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Designed for people who lack logic
ThomasJeff10 March 2016
I swear this movie is designed for emotional people who have very little logical capacity.

The plot makes no sense. The point of extortion and kidnapping is to get the victim's family to do something, that the kidnappers themselves cannot do. In this plot, they can do it themselves but just want someone else to do it essentially (which makes no sense).

Of course the title suggests "two wrongs... don't make a right"... but that is absolutely silly. Self-defense, war, criminal justice, these are all committing acts against another human to correct a WRONG by doing something that is usually WRONG. So what you do doesn't matter unless it's particularly heinous but WHO you do it to, does matter.

Behavior itself is not immoral. Context of the behavior and the perpetrator and victim can make something moral or immoral. If a mom bear kills the wolf threatening its cubs, that mom bear is not immoral.

The only person talking sense in this movie, is the man who did the worst crimes possible...and the old mother who's too weak to just do things herself. A perpetrator who's a coward.

It's just a bizarre drama for the sake of drama.
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Two Wrongs = a slow beginning, with some surprising twists in the middle, and a rightful ending
Ed-Shullivan15 September 2018
Although this made for television film had a few scenes where the characters overacted and they certainly embellished their key scenes as if life or death were imminent, the overall storyline was well worth the watch. I would compare it to a seven (7) course meal for a party of twelve (12) where each of the twelve (12) dinner guests did not enjoy every one of the seven (7) courses served, but all would agree that the overall meal was more than satisfactory.

I especially liked the latter half of the film with some unexpected twists in the storyline which more than made up for some of the over dramatized scenes by some even less than realistic acting. If you can just try and ignore the first half hour of the film in which the director Tristan Dubois certainly did a poor job in building the audience's emotional involvement and suspense, the remainder of the film with its twists and turns did in fact peak my own and Mrs. Shullivan's interest.

I give the film a decent 6 out of 10 rating
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Two Wrongs
a_baron6 October 2016
As psychological thrillers go, this low budget effort isn't bad; certainly it doesn't lack for originality. Sarah is a medical professional and harassed single mother. She spends her working day visiting seriously ill patients in their own homes until one day her daughter is snatched. Before she can take meaningful action, she receives a phone call from the kidnapper. Call the police and the girl dies. As Mr X is clearly not a sexual predator, the obvious question is what is his motive, like what could he possibly want with her?

The answer is that he is not interested in Sarah but in one of her patients, a mystery man living under a false name. There are strange men watching the house, so is this guy in witness protection? Not quite, he was convicted of killing a young girl who, surprise, surprise, was about the same age as Sarah's daughter. His conviction was quashed on a technicality, so the question is, did he or didn't he? The kidnapper wants revenge, an eye for an eye, but like the man said, that leaves us all blind, and two wrongs...

So what happens? Redemption of sorts. Don't expect any thrills with a capital T, but don't believe the bad reviews either.
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Could've been better
EmmaNelly9 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really wish the premise of this move was a little more believable. Once the mother got involved this movie because so phony and unbelievable. Most of the action was very predictable and horribly planned out. Every time Grace's father went to the phone booth I cringed. Just so horribly unbelievable.

Character development was also lacking. So many places this fell flat. The detective that came to the house seemed too forced. There could've been more story development there. This movie started out being intense but ended as a dud.

Don't waste your time.
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Dumb people abound
darkavenger7723 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We have a dumb kid that doesn't listen to mom. Kids will be kids.

We have a dumb hucklebuck kidnapper that as another reviewer noted could have gotten the job done himself.

We have a dumb but attractive home health care nurse mom Sarah that once her kid is missing from school doesn't follow the path her kid would use to walk home. Mom doubles down on stupid by not involving the police. Sarah is hit on by one of her patients. Too bad it's not a Hallmark movie, he'd stand a better chance for romance.

