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A must see film! Sabrina Dickens is Outstanding!
gulfstream-1685929 May 2016
My Lonely Me is a tremendous film with a very professional and talented cast. This excellent musical drama has something for everyone: music, mystery, and suspense; and the audience is kept guessing right up until the end!

Sabrina Dickens is exceptional and gives a powerful performance as two of the main characters in the film: Reiga and Celine. Sabrina's range of emotions and musical talents shine brightly in this film. Sabrina's performance makes the audience feel like a part of the film from scene one; and she helps the audience understand and feel the emotions right along with the film's characters. I truly believe we will be hearing great things from Ms. Dickens in the near future!

I loved this film and give it an enthusiastic 10-out-of-10 Excellent recommendation!
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A unique and interesting indie musical
Mary_ann241213 July 2016
At the start of the film I was very confused and a bit worried about where this was going to go. It was clear that the director had a very creative imagination and a unique way of telling a story, but it is one of those films that everything all pieces together nicely in the end. There were a couple of scenes which highlighted the low budget side of the film and a couple of cheesy moments, but it was disguised well by the style of the film. I loved the style of the music used, the songs were beautiful and the main cast gave a pretty strong performance, particularly Reiga. She was a very complex character with consistent mood swings, which Sabrina performed really well.

I can understand how some critics may label this film as "odd", but I think you have to be the type to appreciate unique film making in order to appreciate this kind of film. Due to this, I think that is how the film did so well in so many indie festivals. Not only are musicals very rare, it is also a different and lovely piece of storytelling which left a lot of festivals with open arms.

Besides it being a nice little indie musical, it is not the kind of film that will make it to "best seller". However, the film should not go unnoticed and would make the perfect TV movie.
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Unusual take on a musical
acefilm29331 December 2015
I saw this movie in a film festival in Washington. I found myself really liking the music elements of the plot and the way it helped to tell the story about a young girl trying to discover her past. However, it needs at least10 minutes to get into it as there is a lot going on. Once i figured out that the main actress Sabrina Dickens plays the part of the young girl and also her mother it made it a lot more understanding Although she played the role well, My fave was the wicked Jann Anderson overall I was surprised yet pleased that I stayed and watched the whole movie. the live band that featured were good as was the singing voice of Sabrina Dickens. I am going to check out more music pictures.
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