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Call For Help
bobcobb30127 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so Showtime made the smart decision of making this episode available immediately after the season premiere, because this is not going to be a ratings winner. The first 10-12 minutes is going to turn off a lot of viewers, but hardcore fans will know it served a point. Could that point have been given to us a little quicker? Sure, but such is par for the course with Twin Peaks: you know some of the weirdness has a purpose behind it and other moments are just weird for the hell of it.

The scene in the casino was David Lynch genius at its best. Cooper's ability to make not understanding a revolving door or why a man said, "Hello!" when a winning jackpot hit was the perfect kind of off the wall comedy that this show can give us.

More comedic than the last two, and a bit slow in the beginning, but this was definitely entertaining.
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A more uniform narrative combined with lots of humour makes this the best instalment yet.
While there were many things that I loved about the first two parts, I found that the editing and pacing as well as certain elements were a little rocky. This episode took a far more narrow approach, focusing almost entirely on a single story-line. This, combined with a whopping dose of humour made this the strongest hour yet of this revival. Some of the moments in this episode had me rolling with laughter. A large portion of this episode felt very similar to the scene with the old waiter in the season 2 premiere, or the scene with the old banker in the season 2 finale, by which I mean that it was long, drawn out, and equal parts frustrating, hilarious, and terrifying. It is Lynch at his best. That's what this whole episode felt like.

A note for anyone that is confused; episodes 3&4 were released a week early in the United States, the UK, and Canada via the On-Demand branches of the channels responsible for broadcasting the revival in these countries. This is why I have already been able to see it, despite the fact that it has not been released some places. I feel sympathetic for all those who can not see these episodes yet because of the country they are in. As a Canadian, I have often been in your situation and I know exactly how you feel.
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One of the Best Episodes of TV I've Ever Seen
pseudo_soma29 May 2017
The first 15 minutes of episode 3 of the new season of Twin Peaks is surreal perfection. The episode as a whole combines the surreal, humor, and a whole lot of mystery. The odd elements of Lynch's movies tend to turn a lot of people off, but there's always a reason for the madness, and there's always a payoff. If you aren't of fan of art that leans (or in this case, baths) in the abstract, then the new series might not be for you. It is much more Mulholland Dr. than the original Twin Peaks but in a good way. While the original show had a lot of bizarre elements, the new show cranks it up to 11. Episode 3 heavily features these elements and will be the point where a lot of people drop off and stop watching. I still recommend you push on through, even if you don't like the insanity featured in this episode.
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Twin Peaks, third season, third episode: Call for help
kluseba13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Third episode: Call for help / The Return, Part III

Content: Cooper lands in a metal spaceship where two strange women appear to protect him from an unseen entity. Cooper's evil doppelganger becomes sick while driving and crashes when the Cooper from the Black Lodge finds a portal and swaps places with another Cooper doppelganger, Dougie Jones. In the Black Lodge, MIKE tells Dougie that he was manufactured for a purpose that has now been fulfilled. Dougie vanishes and MIKE takes his ring. Cooper is found in a disoriented state by a prostitute, Jade, who drives him to a casino. He wanders there, confused, and plays slot machines indicated with an image of the Black Lodge, winning jackpots every time. At the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, Hawk, Andy and Lucy are unable to discern what is "missing". At the FBI headquarters in Philadelphia, Agent Tamara Preston is debriefing Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfield about the gruesome murders in New York City when Cole receives a phone call stating that Cooper has been found in South Dakota.

Analysis: The space ship seems to be a transitory station between our real world and the Black Lodge. The mysterious entity that seems to menace Cooper could be the same that appeared in New York in the first episode and might become the main antagonist of the third season. It might be the mother of all evil and creator of the Black Lodge. It makes me think of a very powerful demon or even the devil itself. Since Cooper's evil doppelganger doesn't want to return to the Black Lodge and swap places with Special Agent Dale Cooper, he used Dougie Jones to host Special Agent Dale Cooper's spirit from the Black Lodge. He was able to manipulate the man that looks slightly similar to Dale Cooper with the green ring from the Black Lodge. Special Agent Dale Cooper's and Dougie Jones' spirit are caught in the same body and don't harmonize initially which explains the character's erratic behaviour. On the other side, Special Agent Dale Cooper's appearance nevertheless had an impact on his evil doppelganger who lost some garmonbozia, which means that he is getting weaker. This explains his car crash as well as the fact that he got caught by the police. As the series goes on, my guess is that Special Agent Dale Cooper's mind will try to suppress Dougie Jones' mind while trying to find his evil doppelganger, reclaim his earthly shell and send his antagonist back to the Black Lodge. The mysterious entity from the Black Lodge might though interfere with Special Agent Dale Cooper's plans in order to continue to use his evil doppelganger for its own malicious purposes.

