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Action & Brutality
ahmetkozan27 January 2019
First of all, the film shouldn't be a movie you'll definitely take seriously. Please leave your brain if you decide to watch this movie. Because this film is a crunchy film that focuses entirely on the action and the charm of ferocity. So there is no deeper meaning nor a deep scenario.

The visuals are great, the color palette is so good that even the nature looks modern. It looks like an Instagram filter has been applied to a picture taken with a proper camera. The girls are beautiful, the main character is charismatic, the bad character is a fat asshole. There are plenty of clichés. You can predict what's going to happen. Predicting what will happen is a problem in such films because it eliminates the thriller factor.

You don't have to pay much attention to, it's a fun movie. If you love action you can watch. 7/10
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Has no one seen a comic book film before?
MrandMrsWorley27 January 2019
I very rarely write reviews, but seeing the initial reviews here I couldn't not say anything.

Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's over the top. Yes, there's a lot of gore. It's a movie based on a comic book!

I, for one, absolutely adored all of the silliness, ridiculous fight scenes, blood splatters and gruesome moments.

One of the best Netflix originals I've seen for a while!
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I wanted to hate this B-grade film, but ended up loving it!
TheTopDawgCritic26 January 2019
Novice (mainly music videos and short film - only a handful of full length feature films) director Jonas Åkerlund, and novice screenwriter Jayson Rothwell, did an outstanding job creating a crazy action noir film adaptation from the graphic novel by Víctor Santos.

The directing was outstanding - props to Jonas Åkerlund for nailing this one. The great cinematography and use of high-contract colors really added to the film, as did his camera work. The screenplay's use of character introductions - although done many times before, worked really well, and combined with the writing and directing, gave this film a Quentin Tarantino feel.

At first I felt the characters were way too animated and overshadowed Mads Mikkelsen's monotonic and bland character, and thus was disappointed in this film. But as the story progressed, I felt this wasn't your typical 'assassin retires' movie. The story developed slowly, and I do feel the 118 min length was a little long, but the pace kept up well, help keep me interested and intrigued, and eventually found myself to start liking it.

The actors where cast perfectly and performed really well . The soundtrack by Deadmau5 was perfect for this film.

I wanted to hate this B-grade film, but ended up loving it! This is one of those films that stay with you long after you've seen it, and I feel in time will become a cult classic. I do hope for a part 2 - and judging by some unexpected and surprisingly well placed surprises, I'm guessing that will happen.

The critics got this one wrong. Yes, it may not be for everyone, but going in not expecting much, I became a fan. A well deserved 8/10 from me. And if anyone thinks this is a fake review, click my username and you will see my 300+ reviews. :)
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Not perfect, but far better than the critical reviews..
blundell-5422225 January 2019
Quite a poor critical reception, but having just watched it myself I can't help that many of the reviews have missed the point of this violent slice of entertainment. While for the most part what they say IS true (clunky dialogue, silly, poorly paced), they could also add slick, humourous and stylish to that list. The corridor scene - a highlight in the trailer misses the mark and would have benefitted with better choreography but was enjoyable all the same. The Female characters, empowered one minute, gratuitously undressed the next, don't make sense other than to advance the plot and pleasure the men. It did feel a lot like the graphic novel in parts though and contrary to what I've read elsewhere Mads Mikkelsen's understated, world weary portrayal is brilliant, even if Hudgens is underused (as are are most of the supporting cast). Style over substance? Maybe. But as a ultra violent comic book popcorn flick I think it works pretty well, and whether it happens or not I'd love to see the sequel it sets up in the closing scenes. I'd say watch it yourself and form your own opinion.
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Action movie with charismatic hero
blueeye-silntkilr0725 January 2019
//Short and simple//

If you love Mads Mikkelsen and action, this movie is not going to disappoint you. Over the top action? ✔ Overdramatic main villain? ✔ Replaceable side villains? ✔ Listen guys.. don't compare this movie with john wick and ruin the popcorn time, afterall this is comic book adaptation. Yes, this movie is not perfect (hint: lame villains) but you won't regret watching MM in action.
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Quirky / Assassin Film
markottoh-9863926 January 2019
I really didn't expect to like this with a 6.5 critic rating.

However, within a few minutes of watching, I found myself chuckling at the odd and playful style they took with the film, somewhat reminding me of a videogame.

