The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her (2013) Poster

Viola Davis: Professor Lillian Friedman


  • Professor Lillian Friedman : I'm not sure why people have kids. You know, first there's the nine months of agony, your body hurts, it's hot, it's cold, you crave pickles, and there's no words to describe whatever the fuck labor is. And then this little stranger comes out, sucking every bit of life you have left in you, and as soon as you're ready to jump out of a window, all of a sudden, he smiles.

    Professor Lillian Friedman : [about her lunch]  Jesus Christ, this is good.

    Professor Lillian Friedman : And whatever you do, however you do it, however you imagine your child's life, or what kind of parent you'd be, he's in some shrink's office accusing you of some stupid thing that you said or did that for the life of you, you can't remember saying or doing.

  • Professor Lillian Friedman : You're just taking classes just to take classes, right?

    Eleanor Rigby : Something like that.

    Professor Lillian Friedman : Well, let me save you some time. All the perpetual students, the hedge-fund wives, and your generation of too many choices, they usually go to Tim Gunn's class and listen to him talk about Project Runway. Or you could take the art history class on the advent of color photography, just for good cocktail party conversation.

    Eleanor Rigby : My "generation of too many choices?"

    Professor Lillian Friedman : Democracy has its drawbacks... Here's a double espresso, three Splendas.

    Eleanor Rigby : Thank you. You're... teaching classes just to teach classes, right?

    Professor Lillian Friedman : Something like that.

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