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Intruders or Shut In? Why two different titles?
deloudelouvain16 February 2016
Just finished watching Intruders or Shut In. I don't know what the real title is and I don't get why you have to have two different titles for one movie. But nevertheless I enjoyed this thriller. It's not a horror movie but a thriller. I didn't read any of the reviews before watching it and I'm glad I didn't because the story is full of twists and I didn't see them coming at all. The actors all did a good job with their respective characters. The story starts slow but quickly builds up to a efficient thriller. There are enough twists in the movie to keep you interested until the end. Even though the end was a bit disappointing to me but it still is a good thriller to watch.
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Interesting Premise But Filled With Unlikable Characters
HorrorOverEverything18 January 2016
The whole "Woman turns the table of ruthless killers" thing has been done a lot lately. You're Next, Preservation, I Spit On Your Grave Remakes, have all done the theme quite well. So when I read the premise for this film it sounded like more of the same and I really wasn't too thrilled. But "Intruders" managed to take that theme and do something pretty interesting and a little interested with it.

I won't spoil anything but I will say that this isn't just simply a movie about a woman being attacked by men and then turning the tables on them. There are some things thrown in to spice it up a bit and make the movie more suspenseful. However, some of the things that were thrown in felt a little choppy and rushed. It's good that the film makers tried to do some original things but some of them just didn't work.

The movie's weak point is definitely the characters. The baddies are just not interesting at all and the leading female transitions through emotions way too much to ever really gain a connection with the audience. You want to root for her but a lot of her actions are questionable, and plus one minute she will be a ruthless bad ass and then the next she is a babbling victim.

I liked this film, it does enough right to make it an entertaining experience. Unfortunately it misses the ball on being more then just good, if they would have done a few more things right it probably could have been a pretty great horror film.

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Revenge-style flick with nice twist
mungflesh28 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Intruders (or "Shut In", as it was when I saw it at the European Premiere) begins as a fairly tame drama about a woman with agoraphobia but takes a sudden and welcome turn for the more exciting and interesting to become a satisfying revenge sub-genre picture.

It compares, in spirit, with the recent "No One Lives" and perhaps slightly in plot with "I Spit on your Grave" though, like the former, does not take itself too seriously and certainly doesn't have the vicious nature of the latter.

The ending is perhaps a bit predictable and watered down. That would be my only criticism of an otherwise fun movie.

This was one of my favorites at the FrightFest festival and am eager to catch it again at some point.
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Deadly home. Intruders. Shut in.
gothic-fiction7 March 2016
And overall fun! After reading the comments I expected a complete letdown and yet, had quite the fun with it.

Intruders is a far better movie than some with the same subject. In my opinion it's better than The Strangers, not relying on torture porn, but offering a plot instead. The character development is nice, I think that hated ending by all makes more sense if you take in consideration that she is now alone.

I will recommend this little gem to any horror fan out there looking for a nice way to spend around 90 minutes. Intruders is one of the good ones, no masterpiece, but keeps you in front of the screen for the entire ride.

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A Solid, But Flawed Indie Thriller
PeterLormeReviews26 February 2016
Intruders (2015) is a solid, but flawed indie thriller. I went into this movie with extremely low expectations. I thought it would be terrible. While the movie isn't great, it still exceeded my expectations. The acting was alright, but the slow buildup kept the movie engaging. The pacing was steady, and kept the movie flowing.The plot twist wasn't anything special, but at least is wasn't mindbogglingly stupid, it was tolerable. My big problem with this movie is its repetitiveness. The dialogue repeats itself many times, making it extremely painful at certain points. Still, the direction of this film is adequate, the setting is sufficient, and overall, this is an all right movie. It's nothing remarkable, but it is certainly not terrible.
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Unoriginal and average, yet sufficiently entertaining.
nitzanhavoc25 March 2016
Most Horror films attempt to capitalize on natural human fears in order to invoke nervousness, discomfort and terror in the audience. While many focus on the fears of our "inner children" (ghosts, monsters and loss of security-inspiring figures), others focus on more "mature" fears like fear of the unknown and/or not understood. Shut In (Intruders) is of the latter kind, attempting to use the uneducated's fear of mental illnesses while utilizing the fear of potential home invasion as back up.