It's enjoyable and I think worth a watch and a decent action film.
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This film has nothing new to offer but has a lot for fans of the action genre. Loved it.
Fella_shibby30 January 2019
What we have here is the typical hitman who wants to retire at a peaceful place but unlike the usual stuff where our hitman's wife/girlfriend gets killed or where he is pulled into the ugly job cos of saving some small girl. The concept here is about retired hitmen becoming the target n after the initial opening scene of Knoxville getting wasted, we r introduced to Mikkelsen , who is offered a one last job few days before his retirement n it doesn't take time for him to finish the job n sense that it was him who was the target. Mikkelsen did a pretty good job. He did decent job with the action choreography n he is in good shape. Is he obsessed with the eye patch? (Remember Valhalla Rising). This film has lots of violent action scenes, machine gun scenes but nothing memorable cos we have seen it all before. Good amount of sex scenes with eye candy boobs. The hallway fight scene reminded me of Iku Uwais' films. Equalizer, John Wick, Raid Redemption, Man from Nowhere, etc. We have seen it all but it doesn't get stale if u can pull it off well n Polar succeeded in it. A pretty enjoyable action flick.
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Exactly what I had hoped for
matthewkodadek26 January 2019
This isn't high art, it's certainly not Oscar bait or even trying to be tongue in cheek...this is a blatantly bloody and violent thrill ride with little exposition and a single purpose: gratuitous violence with no deeper meaning.

If you watch this for any other reason, be prepared for copious disappointment. No nuance or subtlety, just a murder ballet for the masses.

I predict that as is the current trend, that the audience will love/like it while the critics lambast it...shows the growing irrelevance of the professional critic as their disconnect with the audience grows.
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Feel like two different movies, one great the other terrible!
themoviemaniac-4768526 January 2019
This film could have been great if they just played it straight. All the scenes with Mads Mikkelsen as a brooding hitman are great. The shots of the snow-capped mountains and cinematography are really well done. This is all ruined by trying to give it a comic book feel by having a group of over the top, outlandish villains, hamming it up. The movie just does not flow. And the worst casting decision in history to have Matt Lucas as the Mr Big! Even if you had never seen him in his comic avatar it just doesn't work. What a waste!...avoid
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'Next' in Assassin's Genre!
sahilgill1925 January 2019
The storyline is very simple, a top assassin named Mads(Duncan aka "The Black Kaiser") is settling into retirement whereas his former employer identify him as a liability to the firm. So he sends a group of ruthless killers (young assassins) to find and finish him. The movie is based on a graphic novel: "Polar: came from the cold". Although I've not read the comic but I can guarantee that the team has done justice with stylish action choreography and gun fights full of gore, contains brief nudity plus appealing cinematography and music add-on to make it 'next' in violent movie genre. The cast comprises of Katherine (Vivian), Vanessa (Camille) and equal amount of shares for Ruby(Sindy), Matt (Blut) and guest appearance from Knoxville (Michael). It is a must watch if you're fan of movies like John Wick, Punisher and Equalizer. Since it is based on a graphic novel , the one-liners are really awesome before the kill:

Vivian: Heard you stopped smoking? The black Kaiser: "Figured, it wouldn't kill me"

I don't know what critics are going to rate it but this movie has everything which can give a high dose of adrenaline rush. Just don't miss it!
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Ruined by bad characters and all the silliness
grizeh26 January 2019
What saves this movie from being a 1/10 is that Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic on the role of the hitman. He is not only believable while doing the John Wick-style action scenes but, unlike Keanu Reeves, he can actually deliver in the drama department (it's a shame they did not chose him for the new "The Witcher" series since he was practically born for the character of Geralt of Rivia). The main problem of this movie is that all the other characters , especially the main antagonist, are so far-fetched and cheesy that it looks like a cheap B-movie when they are in the scene. They are so ridiculous and Matt Lucas acting and character is so over-the-top that it completely ruins the movie. Even if they had decided to go with the stereotypical Russian mob boss antagonist, the movie would have been 1000 times better. Imagine "The Bourne Identity" but with a bunch of clowns and villains from a children's movie chasing the main protagonist instead of CIA agents, and you will know exactly what this movie is.
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Strange mix of thriller and comedy
p-jonsson28 January 2019
This is a bit of a strange movie. Part of it feels like a pretty good, dark and gritty thriller, part of it feels like a wannabe Tarantino movie and part of it feels like a comedy. Overall I would classify it as a B-movie but a pretty good B-movie. As strange as the movie is I have to say that I liked it.

