"Astonishing X-Men" Gifted (TV Episode 2009) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Marc Thompson: Wolverine



  • Cyclops : We're a team. We're a *superhero* team. And I think it's time we started acting like one.

    Wolverine : Ho, whoa, wait... is this gonna be about tights?

  • Cyclops : We've saved the world - worlds even - time and again. That's the truth. That's what we do. But the perception is that we're freaks or worse. That we're Magnetos waiting to happen. We've been taking it on the chin so long, just trying to keep from being wiped out, I think we've forgotten that we have a purpose. I know the rest of the world's forgotten... The point is simply this: we need to get into the world; saving lives, helping with disaster relief; we need to present ourselves as a team like any other. Avengers, Fantastic Four; they don't get chased through the street with torches!

    Wolverine : Here come the tights.

    Cyclops : Sorry Logan, superheroes wear costumes. And quite frankly, all the black leather is making people nervous.

  • Beast : Maybe Scott and Logan could fight on the lawn again. The kids love that.

    Wolverine : I ain't up to anything don't have the word "beer" in it.

    Beast : You could fight for beers!

    Wolverine : Well, now that doesn't sound too bad.

  • Cyclops : Kitty, you're our computer whiz, so start running down Benetech. I want to know exactly who's funding this research. Hank's in the lab. Emma, check the students. I'm going to contact some of the other teams, see how far this is reaching.

    Wolverine : Me?

    Cyclops : Have a beer and stay away from Hank.

    Wolverine : It's a plan.

  • Emma Frost : Our students are fleeing the school, you half-wit!

    Kitty Pryde : Maybe it's time for another peppy "They will always hate us speech". I'm sure that helped.

    Wolverine : I thought I was the one with the claws.

  • Kitty Pryde : Are you gonna fight everyone, Logan? I just wanna know if I'm next.

    Wolverine : Nah, you'd go ninja on me, I can't take that kinda hurt.

  • Wolverine : "Hope". That's what they're calling the cure now. "Hope". It was on the news. Catchy, eh? What are you hoping for? Lose the fur, nice girl, couple of kids, and a teaching job at some place that doesn't get blown up too often?

    Beast : Not exactly talking me out of it there, Logan.

  • Beast : Plan?

    Wolverine : Man's got eyeballs .

    Emma Frost : And if he's a man by our definition, that's not the only soft spot...

    [Hank and Logan wince] 

  • Nick Fury : How do you know your Colossus is the genuine article in the first place?

    Emma Frost : I read his mind.

    Beast : I matched his DNA.

    Wolverine : I smelled him.

    Beast : I also did that.

  • Ord : To scared for stratagems, X-men? Then maybe it's time we finish this

    Wolverine : [Staring behind him]  Okay, yeah, why don't we do that...

    Ord : What are you all look - -Oh no, is that dragon thing behind me?

  • Wolverine : [about Ord]  Play me straight Fury, this dink is a diplomat?

    Agent Brand : You don't need that information.

    Wolverine : And you don't need both those arms, Hydra hair.

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