Description: The third episode is not only the best of the new season so far but one of the very best Twin Peaks episodes ever. This episode has a very dark, mysterious and surreal vibe that sucks you in right from the start and never lets you go.

Favorite scene: The entire opening sequence is absolutely brilliant. Special Agent Dale Cooper travels through space and ultimately lands inside a mysterious spaceship where he meets two mysterious women, receives a message from the deceased Garland Briggs about the mysterious criminal cases related to Twin Peaks, gets menaced by a strange entity that seems to be the creator of the Black Lodge and finally wakes up in Dougie Jones' shell. The first fifteen minutes of the episode are among the most gloomy, mysterious and surreal moments in all three seasons. Those who still doubted the new season might not be as good as the first two, should have realized by now that this isn't the case and that Twin Peaks is back for good and maybe stronger than ever.
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alexx66829 May 2017
This is one of the worst things ever been committed on film, or should I say hard-drive, since everything is digital now.

The ridiculous plot (if you can call this thing plot) feels like it was written by a kindergarten student in a napkin over five lines.

The "experimental" direction of the whole Cooper-in-space bit feels like a failed project by an undergraduate in art-college. If Lynch wasn't the director, and Cooper the protagonist, nobody would care.

The Cooper-in-the-casino scene is even worse.

The joke is on the fanboys who are defending this monumental flop. If Lynch isn't trolling everybody here, there is a real chance that he has gotten senile. In any case, he managed the impossible, he made something worse than Inland Empire.

Wake up! The emperor has no clothes!
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Quite Your Whining and Say Something
Hitchcoc12 June 2017
Since those who have rated this a "1" haven't seen how it plays out, I would challenge them to say something intelligent or criticize specifics, rather than throw clever lines about kindergarteners and BS. I think that a director of David Lynch's caliber deserves more than someone blathering about being bored. Perhaps this will all fall apart and be the worst thing he has ever done, but his failures eclipse most of what others strive for. I think the problem is that there is so much humor and understatement paired with absurdity, that it's not for every taste. Lynch takes everyday language and shows us how tedious it can be. Playwrights like Pinter, Ionesco, and Beckett worked the same game. They were amazing. I know it's hard to watch something so off the wall when we are used to the mundane, night after night on TV. We are being treated to a series of events and characters like we've not seen before. The whole thing with he two Cooper's is right out of Robert Louis Stevenson. Roll with it.
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When You Get There You Will Already Be There
ThomasDrufke28 May 2017
The 2-part episode last week was strange and obscure, but it was special because it was the return of something people have wanted for decades. I was able to forgive some of the frustrating things because of the pure nostalgia alone. Part 3 took us deeper into the weird and somewhat nonsensical as good Cooper found himself out of the black lodge but into a world he is all too unfamiliar with. After nearly 15 minutes spent with a blind Asian woman making noises and gestures while Cooper blankly stares on, I thought for sure we would spend the whole hour in this place. Luckily, Coop managed to escape through a machine and back into the real world (we think) and hopefully soon to be on his way back to Twin Peaks. Of course, it wasn't that easy. It became increasingly clear that this Cooper won't be able to officially come back without the bad Coop (presumably Bob) to be eliminated. Both of them were impacted when good Coop made his way back, with both puking up some sort of disgusting residue. Boy that was all too Lynchian, wasn't it? This episode was the much slower of the 2 aired tonight, but I'm still hooked. Watching Cooper walk from slot machine to slot machine racking in thousands? That was dynamite.