I kind of watched this movie on a whim. It popped up on my Netflix home screen and I kind of liked the blurb. A type of story that I like. Then I saw that Mads Mikkelsen played the lead role and this sold me on it. I quite like Mads Mikkelsen in these kind of roles.

The movie starts off in a fairly normal way for this kind of movie. You know, some assassinations, introduction of the hero, the bad guys, the even badder guys and all that. It is fairly clear already from the start that there will be blood splatter. That it would reach the levels it did towards the end of the movie was a bit of a surprise though.

I did like Mads Mikkelsen in his role as Duncan, the somewhat brooding and grim assassin starting his retirement. But then I'm not really surprised. It's a perfect role for him. The rest of the actors, well let's just say that their acting was for the most part forgettable. Maybe with the exception of Matt Lucas as Blut. But then, his role was so comical and wacky so one wonders if it required acting skills or just a good dose of insanity (or some chemical products).

The blurb states that he is deemed a liability. Well, that is not exactly the truth actually. It is more that his overly wacky boss is trying to screw him. This is where it starts to get into comedy land. Already in the first couple of scenes it is clear that this guy is a nut job. Then he let's loose his assassins and at that point the movie escalates in a orgy of blood, violence and comedy.

I cannot really make up my mind if it would have been a better movie if the violence would have been less comical or not. With the comedy this movie becomes a bit unusual and sticks out. Without it it would risk becoming just another thirteen on a dozen assassin thrillers. Also, as comical as it is, it is fairly well done.

Anyway, there is of course a pretty dramatic and violent fight as the movie draws to a close. I quite liked that one. There is also a little twist that I actually did not see coming at the end.

Overall, it was a fun movie to watch.
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Mads for president!
maljacob3 February 2019
Love this movie! Mads play his role to perfection. Dont understand bad rewiew - I think it is a very intertaining movie
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Will be waiting for Polar Vol. 2
torroutedipz27 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Was it realistic...no, most action movies aren't. Was it entertaining...absolutely! For all the 1&2 star reviews all I can ask is "what did you think you were about to watch?". Clearly if you're posting reviews I would assume you read them as well, and look at cast line ups. When I sat down to decide which, usually mediocre at best, Netflix or Amazon movie I would watch, this popped up as new. I read the Netflix synopsis and thought it would be ok, but wasn't sure if I was in the mood for an action flick that was too dramatic. Then I looked on IMDb and saw how the cast was laid out, and it was obviously going not going to be that type of movie when I saw the assassins would be a group of hot females. It had very high violence and sexual ratings so I figured "sure, I can do this.". The movie immediately gave me a Kill Bill type vibe, and that is pretty much the type of movie it is. For those who didn't pick up on this before the movie from the ratings or within the first few minutes, your lack of perception is on you. The quality and acting alone is worth a 5, but I found it nicely paced and entertaining, with an unexpected twist (I thought for sure Camille would be his daughter) so I give it a solid 7/8. There's nothing I can point out as being "wrong" with the movie. It is as advertised; an over the top action movie with violence and sex, and it makes for a great watch. If this isn't the type of movie you want to watch, then don't watch it. Don't watch it and rate it 1 star while complaining of the action and violence, you've been forewarned.
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I love this movie
sedmisedmi25 January 2019
I read a lot bad reviews for this movie, really bad. From "critics". And I am stunned. I have a very simple way to rate a movie - how many scenes I do remember from it. I've watched block busters, Oscar nominated movies and movies from famous directors without remembering single scene. Maybe critics see more than a muggle like me but I doubt it. This movie I remember from the beginning to the very end. Mads MIkkelsen does a great job creating the character of an assassin about to retire. I like the contrast with the young assassins and the twisted boss. You can compare it with Wick or Snake but Vizla is neither of them. He is awesome. I like the battle scenes - short and efficient.

10/10 is a generous but I really want to bold this: you will want to watch it again.
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Stop hiring Doobie White
phoenix_brodie25 January 2019
The editing on this movie is atrocious. Every single scene contains dozens of unnecessary cuts that just made me feel nauseated. I remember thinking I haven't seen a movie edited this badly since the last Resident Evil movie. Turns out it was the same editor - Doobie White. When every scene is cut to pieces it completely distracts from the story. The story had potential but was butchered by Doobie White.
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Wasted Potential for a Solid Movie
krishkhatiwada25 January 2019
Summary: It is a fairly good movie.

