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Season 1

17 Jul. 2014
Fifty Million Ways to Leave Your Lover
One the red carpet of Eddie's film premiere for the Best Man Holiday, Eddie and LeAnne face the latest tabloid rumors that they are involved in a 50 Million-Dollar divorce.
24 Jul. 2014
Sooo L.A.
When LeAnnʼs Southern friends join her for a girlʼs weekend in Los Angeles, she drags them to a health food restaurant for a gluten-free brunch and soon the girls decide that LeAnn needs to get back in touch with her Southern roots. After riding ATVs, line dancing, and drinking beer, LeAnn brings down the honky-tonk bar with an impromptu rendition of, "Canʼt Fight the Moonlight," proving sheʼs still got it.
31 Jul. 2014
Grand Ole Dad
During a whirlwind trip to Nashville, LeAnn tries to make time for dad, who she has shared a tenuous relationship with over the years. Her time is quickly consumed with interviews and preparation for her concert at the Grand Ole Opry, leaving Eddie to bond with his uber-macho cowboy father in-law who has his doubts about the LA pretty boy. In the end, LeAnn shares a heartfelt moment in fatherʼs backyard singing a duet with her dad on the first song he ever taught her.
7 Aug. 2014
Eating and Tweeting
After being prompted to keep a low profile, LeAnn accidentally tweets a picture of her butt, which causes a minor PR stir that she tries to defuse. Ultimately she enlists her husband and his posterior to help distract people from the situation. After finding out last minute that his upcoming Menʼs Fitness photo shoot is in a bathing suit, Eddie has to starve himself, train like a maniac and even spray tan to try to look good.
14 Aug. 2014
Babes and a Baby
When LeAnnʼs childhood friend arrives with her new baby daughter, LeAnn quickly catches a dose of baby fever. But after she agrees to babysit for the day, she soon sees how hard it is to juggle a baby and her career, when a quick opportunity arises to record a new video game theme song. Eddie tries to help a lovelorn buddy, but winds up becoming an inadvertent wingman on a double date, which does not go over well.
28 Aug. 2014
Mama Drama
After hearing about her motherʼs troubles conceiving (it took her twelve years to conceive LeAnn), LeAnn worries about her own fertility levels and decides to have them tested. As Leann waits for the results, she gets increasingly worried especially after hearing about her best friendʼs own pregnancy troubles. While LeAnn is tested, Eddie gets roped into attending dog therapy with the puppies and actually is shocked at the results.
28 Aug. 2014
Elephant in the Room
While trying to promote LeAnnʼs new clear purse handbag line, a PR stunt involving tequila and sex toys goes awry and leads LeAnn to think sheʼs provoked the ire of a fellow soccer mom who cancels a play date. Eddie convinces LeAnn to let him redecorate a room in their house, and uses it as a chance to teach her a lesson about valuing other peopleʼs opinions.
4 Sep. 2014
Hawaii Five-Ohhh
LeAnn and Eddie bring both sets of parents to Hawaii for a family vacation, and soon they regret the decision once itʼs clear that their parents do not want the same relaxing vacation they had anticipated. Things get even more complicated once LeAnn tells her parents that sheʼs off birth control and is late for her period.

 Season 1 

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