Anna (a very nice performance by Beth Riesgraf, delivering a convincing and realistic paranoid and phobic woman) is agoraphobic, and has not left the comfort of her home in 10 years. One of her only human contacts (wouldn't be accurate to call him a friend) is Danny (Rory Culkin, in my opinion the best performance among the cast), a delivery boy bringing her meals and groceries. When Anna's brother dies, she wholeheartedly offers Danny an extremely generous tip so he can quit his dead end job and follow his dreams. Embarrassed of course, Danny politely declines, and later tells a friend about the experience. Little does he know his friend and his friend's brother mean to break into Anna's home during her brother's funeral, and rob her blind. However, the burglars had no clue about Anna's agoraphobia, and when they break in and find Anna at home - things become complicated.

The story involves two coinciding plots. The first revolves around the three burglars, who are no more than petty thieves and did not set out on this endeavor with intentions of physically hurting anyone. The characters are quite stereotypical. JP (Jack Kesy) is the leader of the gang, attempting to balance out the situation so it turns out in their favor. Vance (Joshua Mikel) is his brother (Danny's friend) who lives in his shadow, and has brought him the information that has made the operation possible in hopes of earning his respect. And then there's Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney), JP's psycho sadistic friend, who's in it for the thrill as well as the payout. Nothing too fancy or original, but it manages to capture the viewer attention and add to the suspense.

The second and more central plot revolves around Anna. In order to avoid any possible spoilers, let me stick to what the trailers already reveal - Anna is not as helpless as she appears to be, and her being home turns out to be the least of the robbers' problems. The way the story plays out is not nearly intense enough to qualify as a revenge flick, and (in my opinion) not remotely frightening or even discomforting enough to be considered Horror.

All in all, Shut In isn't anything fancy. Yet while being mediocre and almost mundane, it succeeds in being interesting and entertaining enough by eliciting curiosity and sympathy. You could obviously find a better film to watch, but should you not - give this a try, you might enjoy it more than I did.
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Intruders beware
thact28 March 2017
Stumbled on while cruising stations for a flick break. This one caught my curiosity off guard. Starts you off in one direction that gets you wondering where the story is leading and slowly reveals the real powers at play. Acting is above average and the suspense will keep you watching.
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wanted more
reallyevilboy25 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This falls into the horror category of "Men intend to attack woman and because of woman's previous history attackers get a lot more than the bargain for."

This seems like a very specific category now that I think about it.

Out of this category I can think of one brilliant movie and that's "You're Next." ( This pales in comparison. And while watching this I cannot help thinking how brilliant the other one is.

The woman's past, the little set up that her and her brother had is so unusual and feels a little contrived and that is my major annoyance.

The acting is good, the script seems okay, the movie is well set out and for the most part I really enjoy it. Just what they do to their victims downstairs is suddenly frolicked through and I'm not buying it. It should be intense but when they get there it does not seem intense enough.

Then she just lets them go.

All the rest seems intense, when they get to what should be the real horror it pulls the punches.

Kind of fizzled at the end, a big disappointment.

Could have been better but could have been a hell of a lot worse.
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Thought they were going one way, went another, and I loved it.
kimheniadis21 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There will be spoilers, spoilers there will be. So if you don't want to read them, just know that I really liked this movie, and highly recommend it.


I enjoy watching and reading about strong women. If they happen to kill someone, well, I'm sure there was a good reason. And if they do it in a different way other than using poison, I have to give them mad props. I knew there was more to Anna, thanks to the description, but I was afraid she was going to be timid throughout the whole movie. But when she started killing, I saw there was nothing to worry about.

Beth Riesgraf's (Anna) acting is superb. I first remember enjoying her in Leverage. She was quirky, with just a hint of darkness that would peak out. The casting people must of saw her there too, because she does a great job of looking sweet, and then you see a bit of something not quite right appear.

The movie was a bit slow at first, but they had to establish some back story, and dramatically show you photos of Anna and her dad, so you knew something was up with it. When the men finally break into the house, that's when things get fun… but not for them. The house is one giant trap, and they all end up in the basement, where even more horrors await. I had thought at first that they were keeping the dad in the basement, but I'm glad the movie went a different route.