The pinnacle here was Sarah's church-going mom urging her to gank the guy. If you want him dead, do it yourself mom. Some back and forth here and the guy is not ganked. Mom is played by veteran actress Linda Thorson, who replaced Diana Rigg on The Avengers.

Once they figure out where the daughter is (twice) they never call the police.

The end scene was really dumb. They're clearly in less than waist deep water. Go out there and get your daughter. Then there was all of the swimming when all they had to do was walk.

At the end the highway patrol is on scene and everything is OK. Sarah has hooked up with her presumably now former patient.

Points (I actually deducted a point) for using authentic looking rust belt vehicles along with realistic Ohio highway patrol vehicles and uniforms though. Quite often these made in Canada movies don't worry aboot this level of detail, eh? I actually deducted one point on the Lifetime movie scale for this.

Real movie score: 2/10 (better is higher). Lifetime movie score: 8/10 (stupider is higher).
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Everyone in this movie should be set on fire
Matt99426 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Alright, let's see:

1) The girl has no idea how to jump rope or walk without skipping like an epileptic

2) The movie's budget apparently couldn't cover the cost of a new bottle of Sunny Delight

3) The kidnapper's super solid kidnapping plan was apparently to keep a sleeping child in a basement forever by feeding her small sips of drugged Sunny Delight

4) There needed to be an epilogue expelling that the misunderstood kidnapper with the heart of gold was sentenced to 15 years of colon-widening showers. The insane wife chewed through her restrains and killed a bunch of people

5) I'll end on a high note by mentioning the spellbinding performance of the OTHER kidnapper with the heart of gold who ran into the river where he immediately drown without saying or doing anything.
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Toxic Masculinity Story
lavatch20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Within the limitations of a made-for-television movie,"Two Wrongs" is admirable because it does not pretend to be anything other than it is: a suspense story that demonizes men and praises the virtues of women.

Sarah is the hard-working single mom who juggles the career of a home nurse with the raising of her little girl Lauren. But one of her patients named Gerald turns out to have been guilty of kidnapping and manslaughter of a young child. Despite the fact the kid died in the trunk of his car, he was found not guilty in a generous court ruling. Bill, the father of the little girl that dies, now kidnaps Sarah's daughter Lauren in an attempt at retribution for Gerald's heinous deed.

Sarah is unwilling to go to the police for obvious reasons. Just as all of the health-care workers at Sarah's clinic are women, the police in the film are all male. And all of the males in the film are either toxic or emasculated. The only male who exhibits some genuine humanity is one of Sarah's patients who is so ill that he requires a transplant of both lungs.

So, Sarah and her stolid mother take matters into their own hands in the attempt to recover little Lauren.

One of the most interesting characters is the Sarah's mother, a pious yet determined soul who is willing to play judge, jury, and executioner. Another intriguing character is Gerald, the guilt-ridden killer who wants desperately to atone for his sins.

"Two Wrongs" unfolds in a predictable manner with the scenes often lapsing into melodrama and even comedy. The long sequence where Gerald is tied up by Sarah and her mother stretched credibility, based on the size of the man, his unsavory past, and his desperate situation. The production values included an interesting selection of locations, including an especially sinister farm, and the performances were earnest. The action built to a predictable climax where feminine virtue is rewarded and toxic masculinity gets its just dessert.
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A mother that tries to reunite with her daughter
saurabhjit12 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is truly an emotional movie. The plot is well written and I loved seeing how emotional the bond between mother and daughter is. Kidnappers taking children and make the parent do what they say can be a bad situation especially when you don't get the police informed. This movie shows you that a parent must be brave to get their child back. I see the movie as a success in showing what it takes to do to get a loved one back. I see Sarah do whatever it takes to get her daughter Lauren back from a kidnapper. She follows the kidnappers directions but risks losing her daughter when she is told to get rid of someone else for him. I believe she should have made a different choice and informed the police. The best part is in the end showing how love can be a powerful thing once Sarah is reunited with her daughter Lauren.
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