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Joe Begos returns with 42nd Street-esque horror ‘Bliss’

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With his previous films, Almost Human (2013) and The Mind’s Eye (2015), filmmaker Joe Begos tapped into a nostalgia for 80s genre cinema that touched me like no other and now he’s back with Bliss – a film that reportedly ups the ante of his previous work, with searing visuals, kinetic energy, an endearing nastiness, and a ferociously all-in lead performance from actress Dora Madison. And this time Begos takes us back to the grimy days of New York City grindhouse cinema, when films like Abel Ferrara’s The Driller Killer and Bill Lustig’s Maniac were the norm!

Known for her dark and macabre artwork, painter Dezzy Donahue (Dora Madison) is in a professional rut. Unable to finish her newest commissioned work, Dezzy looks to reignite her creative juices by letting loose-as in, taking every drug in sight and tearing through raucous house parties and heavy metal bars. After a
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San Antonio Offers Film Incentive on Top of Texas Cash Grant

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In addition to states, several U.S. cities also offer incentives to lure producers. One of them, San Antonio, home of the Alamo, boasts an array of unique locations, including its bustling River Walk attraction, colonial Spanish architecture and an arts district. San Antonio also delivers a 7.5% rebate that’s stackable with a Texas cash grant of up to 22.5%.

The incentive is available through the San Antonio Film Commission. There are no permit fees for shooting in more than 250 city-owned properties. Plus the commission offers help with location scouting, government liaison services, crew and resource information, and casting calls.

Specifically, San Antonio’s incentive delivers a 7.5% rebate on approved spend within the jurisdiction. The rebate can be combined with the generous cash grant provided by the state of Texas, which can range up to 22.5%

Producers who want to avail themselves of San Antonio’s rebate must spend a minimum of
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October 17th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Rawhead Rex, Wes Craven’s Summer Of Fear, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Criterion Collection

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With Halloween only two weeks away now, that means we have another killer batch of home entertainment releases arriving this Tuesday, primed to get everyone in the mood for the macabre. Cult film lovers should get those wallets ready, as Kino Lorber is keeping busy with The Terror Within II, Revenge of the Dead, and a 4K special edition of RawHead Rex, too.

For those who still venture out into the real world to make their media purchases, Target has the exclusive on season one of Stranger Things that comes in nifty retro packaging, and Criterion has put together a stellar Blu for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Other notable releases for October 17th include American Gods: Season One, Wes Craven’s Summer of Fear, Red Christmas, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Honor Farm, and Alfred Hitchcock: The Ultimate Collection.

American Gods: Season One (Lionsgate, Blu-ray & DVD)

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Horror Highlights: Devil’S Night, The Honor Farm, Hostile, Bunker 15, Miscast

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Viewers can now experience Devil's Night on iTunes, and we've been provided with a new clip to share with Daily Dead readers in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes VOD info on The Honor Farm and trailers for the apocalyptic thriller Hostile, the Instagram series Bunker 15, and the short film Miscast (screening soon at Shriekfest).

Devil's Night Clip & Trailer: Press Release: "Los Angeles, CA - Harm's Way Productions has unleashed Devil's Night on iTunes. Adam Forrest, Elizabeth Peterson, Alex Ho, Nolan Freeman, Kristina Cohen, Shani Atias and Kevin Grossman star in the story of a lonely teen who accidentally unlocks a gate to Hell in the quest for Internet stardom. Directed by TV veteran Todd Bishop from a script by Derek Rethwisch, Devil's Night is available today exclusively on iTunes with a new clip that shows the dangers lurking in the dark.

On the eve of the release, writer/producer Derek Rethwisch said,
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Jo Satana’s “All We Have Left Are The Scars” Fantasia 2017 Coverage

Anyone who has ever taken it upon themselves to brave Montreal`s Fantasia film festival leaves with some scars. These scars can be subconscious, from the reptilian awakening that comes with sitting in a dark room occupied by porous, spongy, filmy humanoids. These scars can also be cerebral ones, the result of being subjected to a mind-numbing onslaught of light and sound. They can be existential as well, left from a shattered mind, fractured by having to chose between two films screening at the same time, like a parent having to chose between two drowning children. Or maybe the scars are literal ones, from sores left open by slow, methodical shifting on theatre seat cushions.

In the fifteen years and counting since I`ve been covering this festival, my scars have included any combination of the above. This year however, I found a new source of injury. While I had
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Fantasia Review: ‘The Honor Farm’ Possesses an Abundance of Style

If Karen Skloss’ feature narrative debut The Honor Farm possesses anything it’s an abundance of style. This is a gorgeously shot prom night turned mushroom trip romp of millennial excess caught in the throes of dream. We meet Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) walking through the woods in her dress — trees covered in toilet paper and forests of white light and ribbons manifesting a border between danger and safety. The evil (assumedly) arrives in the form of a person adorned by a stag’s head (the eyes blink); her salvation a boy with what we hope is love in his heart. It’s fantasy seeping into reality or perhaps just a series of quick visions devoid of truth beyond emotion rendered as experience. And as soon as it arrives it’s gone.