I'm not going to spoil any murder scenes, although I hate when animals get hurt in a movie. Kill all the people you want, just not the animals! And the final reason as to why Anna is killing is not a big surprise, since, to me at least, it was pretty obvious when you saw the second bedroom in the basement.

But I still highly recommend it, and make sure to keep an eye on Anna's facial expressions/transformations. It only enhances the terror in the story more.
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Doesn't quite hit the mark
Seth_Rogue_One12 April 2016
I wasn't too bored watching it, so I guess that's a plus.

But overall I can't say that this was very impressive, we've seen it all before (even though the movie does throw a rather surprising twist at us which by all means is not a new one it's usually just delivered more upfront).

The characters didn't seem very believable to me either, not necessarily bad acting just very 2-dimensionally written characters that didn't feel real, and things that were supposed to be shocking just came across as the opposite.

And it just completely lacks the edge that it clearly was meant to have.

It's not absolutely terrible though but it's kinda like when you are thirsty and you'd really like a cold soda, and instead you get a lukewarm one that's gone flat.

Has had 3 name-changes I know of since it's release: The Lifetime movie sounding 'Deadly Home' the incredibly unoriginal 'Intruders' and the best one: 'Shut In'...

And that's just the ones I know of, it's almost like it decided to change name of it for every bad review it got.
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Breaking in is easy; getting out is hard.
BA_Harrison28 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Three thieves break into a house believing the place to be empty while its owner Anna (Beth Riesgraf) attends the funeral of her brother. What they don't realise is that Anna suffers from such severe agoraphobia that she couldn't bring herself to go, and is still in the house. When they run into Anna, the gang decide that they cannot allow her to live, since she has seen their faces, but killing her isn't as easy as they thought, the house holding more than a few unpleasant surprises for the burglars.

Intruders (AKA Shut In) starts off in standard home invasion mode, but takes an unexpected turn when Anna's house is revealed to be loaded with gadgets and secret rooms, the agoraphobe able to keep track of the thieves via hidden cameras. What warped motive could Anna possibly have for such bizarre home improvements? Unfortunately, not as warped as I had hoped…

What follows is a frustratingly humdrum horror when it could so easily have been a thoroughly demented slice of cult craziness. When Anna trips her first trap, I immediately thought of Wes Craven's bonkers The People Under The Stairs, which had an incestuous shotgun-toting loony in a gimp suit, but there's nothing so weird in this film—just a few mundane killings and a revelation that ain't all that shocking. It's a slickly directed and well acted piece, reasonably entertaining for the duration, but it could have been so much more.
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Welcomed surprise
lk_gage10 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I randomly saw this movie while watching TV at home. I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was engaging and twisted. Remind you, I had not seen the trailer and knew nothing about it. I laughed so hard each time timid, petite little Anna annihilated one of those douche bags. I rooted for the female protagonist and she turned out to be quite the twisted little badass. And crazy as heck, but somehow, you still sympathize with her. Once she gets the upper hand its on! I loved the look on each one of those jerks faces when she pummeled them. That basement with all of its hidden quirks was also entertaining. For a channel surfing movie, it Rocked!
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Leofwine_draca30 May 2016
INTRUDERS is a home invasion flick with a few twists to set it apart from the crowd. Unfortunately it's a rather unsatisfactory film with a rather silly and unbelievable back story and situations that don't make a whole lot of sense. One of those films that could exist only in the mind of a scriptwriter rather in the real world.

Beth Riesgraf plays Anna, a woman crippled by agoraphobia to the degree that she can't leave her own home when a trio of thugs invade and threaten violence. This early situation is the most interesting part of the film and unfortunately it all goes downhill from there. The story is punctuated with moments of gruesome violence which are well staged but the overall narrative is hard to get interested in and just sort of plays out in a typical way.