Polar is set in an interesting world that is filled with characters that feel like they are in different movies. It is a violent movie that does have a solid story with a few exceptions.

Pros: Mads Mikkelsen does a great job in presenting a subdued hitman who is hunted by something he did. Vanessa Hudgens also does a great job with her character. There is a revelation in the movie that she plays really well. Story is good.

Cons: Supporting characters are not terrible. They feel like they exist in a different movie all together. The dialogues are fine for the most but horrible in some scenes. Pacing is inconsistent. The main antagonist is a shell of a character.

All in all: Its a weird movie with at least two actors doing well. Story is solid but its supporting characters are horrible. The tone of the movie is what hurts the movie the most. Watch it for Mads and Vanessa.
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A different kind of John Wick
mkirkpatrick-3783726 January 2019
A unique style of film that is not unheard of but still refreshing in a time of Equilizer/John Wick cookie cutters.
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An over the top shoot em up.
kjjames8125 January 2019
What an awesome movie. mads Mikkelson is astounding as the assassin, Vanessa Judge's was good in her role. In fact let's be honest, EVERYONE played their role really well. Yes the film is over the top. Yes it has lots of T and A. Yes it has loads of violence In fact it's all of the above and it's done brilliantly. This little note, so everyone pay attention, please. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to another John Wick, which I love by the way, but it's not. There was a film out in 2003 there was a film called Shoot Em Up with Clive Owen. A fantastic film by the way, Polar is in that vein. So if you like those films then you will love this film, I did. See this film it's one of the best I have seen for a long time. It does what it says on the tin. Right I am off to watch this film AGAIN.
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Unexpected and Original
pnoronha-6026825 January 2019
Extremely well done! Great interpretations, Great photography. Original. Dynamic
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Mads is going on a killing spree in an brutal but satysfying action movie!
ebbewahlstrom25 January 2019
Okay so i don't get de critics i love how the story develops thru the movie and you really feels for Mads Mikkelsens portrayl of Duncan vizla and of Course the best parts of the movie is to see Mads Mikkelsen in action !
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Fun as hell. Meta score is nonsense.
nicktatta25 January 2019
Its diffferent man, that's all. It's not like most movies and it's not trying to be. Imaginative, story is sweet, acting solid. I could watch it again and again actually. It's unpredictable table and of course main actor is one bad dude. Watch!
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Purile ugly drivel
richy_payne4 March 2019
Imagine Quentine Tarantino was labotomised and made a movie. That.
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The worst thing I've ever seen Mads in
amazoncouk-653682 February 2019
Just pointless non-stop grossness. The acting feels weirdly "off", almost like the actors weren't in the same room and are just recording their lines in a sound booth? I normally LOVE Mads Mikkelsen but this is easily the worst thing I've ever seen him in, and I can't even really say his presence lifts it at all. His lines are just flat and bored-sounding. Matt Lucas is usually at least funny, but here it feels like he's actively prevented from using any comic timing so he's just reading out a list of gross sentences with no punchline or payoff.

The action bits are just unimaginative, boring, bloody, gross-outs that go on for ever, and have no entertainment value or choreography.

The story barely exists. It's also a stupidly tedious premise.

0/10, save your time. I left the room at the 1h15 mark and came to see what the rest of the internet thought. I left my gf watching the rest of it - she seemed to be enjoying it, so make of that what you will.
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Near Retirement
claudio_carvalho23 February 2019
The efficient hitman Duncan Vizla (Mads Mikkelsen) will retire in a couple of days and will receive an eight-million dollars pension from the organization where he works as retirement plan. However his employer Blut (Matt Lucas) decides to double-cross Duncan to save the amount despite the advice of his assistant Vivian (Katheryn Winnick) to pay the pension to him. Duncan moves to an isolated cabin in Montana and befriends his only neighbor Camille (Vanessa Hudgens), a shy young woman. Meanwhile Vivian hires Duncan for one last job to kill the assassins of the retired hitman Michael Green, but with the intention of killing Duncan. However he kills the gang and returns to his house. Blut decides to send a team of assassins to kill Duncan at home. Will they succeed?

"Polar" is an action thriller with a violent and brutal story of double-cross and revenge. The plot uses many clichés but anyway is entertaining with Mads Mikkelsen performing a very tough assassin seeking revenge. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Polar"
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