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Season 2

2 Jun. 2017
Jurassic Jerk/Assistant Chief McFibber
Claw wants a T-Rex egg from Cretaceous Ranch to clone a dinosaurs army and recreate scenes from "Revengeasaurus Rex: the Stompening". / Talon captures Chief Quimby in a giant hat trap, then takes over HQ by posing as 'Assistant Chief McFibber'.
2 Jun. 2017
Drone of Silence/Growing Like MAD
MAD is using Drones of Silence to mute all the opera singers around the world. Only one remains, Australian diva Shelia Chanson. And Inspector Gadget is tasked to protect her. / MAD botanists have developed a plant mutagen that turns any plant deadly with just a few drops. Talon turns Penny's prize pepper plant into a giant destructive monster.
2 Jun. 2017
MAD Money/Baking Bad
Penny's forced to fight crime the old-fashioned way when Gadget's blunders put HQ in the poorhouse; Talon sneaks into HQ dressed as a Sweetie Scout.
2 Jun. 2017
Tempest in a Tea Cup/Mr. Security
Gadget's sent to keep the peace between two nations on the brink of war; Talon tries to steal Mr. Security, HQ's new super-intelligent computer system.
2 Jun. 2017
Cooking with Claw/Catnipped in the Bud
Gadget cooks up a plan to catch culinary kidnappers; With the future of the planet at stake, Penny and Talon form a reluctant partnership.
2 Jun. 2017
Cuckoo for Talon/Fayre Game
MAD taps the Cuckoo Clock-maker for an earsplitting scheme; Penny and Talon enter a medieval tournament to win their way back to the 21st century.
2 Jun. 2017
Picnic Pests/Talent Show Off
Talon's sent to plant a bug at HQ's annual company picnic; Dr. Claw tries to rig a citywide talent show so he'll get to be mayor for the day.
2 Jun. 2017
Gadget & Oatsfunkle/Metro City's Sinking
Talon turns up the funk to play Gadget's long-lost singing partner; An underground maze of tunnels puts Metro City on the brink of collapse.
2 Jun. 2017
The Lady and the Vamp/The Walking Head Cold
Gadget goes to Transylvania to stop MAD from stealing the secret to immortality; Dr. Claw concocts a cold-like virus to turn HQ's agents into zombies.
2 Jun. 2017
Get Smarts/Escape Room with a View
MAD sends Talon to a meeting of the minds to drain brainpower from the world's best thinkers; A gloating rival prompts Dr. Claw to get competitive.
2 Jun. 2017
Who Do Voodoo/Midnight MADness
Baron Von Steeltoe baits Dr. Claw into stealing an ancient voodoo relic; MAD harnesses the power of the moon to drive Metro City's citizens crazy.
2 Jun. 2017
Gadg-ED/See You Later, Super Gator
A mustachioed Talon throws a wrench in Gadget's re-certification process; Dr. Claw breeds an army of artificially intelligent alligators.
2 Jun. 2017
Rain of Terror/The Truth Is Under There
Dr. Claw and Talon cause mayhem with their weather "disrupticator"; MAD plots to steal alien tech from a fallen spacecraft.
18 May 2018
Frienemy of the State/MADhenge
Malicious becomes Claw's No 2 after Talon is captured by a HQ agent other than Penny. / All the energies of the cosmos are about to be concentrated at Stonehenge. Trying to collect it, Talon and Penny receive cosmic powers.
18 May 2018
The Claw Who Stole Christmas/The Thingy
Christmas is about to be ruined by heart-freezing nano bots dropped by Talon from Dr. Claw's Sleigh. / A new biological organism, or 'Thingy', has been dug up at the North Pole. Dr. Claw wants to unleash it upon the world.
18 May 2018
The Talon-ted Mr. Colin/MADzilla
Disguised as HQ's new intern Colin, Talon intends to learn the missile defense codes from blabbermouth Kayla. / MAD cat becomes a giant kitty when Talon is ordered to steal a Size-Modification ray.
18 May 2018
Anti-gravity/Too Many Talons
Claw wants to reverse Metro City's gravity by ordering Talon to steal a Gravity-Reversivier. / MAD Henchman #2 is chosen to be duplicated into a MAD army but first Talon has to steal the Twin City science labs duplicating device.
18 May 2018
Star Power/Panda-monium
Gadget has to guard his idol Tag Shrapnel from getting his star powered sweat stolen by MAD and Brain becomes Tag's co-star, 'Bark Ruffalo'. / Bling-Bling the social media panda is the only hope in the peace talks between North and South Guatamazille. So Dr. Claw forces Talon to take Bling-Bling's place.
18 May 2018
Under the MADnight Sun/Skyrates Off the Starboard Bow!
Claw needs Magstenium ore to build Claw's Cave Condo Kingdominion underground. Gadget, Penny and Brain happen to be camping in the Yukon near a huge deposit of this rare ore. / Sir Owen Barnstormer's Ultrablimp mark II's maiden voyage is in danger of a MAD pirate attack.
18 May 2018
Fate it til You Make it/Once Upon a Screentime
Obsessed with watching "Uptown Tabby", Dr. Claw orders Talon to kidnap the Oracle of Delphi so he can learn future story lines. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget puts all his faith in fortune cookies. / MAD's Hypno-GIF virus has stopped nearly everybody in his or her tracks. Penny's eyes are already out of wack because of spending too much hours staring at her Codex.
18 May 2018
The MADstache of Professor Coin/MADthuselah
Talon infiltrated HQ to destroy it's core reactor. He uses a Perma-Disguisinator to disguise himself as Penny and gives the real Penny the appearance of 'MAD Professor Coin'. / Dr. Claw's birthday is coming up, so he orders Talon to use a MADthuselah machine make all of Metro City's citizen's older than him.
18 May 2018
The Heir Affhair/Parched Nemesis
Gadget, Penny and Brain find themselves in one of MAD's top secret lairs trying to stop Talon from becoming the heir to hair care tycoon Ms. Harriet Bouffantington. / MAD has drained all of Metro City's water. Dr. Claw wants to use it to grow a giant Jack O'Lantern but Talon decides to force the thirsty citizens to join MAD in exchange for H2O.
18 May 2018
Trees Company/MADtrack
Weed Wacko has been rehabilitated and now he loves plants. Gadget helps him make a garden, but Wacko plans to turn people into trees. / Jacques Crankcase and his henchmen have been captured and are being transported to jail on the Laser Express. Claw needs a chauffeur to attend an Award show, so Talon has to break Jacques out.
18 May 2018
The Missionball Ball/Tell Me What Sphinx
At the annual HQ Missionball Ball, Talon is playing DJ to make the agents dance uncontrollably using Claws's new Puppet Pulser. / Claw wants the power to turn people to stone from The Great Sphinx of Giza. But first all of it's riddles need to be solved.
18 May 2018
Harmageddon/Do No Arm
Comet Old Salty is passing over Metro City and Claw wants all it's wish-granting power for himself. Soon, Gadget thinks he and Brain are the last to survivors on Earth. / Penny hurts her arm. Unfortunately, Talon is playing doctor and using special bandages to control his patients.
18 May 2018
Inspector Gadget Goes to Jail/We Had a Really Good Title for This One... But We Forgot It
Inspector Gadget goes to jail for committing the worst crime of all: shoplifting. But he think's he's undercover and Penny is certain he was framed. / Cuckoo Clockmaker has implanted a device in Inspector Gadget that resets his internal clock. This causes Gadget to forget all about the last hour, just when he's preparing a dinner for Chief Quimby.

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