Come the end of the film there's been one twist too many and, again, I didn't really buy what was being offered. It doesn't help that the casting is lacklustre, with Rory Culkin (MEAN CREEK) the only recognisable face here; Riesgraf in particular fails to get the viewer to elicit any sympathy in her character, leaving INTRUDERS an oddly hollow and uninvolving experience overall.
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Clever or stupid?
kosmasp3 August 2016
Agoraphobia is nothing to mess with. Though I never had that issue nor do I know anyone with that problem, I can imagine this being very hard and tough to deal with. On the other hand there are much larger problems around the corner (of the house) to deal with. And while it's tough to feel sympathy for characters at times, that doesn't change the fact that this was well thought of.

Of course if you already know one of the major twists in the film, you may not appreciate it as much when it comes after the slow beginning. You may have suspected something, but could one really tell this was going to happen? While Kevin was left at home by accident, there is no accident here (none that is not intended that is). Also there are not that many laughs to be had, because this treats the matter as seriously as is possible. And it actually does a pretty good job. Good suspense, nice turns and a good conclusion ... or is it a bad one? That's up to you to find out (read: decide)
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Typical bait and switch movie. *Warning Spoilers*
jadoredior198319 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
*Warning Spoilers in this review* I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie. The reason I'm calling it a bait and switch is because the trailer was so promising but the movie was terrible. This is not a horror movie. It is a drama/thriller and the only serial killer died in the beginning of the movie. I was really hoping for some good kills in this movie especially because there is a serial killer lair in the basement! Anne is pathetic. The trailer makes her look like a badass, but sadly she is not. However, the actress who played Anne did a great job of playing a timid woman who suffers from agoraphobia. This is basically a Hallmark movie that should have been titled "From my father's ashes. - the story of a woman who overcame PTSD & agoraphobia by killing some bad guys." I would have given this movie a 1 star but I really liked the woman who played Anne. So if you're into really slow burning movies with a feel good "you go girl!" ending, then this is your movie! But if you want to watch a real horror movie, skip this one.
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A Harrowing Home Invasion Thriller!!!
zardoz-1315 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Adam Schindler has made an impressive directorial debut with his unusual home invasion thriller "Intruders" featuring a largely anonymous cast and a story that unfolds in a single setting. The premise of the T.J. Cimfel & David K. White screenplay is provocative. A twentysomething woman, Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf of "Scorcher"), hasn't set foot outside her family home since her father died ten years ago. Anna's father, we come to learn later, was not an exemplary role model. What nobody seems to know is that Anna is afflicted with agoraphobia. Open spaces simply terrify her. These days she spends most of her time attending to her dying brother, Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney of "Bernie"), who is suffering from the ravages of pancreatic cancer. The only bright light in her universe is an amusing meals-on-meals guy, Dan Cooper (Rory Culkin of "Signs"), who shows up at her door every day with a song and dance routine. A trio of violent thugs, J.P. Henson (Jack Kesy of "Empire Gypsy"), sadistic Perry Cuttner (Martin Starr of "Superbad"), and Vance (Joshua Mikkel of "Terminator Genisys") break into her home since they figured that Anna would be at her brother's funeral. Anna's condition is so traumatic that when her brother finally succumbs to the disease, she cannot attend his funeral. These three ruffians acquired their information from none other than happy-go-lucky Dan, and he pays a stiff price later for his treachery when Anna learns about his role in the home invasion. Ironically, the three intruders encounter more than they were prepared for. The surprise is really on them because they have broken into no ordinary house. Anna's house is brimming with secrets. Furthermore, the trauma that Anna has suffered with so long actually enables her to dispatch all three villains. Schindler and his writers keep developing the plot in many imaginative ways, and you find yourself enjoying the piecemeal demise that the burglars are doomed to face, particularly Perry. The most heinous of the three is Perry. After the trio learn that Anna is loose somewhere in the house, Perry takes it upon himself to smash the head of Anna's pet parakeet with a hammer. This mindless killing of a harmless bird is the single most sadistic act in "Intruders." Happily, Anna pays Perry back with similar treatment to that which he meted out of the poor bird. Not only do these three have no idea that Anna is agoraphobic, but also that she has an interesting background. Typically, home invasion movies present a suspenseful situation that the damsel-in-distress must get out of if she plans to survive. Indeed, in most horror chillers, the female victims need to evacuate themselves from the house or face mortal consequences. What makes Anna's plight so interesting is that she cannot bring herself to cross the threshold. Schindler does a good job cultivating suspense, and "Intruders" never wears out its welcome. Beth Riesgraf turns in a terrific performance as the woman-in-jeopardy, and the three thugs are a roughhewn trio that make you worry about our heroine's chances of survival. The dark secret about Anna's life comes into play about a half-hour into the action, and the tension mounts. Aside from our heroine, her three assailants, the meals-on-wheels guy, only one other character shows up for the action. One of Conrad's friends, Charlotte (Leticia Jimenez of "Pitch Perfect 2"), shows up at the worse moments. "Intruders" will keep you poised on the edge of your seat throughout its brisk 90 minutes.
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A promising beginning, but a dreadful ending
peterp-450-2987163 March 2016
"What the hell? You're not supposed to be here. Explain it to me. Why aren't you at your brother's funeral?"

