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Pleasantly Surprised.
destinymckenna17 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers

The movie definitely surpassed my expectations. When the trailer was first released, I thought about going to see it but was not truly interested. When it was released to the public, I bought it and was surprised to like it as much as I did. Though it won't be up for any awards, it was enjoyable and fun to watch.

If you want to see it because you were a fan of the old television show, be prepared for disappointment. This movie was not made to appeal to the previous generations. It has elements of nostalgia, but if you go into it expecting what you watched as a kid, you will not like this movie.

KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE that this movie is PG-13, so if you have KIDS, you might want to look out for cussing, sexual innuendos, rebellious behavior, and scenes that IMPLY things of a sexual nature. It's a film about teenagers, so what more could be expected? Tapping into the teenage world, it was refreshing to see teenage drama play out in a way that is true to the real world.

And the characters are truly everything people have been asking for and a major step in the right direction for the film industry. You have black, white, Asian, Indian, and Latino characters all sharing lead roles with one being apart of the LGBTQ+ community and another with Autism. And both aren't shoved into the background at any point. There is even dialogue in the movie referencing their different colored Power Ranger suits and their different ethnicities: "Five kids, five colors, five different colored kids!"

Problems I had with the film include CGI not being the best at times and the characters taking quite a while to mesh together and become a team. You also don't get to see them in their armor until the ending of the movie, which I can understand they tried to build up for suspense but didn't work the way the crew wanted it to. The movie wasn't as action packed as you expect a superhero movie to be. While I liked the fact they incorporated the ranger colors into the costume design, it seemed to me like they tried to overcompensate for the bland armor of the TV show by creating something shiny and new, but that just fell flat in my opinion. They just looked awkward to me in the scenes where they finally had morphed.


Despite some points, this movie is overall a great watch. The ending does hold a cliffhanger with the role of the green ranger in the next film, but with how this film did in theaters, I would say do not watch after the credits unless you want to be taunted with the idea of a movie that may not be created. Holding out for a sequel.
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Not bad at all
donbarredorapc13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Before reading there may be small spoiler ...

I was a fan of the series for years, and I still find the best the first generation, for this movie I was very anxious, and now that I saw it, I can say that I do not exceed my expectations, the action scenes a bit slow, very Melosa the movie at times, and frankly hoped a bit more cliché, but in short you have to talk about the good thing now, the soundtrack pretty good, in fact the listen although for a few seconds that classic electric guitar of the 90 I get excited , Effects and designs of suits and zord very good except for the megazord, and it is necessary to emphasize something, that is the suspense, they play with the fan that knows by memory that will happen but they play with it when, despite everything a promising start I hope there is A sequel since there were things pending, here is a diamond in the rough, maybe with a better creative team can get a good saga, maybe it will not be at the level of matrix, godfather, Lord of the rings, but if you can Be better than the saga of Transformers and harry potter.

traslated from Spanish with google
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Power Rangers meets 2017
coltonjc13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has high production standards, by far the best production standards for anything Power Rangers or Super Sentai ever. Secondly, everyone on screen does a great job with their characters. The kids in the movie are fantastic actors who will have many big projects in the future.

There are scenes that are intended for teens rather than kids, but if you can get over that and just enjoy the movie, you will be pleased. They are looking for a 15-35 demographic here.

The main issue is that there is a lack of memorable scenes and the movie needed more action spots. Maybe even dug a little deeper into the mythology behind the Power Rangers. Explain why they exist and who the dangerous people in this world is.

I believe the studio and producers were thinking that this would be an origin story and there would be many movies. But it did not do that well at the box office. New ideas are needed, maybe even doing a little more over the top stuff from the TV series.

Something is missing here, which is why it got a 7 out of 10 for me. There's so many places that future movies can get to, but not sure if we will get sequels.
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Really Good
emersonbrowne13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this movie with zero expectations. I only watched Power Rangers a little bit when was younger and was never really into it, but, I got to say I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I loved it, I think everyone involved did a very good job. There was a good mix of comedy, action, drama and even some sentimental moments.