From disorienting, flickering beauty comes a dentist’s chair in stark contrast. Prom hasn’t happened yet as
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Fantasia 2017: ‘The Honor Farm’ Review

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Stars: Olivia Applegate, Katie Folger, Dora Madison, Will Brittain, Louis Hunter, Jonny Mars, Liam Aiken, Mackenzie Astin, Josephine McAdam, Christina Parrish, Michael Eric Reid | Written by Karen Skloss, Jasmine Skloss Harrison, Jay Tonne, Jr. | Directed by Karen Skloss

The gown, the hairstyling, the limousine, the prom date – all the familiar details that make up graduation night, that inevitable ritual of passage into adulthood. Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) still does not have peace of mind – “Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions?” she asks her best friend, while they retouch their makeup. When her date turns out to be a total disappointment, abruptly ending the fairy tale, the fantasy seems to have evaporated. But then some classmates, who’ve arrived in a hearse, extend her a most intriguing invitation: a magic-mushroom trip out in the wilderness, in an abandoned prison farm (haunted, according to urban legend
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Fantasia 2017: The Honor Farm review: Dir. Karen Skloss (2017)

The Honor Farm review: Prom night takes an unexpected turn in this new film which screens at Fantasia International Film Festival.

The Honor Farm review, Kat Hughes.

The Honor Farm review

Lucy (Olivia Grace Applegate) is your typical good teenage girl, one whom is very excited for prom. Despite having made a pact with her Bff to save herself for marriage, Lucy is thinking of sleeping with her high-school boyfriend, as per prom tradition. Things don’t go quite to plan though, and she finds herself accompanying a group of teens headed to ‘The Honor Farm’ for a spot of partying. Once there, the party take some shrooms, and then things get really wacky.

At a very short 75 minutes, The Honor Farm really needs to lock the audience in from the start and whizz along at a fair pace. Instead it loses the audience early on by focusing too much on the build-up to prom.
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Fantasia 2017 Announces Final Films

Fantasia 2017 Final Announcements

Late last month we brought you the first wave of announcement’s for the forthcoming Fantasia International Film Festival. It was already shaping up nicely with a special screening of Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and the likes of Replace, 68 Kill, and A Ghost Story, on the bill. But now things are even more brilliant as the full line-up is here, and there are yet another couple of stunners. Atomic Blonde, the Charlize Theron actioner from David Leitch, one of directors of John Wick, and the 3D restoration of James Cameron’s masterpiece – Terminator 2: Judgement Day, will both have very special screenings during the festival.

Kicking off the final list of films is the movie that will close the festival, A Taxi Driver. Directed by Jang Hoon, one of Korea’s most talented filmmakers, A Taxi Driver stars Song Kang-ho (The Host,
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SXSW 2017 Interview: Karen Skloss Talks The Honor Farm (Exclusive)

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SXSW 2017 Interview: Karen Skloss Talks The Honor Farm (Exclusive)
Director Karen Skloss knows how to explicitly chronicle the most important transitions in a person’s life, no matter what emotional and physical obstacles they’re forced to contend with as they strive to achieve their goals. The award-winning filmmaker, who’s made a name for herself writing, helming, editing and producing short and documentary movies, has powerfully […]

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‘The Honor Farm’ SXSW Poster Reflects On Itself

‘The Honor Farm’ SXSW Poster Reflects On Itself
Karen SklossThe Honor Farm, which takes place on prom night, sending a girl on a psychedelic trip that could be a dangerous trap, just had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival. Here’s the film’s official festival one-sheet that reflects on itself. You can also check out a previously released clip from the opening scene right […]
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SXSW 2017 Review Round-Up [Part 2]: Like Me, Game Of Death, and The Honor Farm

It was a busy year for me at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival, as I had the opportunity to watch 16 films (17, including the 10th anniversary screening of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon). Here are my thoughts on the final three films that I had a chance to see while in Austin: Like Me, Game of Death, and The Honor Farm.

Like Me: I had absolutely no idea what to expect from first-time director Robert Mockler’s Like Me, but after seeing what he could do with his cautionary tale about the dangers of social media obsession, and how it can affect those unable to cope with the isolation it often leads to, I’m an instant fan of Mockler. Like Me ended up being the most unpredictably wonderful movie-going experience I had during all of SXSW 2017.