"Intruders" surprises and disappoints at the same time. Beth Riesgraf is astonishingly good as the tormented Anna. A woman with a dark past and who's suffering from a severe form of Agorafobia. After the death of her father, she's left behind with a considerable amount of money and her sick brother Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney), who dies early in the film. The only contact with the outside world that Anna has, is with the errand boy Dan Cooper (Rory Culkin), who announces the daily meals in a witty way. Her phobia is so strong that Anna isn't even able to go to the funeral of her own brother. And when three men show up at her house to search the alleged fortune, it's the beginning of a seemingly thrilling home invasion which however takes a sudden turn. After that the entertainment level drops steadily. Although it all seemed very promising in the beginning.

There are plenty of home-invasion movies. They can only distinguish themselves from the others by incorporating a brilliant and original twist in it. In recent years we have been delighted with creations such as "The Purge", "You're next" and "The Aggression Scale". But lets not forget about legendary films as "Cape Fear" and "Home Alone". Each time a unique approach was used in these film. And so they differ from the frequent used concept. "Intruders" tries and initially succeeds in it. But eventually it ends in a minor key.

The first part was promising. Riesgraf played a decent role. Persuasive, emotionally and shockingly sadistic eventually. Perfectly casted to play an unpredictable female character who changes into an attacker, after she gave the impression of being a helpless and doomed victim. The transition is sudden and surprising. The three male attackers didn't realize what hit them. The film chooses a completely different direction and the home-invasion theme turns into a sadistic torture film with a transforming house. Although it's not as bloody and unnerving as "Saw" for instance. But there are some moments you can feel the intense exciting thrills with a few gory scenes.

Unfortunately, there are a few weak elements in this movie. First those three idiots who are up to something big. Of course they are portrayed as the recurring archetypes. The leader who came up with this plan is J.P. Henson (Jack Kęsy) who does his best to keep everything under control. His brother Vance (Joshua "Last Shift" Mikel) is the softer type who wants to run away as soon as possible. And Perry (Martin Starr) is the least controllable member of the gang. The only thing he wants to do is hit Anna with a sledgehammer. They knew about the money, but didn't know that she had this mental illness? The moment they realize that Anna is not so innocent and that the house is a huge mousetrap looks plausible. There are even some scary moments. But the final conclusion, the whole explanation of the true nature and origin of Ana's motive, was a bit far-fetched and disappointing. Most part of "Intruders" is undoubtedly excellent, but it would have been much better if only they were a bit more inventive about the denouement.

More reviews here :
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The offbeat sociopathic girl .
AnthonyMeg21 January 2017
I liked the movie at the beginning but not much at the ending scenes , however i appreciate the brilliant submitted efforts especially that 'Beth Riesgraf' made in attempt to portray the 'Anna Rook' psychopathic character , I can't deny that the movie was very suspenseful and exciting but nevertheless you will feel tiny holes and flaws in both sides , the character and the plot , with regard to the character i couldn't discern or distinguish her psychological problem yet , is she a psychopath or sociopath or just an introvert photosensitive person , you will understand when you see the movie , but even if the director intention was to make a psychopathic character i'd like to notify him that he was good but not good enough ' i don't really know who's to blame but there's an obvious incomplete side of the psychopathic character that she tried to portray to us , and concerning the plot aspect i think it wasn't something new for me , it wasn't really a unique scenario that worth the 10 out 10 vote , that's why i gave it only 7 out of ten just for the brilliant efforts of the actors .

