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11 Nov. 2014
100 Things to Do Before High School
CJ and her two best friends decide to embark on a series of middle school adventures while they can still take risks and have fun.
30 May 2015
Start a Garage Band Thing
CJ and her friends make flyers to start auditions for a new band but run into many accidents.
6 Jun. 2015
Run with the Bears Thing
The trio of friends set out to conquer each of their biggest fears; CJ tries to talk to her crush.
13 Jun. 2015
Say Yes to Everything for a Day
CJ tries to convince the guys to say yes for the day, but agreeing to everything creates problems.
20 Jun. 2015
Be a Fairy Godmother Thing
CJ, Fen and Crispo set out to grant the wishes of some people in their lives.
27 Jun. 2015
Stay Up All Night Thing!
CJ, Fen and Crispo are determined to stay awake all night and witness the sunrise.
11 Jul. 2015
Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!
CJ's mother challenges her to take care of a flour baby in order to prove that she is responsible enough to have a pet; Crispo and Fenwick also take on the challenge when they bet on who is more responsible of the two.
18 Jul. 2015
Change Your Look and See What Happens Thing!
CJ and the boys decide to change their wardrobes and try out new looks; they come to realize that there is a lot of power in what clothes they choose to wear.
25 Jul. 2015
Find Your Super Power Thing!
When CJ begins feeling like she does not have any special talents, she teams up with Fen and Crispo to discover their ''special thing''.
19 Sep. 2015
Scavenger Hunt Thing!
When Crispo is unable to afford a concert ticket, CJ and Fen devise a plan to get him a ticket without revealing it is from them.
26 Sep. 2015
Make a New Friend Thing!
CJ and the boys decide to expand their group, but making new friends throws each of them into unexpected situations.
3 Oct. 2015
Be a Mad Scientist Thing!
Stress and competition take their toll on each friend's quest to take home the winning prize at the Pootatuck science fair.
10 Oct. 2015
Join a Club Thing!
CJ is left without her friends when they each join a club; CJ works to create a club that will reunite her with Crispo and Fen.
24 Oct. 2015
Have the Best Halloween School Day Ever Thing!
CJ is determined to end Principal Hader's dislike of Halloween in time to rescue the school's canceled Halloween festivities; Crispo and Fenwick deal with costume-related crises.
7 Nov. 2015
Get the Most Out of a Sick Day Thing!
When CJ and her friends take a day off from school for illness, she is determined to make Fenwick and Crispo get the most out of their day off.
14 Nov. 2015
Sit at a Different Table at Lunch Thing!
CJ challenges her friends to sit at another lunch table during lunchtime and see how events occur differently.
21 Nov. 2015
Survive the Virus Attack Trapped in Your Home Base Station Thing!
CJ and her friends discover the challenges of taking care of themselves when they find that they are home alone for the night.
9 Jan. 2016
Run for Office Thing!
CJ and the boys decide to make their voices heard during the 7th grade elections; a friendly competition turns negative.
16 Jan. 2016
Always Tell the Truth (But Not Always) Thing!
When a simple lie morphs into an out of control event, CJ and the boys discover the power of words and the messy business surrounding lies, truths and the consequences of telling both.
23 Jan. 2016
Become a Millionaire and Give It All Away Thing!
The children are ready to redeem their rewards for a school achievement trip to the water park, but their ''pootybucks'' go missing.
30 Jan. 2016
Leave Your Mark Thing!
CJ, Fen and Crispo try to find their own unique ways of creating lasting memories of their time at Pootatuck.
6 Feb. 2016
Meet Your Idol Thing!
The friends plan to meet their idols, but when their carefully laid plans begin to unravel they realize the importance of patience.
13 Feb. 2016
Master a Thing Thing!
The gang becomes inspired by the fact that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, so they decide to master their own things.
20 Feb. 2016
Raise Your Hand Thing!
Crispo attempts to overcome his fear of asking for help in class; CJ volunteers to escort fifth grade students through the school; Fenwick tries to become the high five king of middle school.
27 Feb. 2016
Get Your Heart Pre-Broken Thing!
After Ronbie's girlfriend breaks up with him, CJ and the boys decide to take the initiative and get their hearts broken.

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