a higher rating. Many people have talked about the series of books that movie and this series are based upon. If the series follows the book (I presume), and the movie then we kind of know what to expect from the following episodes, but even then I don't care. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain the suspense and action for 10 or so episodes. Sure, perhaps nine out of ten is too high a rating, but clearly there were haters out there slating this pilot and giving it two or three stars which is just unfair. I am also pleased that clearly right from the start the producers are saying this is just one season and not going to be drawn out and become ridiculous like Prison Break, and personally I have felt the same with Gotham, The Flash and the 100 (although season two was excellent, season three made me leave). So sure we know what to expect from the coming episodes, a lot of running, a lot of conspiracy theories, a lot of Swagger digging for the truth, and I am fine with that, if they keep up the production values and dialogue, and the directing was fine.
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Slow moving
yearzero-039259 November 2018
Its started out really good, first season awesome..Then it moved to slow... lost interest. I think it's time for a Shooter 2 movie.
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1st Season great...After that sleep fest.
cobrafstu3 August 2018
The first season was Great! Every season after gets worse and worse and it start to be more of a soap opera.. not exciting at all.
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on target
dare-7537418 November 2016
The show is a lot slower than the movie, but this has its bonuses, such as character development, and having a chance to get to know the players better.The cast all did a fine job, and the slight changes from the movie give it a new feel all of its own.I really think they have set a base where the show can go in many different directions, and a more open story line than the movie. The locations, pacing, and overall production was all on par with a good watchable TV show, and the actors and parts they played work pretty good. So give it a go if you enjoy a good show without all the unreal stuff that other shows throw in..On target for now, and hoping it will keep hitting the mark. season 1 episode 1 review 9/10
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Loved the Movie, Ep 3 finally got it right!
clacura30 November 2016
A series pilot today is everything. it is like the weekend box office results for a movie. It has to hit. That is the new reality in TV. There are just too many options. That said, hang in there. The pilot was not Mr Robot. That was one of the best pilots ever.

I was going to bail but recorded the series on DVR and episode 3 hit the target! That was good TV. I want to see a loner trying to evade getting caught. This is The Fugitive w/great gun skills.

I was critical of trying to recreate the movie and how this would be done. I did not like the female FBI agent casting at first. It was political (black female), but the actress (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) pulled it off. Her acting skill changed my mind. The little girl is excellent as well. Casting is everything. I am still not convinced about the lead of FBI agent (Isaac Johnson) role. New face, but in TV that face needs to convince the audience immediately they are who they are. All to say when his scenes take place, I disconnect just a bit. Same with Ryan Phillippe. I wasn't sold on him, but he plays the role as needed. I think because they play the Bourne movies non-stop, I/we are tired of Mr Everything, the persona of someone who is a rebel (detached from his core unit) but super skilled in every way, able to out think law enforcement at will, a McGyver ability to escape any place at any time. This is old news today. Stallone perfected this in Rambo. It is 2016. Time to re-think this role.

I hope this series remains highly intelligent. There is no excuse for stupid. It all comes down to production and storytelling. Timing and pace. Music that connects.

For myself, I like specific scenes. I loved the mini-mart scene is Ep 3 and how it was performed. Producers should ask the audience what scenes they rewound their DVR's at--that scene you had to see over again. Again, no excuses today for not doing your homework! All you have to do is recreate the greatest scenes from similar genres. Make them your own, but find those "gold" moments and give them to us.
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It gets worse as the seasons go by
markybbop13 April 2019
Series 1 is watchable but pointless if you have watched the film. 2 and 3 are so cheesy and just wouldn't happen. Poor actors and acting throughout. I cannot believe it's still going
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Promising, has potential, but still early to say to be good.
office-934-68183916 November 2016
This seems to be promising. A little of "the contractor, with Wesley Snipes", a bit of "murder at 1600", and other similar movies have been set on the stage, but nevertheless this is now a series, a TV show and it can go into a interesting direction. Although it is hard to say after the first plot, how it really will end up. Anyhow, I will wait for the next show and see if it is worthy my higher scores. One at last, there are a view top shows out there, meaning top writing, acting, scenery, music, etc. (some like Banshee, although it might be not everybody's genre), anyway, this first show is a little poor on these parts, but as I said it has the potential to become much better. We will see.
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Absolutely Fabulous
pobrien-68-1590766 September 2017
Love this show, it is as good as the Movie "Shooter" with Mark Wallburg. Ryan Phillippe is fantastic as are all of the cast...Omar Epps and many others that I know from other shows I have watched. This TV Series had me hooked from the first episode and will continue to watch....I recommend this show to anyone.
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zeddediah29 November 2016
In context, I am a veteran, been a shooter since I was 5 (now 50+), read all of Stephen Hunter's books, and normally ignore even bad technical mistakes. I don't figure this to be read by show watchers, but hope Mr. Hunter and the show management does. I lasted about 3 sentences until the hero self-righteously proclaims the .223 is only good for squirrels. Seriously?! Who reviewed this? They should be fired. The .223 {Remington, sic} is the civilian version of the 5.56 x 45 NATO used by 99.9% of the free world's military to kill other human beings (certainly bigger than a squirrel, and about the same size as a wolf). Down here in Texas it is a popular round to use on wild hogs, and while there is a debate over the ethics of it (it is a bit under powered for a 300+ lb wild boar, IMO) many many many hogs have been killed humanely with one round, again hogs are a bit bigger and tougher than squirrels or even most people. There is not a single sniper anywhere in the world who would find such a statement anything but ridiculous. Mr. Hunter, I hope you b*****d about this, it is a direct reflection on you.
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Just awful...
madtomflint-9975025 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This series was obviously written by people with precisely zero knowledge or experience with firearms, shooting, ballistics, etc., and who couldn't be bothered to hire a decent consultant. In the pilot episode we're introduced to Bob Lee Swagger, a wildlife conversationalist and Collectivist. He's supposed to be out hunting and killing dinner for his family. Instead, he's shooting illegal traps and tranquilizing wolves because he just

