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As Jenna preps for a major life change (college), Eva tries to present the final bit of drama which could rock her world.
Amari-Sali16 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
At this point, I am really hoping by the mid-season finale Eva is gone. I know people hate Sadie because she is a triggering type of bully, but GOD at least she has redeemable qualities, and has moments when she can be likable. Eva on the other hand has quickly become someone I hope Sadie, or even Aly, accidentally hits with a motor vehicle. Which perhaps is a testament to the writers and the actress for creating a villain who makes Sadie seem like her cruelest insult is calling someone a poopy head.

Topic 1: High School Reunion – Valerie and Lacey

As we know, Val and Lacey both have a serious issue of trying to relive their high school years to sort of re-write history. For this episode though, Val gets to go to her reunion with a Lacey makeover, and even impresses this cute guy she liked. Thing is, the name Val-gina, which came about because she was a rumored hermaphrodite, still haunts her. But, after dealing with the boy of her dreams, who fails to live up to expectations, she finds herself sort of glad how she turned out and happy how comfortable she is with herself. A potential Jenna in the making.

Topic 2: Old Bonds Never Break – Lissa & Jake/ Jenna and Tamara

With Jake always being someone I mock because I think he is useless, it seems the writers' latest attempt at making him relevant maybe putting him back with Lissa. Which I am definitely for. You see, Jake and Lissa help Sadie, alongside this person named Sergio, with catering Val's high school reunion. During this time Lissa reminds us that she is no longer that full on dimwit lackey she was when we first met her, but in fact she has grown a little bit. Jake has too, though arguably for the worse, but with them sharing a moment, which was rather cute, I so badly wanted them to rekindle their old relationship officially.

As for Jenna and Tamara, as we saw in the college visit episode, there is the likely potential of them splitting up. Something which is currently an unspoken issue as they realize going their separate ways is imminent. But, all these years of friendship aren't going to be thrown away, just tested. For as Jenna moves on from Matty, there is a moment when Tamara feels like she may be moved on from as well as Luke crashes the night T&J are sending off their college essays. Thankfully though, Jenna holds on tightly to her friendship with Tamara and they survive one of their first tests. Though hopefully this all isn't to prep us for Tamara possibly being written out the show, or reduced.

Topic 3: Ticking Time Bomb - Eva

I hate Eva. She continuously, out of jealousy mind you, is sabotaging Matty and Jenna's friendship. All the while rubbing it in Jenna's face she is with Matty, as if Jenna didn't set the two up 2 to 3 episodes ago. And while it was cute at first, her little snide remarks, at this point her actions against Jenna now are at the point where she would sabotage Matty just to win his trust. Sounds odd right? Well, as you may remember, when Jenna and Matty were on better terms she helped him with his college statement, and being that it is time to send them in, he asks Jenna to e-mail it to him. So, she does and then Eva deletes it to make Jenna look bad. And rather than Jenna show on her phone she sent it to just nip the situation in the bud, she tells Matty to just go in her room and send the essay from her computer. Which upsets Eva so not only does she try to sleep with Matty on Jenna's bed, which he denies her the pleasure of, but then this girl leaves her panties on Jenna's bed just to create the illusion something happened. I mean, did she know Jenna in elementary or middle school and is now trying to get back at her? For this is beyond ridiculous! In fact, I'm starting to think she moves around so much because she is like Lorna, from Orange is the New Black, or Anna from Mindscape.

Either way, the panty thing Jenna knows Matty isn't capable of, so she reads this little girl real quick about it. Sadly though, I doubt this is the end of Eva trying to compete with a player who already checked out the game. But, to me, what makes this really dumb is Sadie looks like a more credible threat since she is close to Matty, and yet Eva focuses on Jenna who has gotten a new boyfriend, barely interacts with Matty unless they happen to be in the same area, and pretty much has shown, on her own, she is wiping her hands clean of his business. So at this point I'm ready for this character to go for she is really adding nothing but shallow soap opera drama at this point. For while you must applaud the writers and actress for making such a hate able character, let's be real, the character itself is shallow as hell, though previews hint this maybe fixed.
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