Thank you .
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Really troubling home invasion effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder9 October 2016
Suffering from severe agoraphobia, a woman is forced to stay inside her house when a trio of intruders break into her house looking for money, only to realize she may be more dangerous than she appeared and are forced to play her deadly games to get away alive.

This here is quite a lame and rather unimpressive home invasion effort. The fact that this one tends to rattle on for so long under the same exact guidelines here really tends to lower this one significantly as there's just absolutely nothing happening here that really makes this interesting. With the majority of the focus on her not having the ability to leave the house is played through over and over again as the film tends to feature her continually escaping and them continually going after her throughout the house only to have her trapped there due to her issues while they try to get her to come out to get them which is just such a really unimpressive series of scenes here that this part of the film. Though the twist in the second half is quite nice, that as well doesn't make this one any better with the fact that it's just not filled with any real kind of true horror elements during this section as it's mainly just a rather lame series of scenes of them trying to break out of their entrapment and her observing on them from afar, leaving their interactions to be just truly bland, weak and unimpressive for the most part. It has so little interest here that the scenes of her forcing them into trying to reenact the memories of her and her brother together just don't have any weight to them at all since it's put at the end of these incredibly long series of scenes that just don't have any impact at all and have just a complete sense of suspense rather than horror which really undoes this one considerably. It did have a few decent moments, as the fact that there's a decent amount of gore here in the bloody kills inflicted upon them are graphic enough through a series of somewhat intriguing confrontational scenes that are decently handled. As well, the repetitious nature of them stalking after her in the house in the first half doesn't change the fact that there's quite a nice bit of suspense and a few paltry action scenes brought about by the chasing throughout here, but on the whole this one is just so weak and bland that there's not much these can do to save it.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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Homely used to be so lonely........
FlashCallahan4 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Anna suffers from agoraphobia, and has been living in her house without leaving for the last 10 years.

She's had her brother for company, but as his health deteriorates, it is clear she will need to start thinking about her future.

Such a courtesy isn't granted though, as she soon finds her home invaded by a group of thieves looking to steal her family's fortune.

But it's soon revealed to the trio that Being agoraphobic isn't the only disorder Anna is suffering with.....

Just of late, it's been a bit of a trend to have 'from the producers of Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Sinister' on the one sheet of the advertised film. Now this usually has alarm bells ringing, as sometimes it can mean that the studio doesn't really have that much faith in their product,so they hope they can reap reward by subliminally indicating that this will be as 'scary' as the others.

Thankfully though, this isn't really the case with this. Rather than the film being an all out horror, Shut In tries to turn the age old tropes on their head by using them to the protagonists benefit.

So where you'd usually be shouting at the screen 'get out of the house' or 'don't run up the stairs', here, Anna has no choice because of her phobia.

But that's where the originality ends with the film, and it's back to basics with your predictable house of traps and a trio of bad guys who all have the atypical personalities you'd find in any old horror film gathering dust on a bargain shelf.

Which is a real shame, because they have a wonderful character in Anna, never becoming the true psychotic that the film threatens her to be, she remains to have the aura of an innocent little girl throughout the film, and although the film connotates to some sort of childhood abuse in the first act, it's never really explained enough to be an integral part of her psyche.

Some of the camera work is clever, especially using CCTV and shadows, and there is a slight twist I the third act, as to why the house is almost 'Home Alone-esque'.

My advice is, try to see this movie without knowing to much about it, you'll probably get more out of it, and forgive it for backing away from such a wonderful premise.