He soon comes across the poachers who set the traps and accuses one of being a dentist, which is obviously in reference to the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, which was a hugely popular Collectivist cause for about a week. He also wrongly claims that a .223 caliber round can't kill anything bigger than a squirrel...which is just retarded. Later, he looks at an image of a gunshot victim with a head wound and guesses, "that doesn't look like a .50 cal." Oh, really, sniper? Was it the fact that he still has a HEAD that gave it away?!? Also, professional snipers don't shoot for the head when they can just as easily target center mass.

Not long after, Bob Lee Swagger returns to his home. Is it a sparsely decorated, isolated cabin in the woods of Montana or Wyoming, suited to an outdoorsman living a Spartan lifestyle, you may ask? Why, no! It's a lakeside suite featured in Better Homes and Gardens of Washington, with all of his dangerous guns kept safely out of reach in the boat house. And this is all in the first few minutes of the pilot. Believe me, it gets worse.

Those responsible for this insult also made a couple of changes to characters from the movie. FBI Agent Nick Memphis is now a black woman, because Michael Peña wasn't enough of a minority, I guess. Also, Swagger's ill-fated spotter, Donny, was apparently just a little too white and Southern in the movie, so, he's black now. It could've been a really great show if the people involved were less concerned with an agenda and more concerned with character and story.
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So Unbelievable! 🙄👎🏼
jackiecarpenter16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am a 50 year old woman with no military experience or gun knowledge. I started watching the first season on Netflix this weekend so I could be ready for the opening of the second season July 18. I really liked the first three episodes, even though they were nothing like the 2008 movie, but by the 4th episode, it started getting really ridiculous. In real life, his wife and everyone associated with him would be watched by all the government agencies for years. His wife and Memphis are no longer watched after the 3rd episode, he goes to the library, to gun shows, to convenience stores (he even meets his wife in the bathroom at one) he sneaks to see his wife and has sex one night, he meets his wife and daughter for a family picnic and spends the afternoon together, nobody is ever following him, his wife or Memphis. By episode 10, there is no hiding, he is out in public with nobody paying any attention to him. Really??? This guy was supposed to have tried to assassinate the President of the United States! Everyone would recognize him. It's really sad that this turns into such a joke. But, I suppose my expectations were a little high. After all, how can you take a 2 hour movie and make 10 episodes each an hour long and never solve the show? Good thing I didn't have anything better to do on a hot, rainy, miserable weekend. And no, I won't be tuning in for 10 more hours of the second season.
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Lord have mercy
redx170817 January 2017
This is not really a review since i turned it off in disgust after watching 30 minutes of the 1st episode. I have read all the books and they are class material just begging to be made into movies. The Mark Wahlberg movie was decent but not remarkable, probably because of the limited time they had to unfold the plot, so I was looking forward to the series adaption which could really get all the plot right. What a disappointment though. It's the classic "the book ain't good enough, we can certainly do better", syndrome. So why not write an original story instead of just borrowing character names ? Living in a cabin Deep in the Woods with his dog ? We can't have that. Lets give him a nice house and a Hallmark Family. Oh, and let's turn Nick Memphis into a sexy female FBI agent. Indeed let's forget all about the stupid book and do our own thing. Well Lord have mercy !! Can't believe Steven Hunter approved this.
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Wasted Opportunity !!
WallFlower6323 November 2016
If you liked the original "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg, chances are you'll be more than disappointed in the TV series.

My biggest complaint lies with the casting of "Ryan Phillippe" as Bob Lee Swagger. Ryan is a fantastic actor but isn't even a remote fit for this role.

They also try to pander to all demographics by expanding the story and eventually losing the core viewers.

Could have really been a fantastic show, but Hollywood missed a golden opportunity.

Surprisingly "Lethal Weapon" managed to capture the essence of the original Movies, sadly "Shooter" failed.
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psquadrin12 May 2017
I was disappointed that Mark Wahlberg failed in bringing the movie of 2007 to a series. The movie, by comparison, came off as real.

The series (I watched series 1 - won't continue) seems to endeavour to change the slant the movie so excellently brought forth - that if people with power aren't kept in check they tend to become corrupt.

