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TSA America is proud to present its Director of Training, Misha Collins, directing and starring in a module which presents a security screening dramatization involving high-level security breaches. This is an actual level orange events dramatized and captured on film. TSA agent and passenger dramatizations are performed by advanced "dramatization" artists (among others): Brian Flaccus, Misha Collins, Pam Trotter and Rajni Kareer. Watch these bureaucratic dramatization advanced actors perform some or all of the following: 1. Sequential use of 36-point layers of analysis and security 2. Minimally invasive passenger bio assessment techniques 3. Documentation before implementation 4. Approved profiling integration and exploitation 5. Hostile passenger distraction and absorption 6. Toxic materials handling, sampling, and processing 7. Penalty deployment for use of volatile materials vernacular 8. Repetitive identification verification and contestation 9. Passenger crowd control retractable ...

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