Worth watching, but it will leave you a little disappointed.
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For fans of Beth Riesgraf (Leverage)
davillain-9210921 January 2016
I've seen the trailer for 'Intruders' sometime last month, and based off that trailer I was under the impression that the film was a sorta like some bad guys enter the wrong house and get more than they bargained for, a lot more. But after viewing the film it was the total opposite of what I expected. It's not what you think it is, as far as story or premise. It ends up being something that really makes no sense, or something far fetch in the reasoning or explanation of it all. I really don't want to give anything away about the film. So with that said I have to say I enjoyed the film, for the simple fact it's protagonist is none other than Beth Riesgraf (Leverage). Since I am a huge fan of the show and Riesgraf, I was excited to find out she had finally gotten a chance to star in her first feature film. The film itself was OK, something people will indeed rent or purchase from Redbox or Itunes, hence my rating of 7. Again I'm a huge fan of Beth's and hope she gets more meaty roles that showcase what a talent she is. With 'Intruders' for Riesgraf it's promising start, she could've done a lot worst.
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"Scouts Honor!"... "He WAS Your Friend! Now, He's A Doorstop!"...
azathothpwiggins2 September 2018
INTRUDERS first introduces us to Anna (Beth Riesgraf) and her terminally ill brother Conrad, (Timothy McKinney). His death leaves Anna alone in their enormous house, where three criminals (Jack Kesy, Martin Starr, and Joshua Mikel) soon break in. Anna was supposed to be at Conrad's funeral, but she suffers from agoraphobia, resulting in her inability to leave her home. At first the thieves are in control, w/ Anna doing her best to evade capture. However, neither Anna nor her house are what they appear to be, and the situation changes rapidly. The story evolves from a thriller like PANIC ROOM into something more like CRUSH THE SKULL (minus the humor), w/ some big twists added for suspense. For the most part, Ms. Riesgraf plays her role w/ subtlety, instead of going the "bug-eyed maniac" route. The home invaders are fairly standard, w/ one being the "explosive / psychopathic" type, another being the "weak link" type, and the third being more rational and strong. Of course, there's not much in the way of character development, but that's in keeping w/ the trend in modern cinema. Not a bad way to spend a movie night...
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Another cheap, silly horror flick to avoid
areatw14 September 2016
A quick read of the synopsis should be enough to put you off this movie. If, like me, you decide to give it a watch anyway, be prepared for 90 minutes of complete and utter crap.

The plot is silly - you can probably gather that just by reading the synopsis, but even I was surprised at just how ridiculous it got. I also found this movie somewhat boring. With the whole thing being set in the same location (the house), you need an engaging plot to keep it interesting. This movie fails to keep it interesting.

Unless you're a fan of cheap, silly horror flicks, then 'Intruders' or 'Shut In' is definitely one to avoid.
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Shut In (2015)
Argemaluco9 February 2017
On the one hand, Shut In (don't mix it up with the homonym film starring Naomi Watts) offers a moderately interesting psychological basis which makes it better than other "home invasion" movies; on the other hand, the screenplay relies too much on coincidences and convenient revelations, while making trap with the development of the characters when the story threatens to stop. On the positive side, the actors make a good work in their roles, highlighting Beth Riesgraf, who displays a solid balance of vulnerability and subtle threat, and Martin Starr, displaying a "serious" facet (he's better known for his humorous work, such as in the brilliant TV series Silicon Valley) with a good result. Going back to the cons, despite offering some moderately interesting aspects, I didn't find the screenplay very satisfactory; I think it needed more ingenuity, or at least, more impact. Nevertheless, I think I can give it a slight recommendation; however, it's a pity that co- screenwriters T.J. Cimfel and David White didn't dare to take things till their last consequences.
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Slow but steady with good twists and ending
healthfusion5 July 2016
I watched this movie on showtime on demand, I am glad I did not check reviews yet and just started watching the movie.

My protocol is that if I am bored at the first 15 minutes then I stop watching. This movie hooked me till the very end. The leading lady Beth Riesgraf reminded me of Kate Hudson, they even act so similar.

THe description was the movie is about a woman with agoraphobia, but at first I thought could she a vampire, ha ha ha, it was just too mysterious, but towards the middle, the plot was more clear. It was a good thriller, and I was hooting for Anna all the way. I was also feeling sorry for Rory Culkin (Dan). I wanted him to be saved not just because he's so cute, but he was so innocent.
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