We had a dirty Colonel Johnson (Danny Glover) and and even dirtier Meachum (Ned Beatty) who's performances completely overshadow the plastic performances of those in the series. Mark Wahlberg was excellent as Bob Lee. Ryan feels almost like a model - soft and uncertain trying his best to be macho. The series does it's best to pretend that all the baddies are actually understandably the way they are - building the subtext that "anyone can become a crazy killer, even the placid housewife next door". The movie however, had clear cut baddies.

Maybe the series is trying to squirt whipped cream over the damage the movie did to the image of those in government.

Religion was also absent in the movie. Very cheesily done.

The writing doesn't compare. The direction doesn't compare. The actors as well as their characters are not believable.

Shooter was a great movie. The series is the opposite.
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Slipping away
jamesgh-970604 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am not happy to end up writing such a negative review, but I am so disappointed with how this is going that I have to warn those who haven't looked at this series yet.

Suspending disbelief is one thing, but this is just one increasingly silly plot twist after another and it became unintelligible not long in.

Yes, you can enjoy a powerful atmosphere and some great action, but don't bother if you expect anything significant to hang together because it won't. The film version had a dip and then an excellent finish, but this is a slow death of interest with no real hope - at least for me.

There are many reasons now, but I think my main example of incredulity with the plot would be Johnson in the recruitment event. Why on earth would someone do what he did, when the main object of the "test" he was set was to allow himself to be murdered by not just one killer - something he spent a lot of time and effort trying to arrange? Then Swagger had to more or less justify saving him from the fate I wish he'd suffered -complete waste of an effective actor. Sets and action were sometimes combined with some great character acting, but the plot was just dire and there was a often really good Plot and there was a tendency to allow some actors to ham it up beyond reason I hope I've answered explained why I've turned from real excitement to barely being able to watch it.

Not the first of the modern thrillers to start really well and then move me from disinterest to annoyance - The Blacklist is doing it with an even more spectacular fall in my view and NCIS Los Angeles, etc got in there very early. Why can't we just have strong stories and action without silly and illogical plotting and characters. Such a waste of potential
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Something is off
pkauburn16 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Main character is world class sniper. And says ".223 is not powerful enough to kill anything bigger than a squirrel." Really? Explain that to soldiers who used that caliber in war for decades. (.223 is almost identical to 5.56mm. But the mil variety is different from civilian ammo. You probably don't want to mix them for your shooting pleasure.) "A bullet kills in 3 ways" Hmm.. Any bullet? 5mm pellet gun bullet? .50 cal BMG bullet? Bullet velocity at any range? Is there any evidence for a bullet killing by hydro-static shock? Has there ever been a bullet that simply made a tunnel through a body without tumbling or fragmenting and splintering? Hasn't anyone survived a body shot? Or limb shot longer that 15 minutes? Or fragmented wound? As an extreme case, I think Roy Benavidez survived all of that and more, in the same engagement. The .223 comment started this show off with a questionable beginning. So I nit-picked from then on. I so wanted this show to work. But sprinkling data (valid and invalid) does not go with the experience and skill of a world class sniper. I loved the books (not all though), and the character, and the movie. But this series needs (or needed) a better tech adviser. Probably a former sniper or instructor. (and I am neither, but things still stood out Bummer)
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The show named Shooter with people who don't know how to shoot
jaketran11 August 2017
For a show titled "Shooter," these actors and producers sure make them selves look pretty clueless when handling firearms. Which is a shame because I loved the movie and I would expect Mark Wahlberg to do a better job as the producer. Swagger takes a wrench to an expensive firearm, the two corrupt secret service agents look like retards shooting their pistols at the range, and Swagger's high-powered rifle (not sure the caliber) has literally no recoil. Even .22's have a small amount of recoil that you can see visually, but his rifle magically stays completely still.

Couldn't get through the first episode.
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feld-616 November 2016
Loved the book; liked the movie; found Episode 1 of the TV series: disappointing, boring.

I'll not record the series.

To anyone familiar with either the book or the movie, it is quite obvious what we are about to see. Now, that was true, for me, with the movie, inasmuch as I'd already read the book, but, sadly, I could not engage with the TV episode.

Partly this was because of the casting -- the shooter, the sniper, seemed much too young to be the war veteran that the plot insists he be.

Partly it was the background politics: our hero would have to have been quite stupid to fall into the mess the script drops him into, whereas neither the book nor the movie made the trap so obvious (or our hero so ingenuous).

The family touches were extraneous not only to the story line, but to the viewers' enjoyment as well.

Really, it was an hour ill-spent. I'd recommend against latching on. Bring back the movie. Raid your local library for the book and/or a DVD of the movie.

Better still, try for a cheap used paperback edition.
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Waste of time
Nicktx-17-5099648 August 2017
I came across the show on netflix and actually enjoyed the 2007 film so I did a little spot check on the star rating out of 10. I assumed it should be pretty good, but man was I wrong. If you are a military veteran or actually enjoy quality action movies.... please beware. This movie is like watching the remastered rated PG version of Schindler's list. So please do yourself a favor and watch something else.
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