Like Me opens at a drive-thru window of a small-town convenience store,
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SXSW 2017: Karen Skloss Talks Her Inspiration for and Influences on The Honor Farm

Karen Skloss’ high school trip-out movie The Honor Farm isn’t a straight-up horror film, and the Austin-based director is quick to bring that to attention. Although it is a part of the Midnighters section at SXSW this year, Skloss doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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The Honor Farm Review [SXSW 2017]

Some of you will Love The Honor Farm. Let me start by saying that. A prom-night virgin plans her perfect deflowering, only to have carefully-laid plans ruined by drunkenness and the night’s “haunted” escape. It’s a tale of choices, and not being forced into an idealistic “normality.” One illuminated by director Karen Skloss’ ability to capture a full moon’s glow upon backwoods forestation. Very art-house heavy, getting caught up in poetic discussions about “now” being the only moment that will ever matter. “The past is forgotten and the future is unknown.” True about futures, but good luck “forgetting” the lack of completion that devalues The Honor Farm beyond lusty teenage daydreams (beautiful hallucinations, admittedly).

Olivia Grace Applegate stars as Lucy, a cheery teenager with romanticized hopes for prom. Take pictures, dance happily and go all the way with your high school sweetheart. The right of passage so many endure.
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SXSW 2017 Review: The Honor Farm, Navel-gazing Millennial Witchery Goes Nowhere Fast

Maybe it's just me. Several of this decade's most acclaimed independent horror films have left me relatively cold. While I am not immune to the charms of films like The Babadook, and You're Next; there is another separate wave of new low-budget horror that I just cannot seem to get behind. Films like Sarah Adina Smith's The Midnight Swim and Osgood Perkins' The Blackcoat's Daughter (Fka February) have squandered what is clearly an immense amount of talent in telling stories with no real purpose or central conflict. Director Karen Skloss first narrative feature, pseudo-horror headscratcher The Honor Farm, falls firmly into the latter category and it makes me all the more curious if I'm the one being left behind. Best friends Lucy and Annie plan...

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SXSW 2017 Interview: Co-Writer / Director Karen Skloss Discusses The Honor Farm

This weekend, co-writer/director Karen Skloss celebrates the world premiere of her latest project, The Honor Farm, which will play during the 2017 SXSW Film Festival as part of the Midnighters slate. Daily Dead caught up with the Austin native, who has worked extensively in the world of documentary projects and has a lot of editing experience under her belt, to discss making the leap in the realm of narrative filmmaking, how rewarding it felt to have The Honor Farm chosen to be a part of the prestigious fest, finding her core cast members, and more.

Keep an eye out for more on The Honor Farm and our live coverage from SXSW 2017 right here on Daily Dead.

First of all, congratulations on being a part of SXSW this year. How excited were you when you got the news that you were going to be a part of the Midnighters section of the fest?
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SXSW 2017: New Clip Enters the Surreal World of The Honor Farm

A trip to the dentist turns into a surreal stroll through a dreamworld in the new clip for Karen Skloss' The Honor Farm, making its premiere later this month at the SXSW Film Festival.

Check out the new clip below, and stay tuned to Daily Dead for our live, on-site coverage of the SXSW Film Festival.

"Acclaimed filmmaker Karen Skloss (SXSW premiere Sunshine) world premieres her new psychedelic teen horror film The Honor Farm at this year's SXSW.

When Lucy's prom night falls apart, she finds herself jumping into a hearse headed for a psychedelic party in the woods. Looking for a thrill, the party wanders deeper into the forest, to a haunted and abandonded prison work farm. A secret wish and a summoning of the dead sends the group on a mind-bending trip into a dangerous trap.

The Honor Farm takes the most beloved youth genres - rebellious coming of age,
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New Clip From The Honor Farm is Highly Stylish and Suitably Creepy

Ahead of its world premiere at SXSW, a new clip from the teen horror film The Honor Farm has been released and can be seen below. The clip shows star Olivia Applegate watching herself having what begins as sensual and… Continue Reading →

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‘The Honor Farm’ Exclusive Clip: A Group of Teenagers Summons the Dead in SXSW Teen Horror-Comedy

‘The Honor Farm’ Exclusive Clip: A Group of Teenagers Summons the Dead in SXSW Teen Horror-Comedy
The Honor Farm” will bring a blend of horror and comedy to South by Southwest. The film marks the narrative feature directorial debut of Karen Skloss, who has helmed various shorts and documentaries, and stars NBC’s “Revolution” alum Olivia Applegate in the lead role of Lucy.

Read More: ‘Assholes’ Exclusive Trailer and Poster: Two Recovering Drug Addicts Behave Badly in SXSW Comedy

Here is the film’s synopsis: “When Lucy’s prom night falls apart, she finds herself jumping into a hearse headed for a psychedelic party in the woods. Looking for a thrill, the party wanders deeper into the forest, to a haunted and abandoned prison work farm. A secret wish and a summoning of the dead sends the group on a mind-bending trip into a dangerous trap.”

The story was written by Skloss alongside Jay Tonne Jr. and Jasmine Skloss Harrison. The cast includes Louis Hunter, Dora Madison,
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SXSW 2017: Take Another Look at The Honor Farm

A fresh batch of stills has been released for Karen Skloss’ new film, The Honor Farm, and we have them for you ahead of the flick’s SXSW premiere! Dig it! The Honor Farm (World Premiere) Director/Screenwriter: Karen Skloss Cast: Olivia… Continue Reading →

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