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A waste of time
monica-vi-oc11 June 2017
I think this is the worst episode I've ever seen in a TV show that's supposed to have a minimum of quality.

Boring, with no sense. Even worse than the Part 1 and Part 2 episodes. At least those ones had a minimum plot and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. But the only thing that occurs here is in the last 3 minutes. The rest of the episode explains nothing.

But I think nothing will be explained here. It's only a collection of nightmares and nonsense that people only watch because David Lynch is in it and is called Twin Peaks.
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Episode 3
Prismark104 June 2017
So Agent Cooper finally escapes to the real world but he is not the same person, all those years in the Black Lodge has taken its toll on him.

Twin Peaks pays little heed to new fans. This third episode has a surreal, warped 15 minutes sequence as Cooper makes his way into the real world and evil Cooper tries to resist going back to the Black Lodge.

A purple tinged set, an Asian woman making noises and Cooper staring blankly into space. Through an electric socket Cooper emerges and gets mixed up with a fatter lookalike called Doug who in turn ends up in the Black Lodge. Cooper now a blank goes to a Las Vegas casino where he quickly makes himself known as Mr Jackpots as he is guided mysteriously to win big time.

We also see the return of the FBI agents Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) assisted by new agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell.) They are investigating the mysterious New York killings until Cole gets word that Cooper has been found.

It was bittersweet to see Albert, he was one of my favourite characters in the original Twin Peaks and yet my delight is tinged with sadness due to the actor's death earlier in 2017.

This episode was slower paced especially in the scenes set in Twin Peaks with Hawk, Andy and Lucy with their lethargic way of talking.

Lynch went weirder, slower and more surreal, yet he still has room for a great cameo performance such as Meg Foster as the cashier in the casino. Just look at the way she goes from being smiling to genuine concern when she meets Cooper and he asks for help.
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David Lynch Does It Again
Samuel-Shovel24 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Some have argued that the advancement in CGI has caused David Lynch's effects to look less real than if he had done real effects. I'm here to tell you that that's false. That scene in the space room was bizarre and effective in it's use of effects. As the two odd lady's attempt to protect Cooper from the unknown monster (presumably the monster from the New York cube), we feel as if we're there and in danger with Coop. Another solid episode.
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What the f*** is this Bulls***
surfpunk6627 May 2017
I like David Lynch's movies, but how can people sit through THIS? I have the episode on right now and am so bored I came here, before I came here I switch my attention from the screen to the WALL!

I mean, Jesus Christ, 13 hours of this random bulls***? It really is like they know they have 13 hours to fill, so they deliberately are wasting screen time, and the sheeple all give it 10 stars.
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eyeless women, chocolate bunnies, surrealist puking; this show's got it all!
framptonhollis23 September 2017
Aside from the epic and spine tingling Part 8, Part 3 may just be my favorite chapter of the third season of "Twin Peaks". It is one of the weirdest and most surreal episodes, but its also one of the funniest, and it's certainly the first episode of the season that was mildly cohesive. Some of the dots start to connect, the plot's slow incline becomes more apparent, and Lynch comforts viewers with some of his finest comedic moments.

The first half of the episode is total off the walls insanity. Lynch's world seems limitless, practically anything can happen. The editing is disorienting and disturbing, the cinematography is beautiful and unsettling, the scenery switches from being uniquely colorful to nearly pitch black in a matter of seconds. It feels like science fiction meets Salvador Dali; it's a twisted world chock full of bizarre creations, spirits both good and evil, dimensions and spaceships and things the human mind cannot even conjure!

Then, the second half gives the audience a perfectly timed breather. The interlude between these two parts is a disgusting, scary, and oddly humorous sequence centering around vomiting that is pulled off brilliantly; only Lynch can make a man puking in his car so surreal and fascinating. While there is still plenty of absurdism in the second half, it's mostly grounded in reality. There are hilarious moments and quotable lines being thrown at the audience left and right; Lynch wears an awkward smile of sheer glee as he eases the audience with heavy doses of the quirky and amusing.

It's a perfect balance of the dark and the light. Both of my favorite aspects of "Twin Peaks" (the absurd humor and surrealistic horror) are given nearly equal screen time, and there isn't a second that is boring or unoriginal in any way.
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