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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout, and crude sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • Several paintings of nude women and a man are seen and discussed by men (the painting of the male includes full frontal nudity, including genitals and the paintings of the women only include breasts without any genitals); a man points to the male genitals and makes a comment while another man asks what a woman's hand is doing over her genitals in a painting.
  • A playing card is shown with a topless woman (we see bare breasts and her upper abdomen).
  • A man and a woman undress behind screens for a decontamination procedure and we see their bare shoulders and his upper chest.
  • A woman undresses for decontamination and we see her bare shoulders and part of her back and legs as she squats down and against a wall in hiding.
  • A man makes a joke about circumcision.
  • An implication is made that two men are lovers.
  • A man with Tourette's mumbles "Eat your pussy" to a woman, the phrase is repeated as the woman and other men argue about what was said.
  • Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) says to Baxley (Thomas Jane), "Hey, Baxley! If your mom's vagina was a video game, it would be Rated E for Everyone!" (Nothing is shown)
  • Nude drawings of male and female in the house.

Violence & Gore

  • The Predator stabs and slices many characters brutally
  • A man is pulled into a tree and his head is bitten off by an alien (we see blood pour and hear squishing and crunching); other men on the ground shoot at the alien.
  • An alien kills several soldiers on a truck and we see decapitation and repeated stabbings that lead to a lot of gushing blood.
  • The predator attacks several men slamming one into an electrified fence and throws a bladed weapon into others (a lot of blood gushes from the wounds and we hear loud splattering) and the weapon decapitates several men driving in a Jeep (we see their heads rolling on the ground and blood gushes from the wounds).
  • The predator fires a weapon and it ricochets hitting it, and it is shown in flames as a man jumps on it and fights with it; the man is thrown into a tree and is impaled by a branch (we see blood on the branch and the man's abdomen) and another man is shot in the abdomen (we see bloody intestines).
  • A man's arm is lopped off by a bladed weapon and we see the bloody stump and blood gushes from the wound.
  • A man's arm is shot off (we see the bloody stump and severed arm).
  • A man is cut in half by an alien weapon (we see the parts separate with a lot of blood).
  • The predator makes its way through a military area shooting soldiers and guards as a woman follows it; we see a man thrown from a roof and hear splatter when he hits the ground.
  • The predator breaks into a house and stabs 2 men: we see a lot of blood pour from the wounds.
  • A predator graphically devours a man's head
  • The main kid has autism and has sensory issues and is shown to be bullied by other kids. One such case is that the bullies pull a fire alarm, causing the kid to have a sensory overload and cause him to run to the corner of the classroom in fear (the bullies planned on doing more to mess with him but decide not to as the kid is shown curled up into a ball in the corner crying from the sensory overload). one other case is while Trick or treating on halloween, the main kid (dressed in a fully-functioning, weaponized armor that belonged to the Fugitive predator to try to not be recognized by bullies) is taunted by two other boys and a man, in which the man throws something at the kid, which hits the helmet, causing the weapon to go off, killing the man and blowing up the man's house, in which the shockwave of the explosion sends the kids flying a few feet (they are unharmed, and the bullies are shown running away in fear). (the explosion is also shown far away from the Loonies' perspective.
  • A man is killed and skinned off screen - we see his body hung from a tree afterwards. His body is then cut in half by an alien weapon.
  • A wire is pulled across an area - several men in a open air vehicle are decapitated by the wire.


  • Pervasive strong language all throughout, including over 100 uses of "fuck", "shit", "bitch", "damn", "ass", "pussy," and many other profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character almost constantly has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth
  • A man talks about staying for the opium (after a war).
  • A man drinks a large shot of tequila in a bar.
  • People drink beer and smoke cigarettes around a swimming pool.
  • A man and a woman drink beer from bottles.
  • A man drinks from a flask.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The predator alien might frighten some viewers
  • Once the action starts, there is a child almost constantly in peril
  • Jacob Tremblay's character has autism and sensory problems when loud noises are heard, there are scenes where he is shown whining from a sensory overload, curled up into a ball and crying, and in distress due to his disability. he is also shown to be constantly bullied, mainly through pranks that cause him to have sensory overloads (ex. the fire alarm).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Two predators fight: one is pulled through a wall and thrown to the ground, it is slammed onto a car and its helmet and then head are pulled off (we see a lot of green alien blood and hear squishing and splattering and we then see its skull and spine thrown to the ground by the other predator).
  • The predator's arm is shot off and we see a lot of green alien blood and the stump of the arm; a man uses the weapon on the severed arm to shoot the predator and it falls off a cliff to the ground, spitting up green goo.
  • The predator breaks free of its restraints and attacks many people in the area; it bites a man on the arm (blood gushes), it slashes a man across the abdomen (blood gushes), it throws a man into a glass wall and blood splatters on the glass, a man is shot in the eye with a metal rod (we see him dead later with blood at the wound) and several others are thrown or slashed with a lot of blood.
  • A kid, who is wearing the fugitive predator's suit is bullied by two other kids and a man while trick-or-treating and the man throws something at the kid, which hits his helmet, which then kills the man by blowing up the mans house (the kid wearing the predator's suit and the two bullies are thrown by the shockwave of the blast, but are unharmed). The two bullies then run away in fear.
  • Baxley and Coyle shoot each other to put each other out of their misery (the shooting is not graphic, but the injuries they've suffered that made them do this is graphic)
  • Two men shoot each other in the head as mercy killings; both have mortal wounds.
  • An alien canine is blown in half after a grenade is shot in its mouth.
  • A Predator's head is pulled off by another predator.

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