The actors all fit into their roles very well and some of them even surprised me. The cast had some well known actors/actresses such as Elizabeth Banks, Bill Vader and Bryan Cranston who all did very well in their roles. There was also a very good mix of new faces mixed in with Dacre Montgomery (who will be starring in season 2 of Stranger Things later this year.) Ludi Lin who was a very pleasant surprise. I have never heard of him before going to see this movie and now he is someone I am going to look out for in the future. Like probably most of you I have only heard some of Becky G's music but have never really given Her a second thought. When I heard she was going to be a main character in this movie I was a bit hesitant about it. I have never been happier to be proved wrong.She played the role of Trini perfectly and made her character someone that, I think, a lot of people can relate to. Naomi Scott as Kimberly was perfect casting. I loved her in Lemonade Mouth when I was younger so I was excited when I heard that she was cast in Power Rangers. She played the role of Kimberly very well and I definitely will be looking for her more in the future. Everyone did very well in their roles but to me, and I'm sure a lot of you, RJ Cyler stole the show. His portrayal of Billy was perfect. Billy was a very important character being the first superhero to be on the autism spectrum and RJ Cyler absolutely nailed it.

Something that I personally am not a fan of in movies is a lot of CGI but, I got to say this movie pulled it off. It wasn't cheesy and went with the movie very well. I also have to mention the soundtrack in the film. every song fit the moment perfectly and added that extra bit to the movie.

This movie was about all the characters becoming the Power Rangers and evolving. It takes a long time before they actually become the Power Rangers. The reason for doing this is to show how all of the characters develop throughout the movie which I think was a very dog move. Every character develops really well personally as well as a group. I really hope there is a sequel as the end set it up perfectly. At the end of this movie it shows the teacher at detention introduce a new character, Tommy. Introducing this character would be a good fit for the next movie (if there is one.) If they do decide to do another movie we will be able to see the rangers more experienced and, if they do decide to make Tommy a ranger, we can see how they adjust to the new addition.
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90s kids avoid!
lalegre-0513624 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This reboot is by far one of the worst I have seen. I grew up in the 90s and my love for power Rangers was dear. If you are an original fan please DO NOT watch. The film was sexualized and at times a little disturbing. This remake is for a whole new generation. If this is what we are producing for the next generation then this is unsettling. The audience In the movie seemed to enjoy this movie but as an original fan I had to walk out half way. The actors performed more on a chessy, no acting skills level. The villain was a tormented individual with no talent. Zordon was completely different, more of an aggressive angry frustrated personality. That alone made me walk out, original Zordon was patient, wise, and kind. I believe we got 15 minutes of fighting if that in this 2 hour movie. Everything that was once positive about the series, was completely missing in the movie. Sad to say, the new Power Rangers movie was a disaster.
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It is a Kids movie, origin story, so please calm down
amichnea27 June 2017
Anyone that was a child when the Power Rangers was on TV will be early 30's to late early 40's. Writing a review based on your memories stating that this movie destroyed the Power Rangers of old time is just sad.

I actually liked it and yes I am one of those kids. The movie is very simple. They are building up the characters, each being a misfit, they are teenagers so YES you will get a lot of the teenager drama that comes along with being a teenager. It is pretty much an Origin Superhero movie, slow at start but ending with a Bang when the heroes discover their full potential.

Why would anyone compare this to the Transformers? It is filmed the same way, the special effects are pretty much the same but this is because at the end of the day they have similarities (robots, transforming) and they can only show them one way. Bear in mind that Power Rangers type of series have been around since the 70s and 80s especially in Japan and China. So NO they did not copy Transformers and the first Power Ranger movie was actually done before any of the Transformers movies. Unfortunately any movie that shows big robots and morphings will be compared to the Transformers.

The movie does keep true to the original series and I have enjoyed it. I also liked seeing some of the original rangers in the crowd.

Does it deserve a 10? Probably not but neither does a 1 nor do other waste of time movies/series deserve a 10. Your kids will enjoy it and so will you.
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Mighty Morphin with SPOILERS at the end.
WhenAmyMetSalad21 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
TL;DR - Slow, boring, not entertaining, Fant4stic was better.

I followed this movie around the time it was first announced and even partook in the boards and seeing all the news and leaks about the movie. I was not too fond of certain things about this movie especially certain casting as I felt it wouldn't fit. I honestly really wanted to enjoy this movie but when the trailer hit I had a bad feeling and should have stuck to it.

My friend dragged me to go watch it with him and I hated almost every minute. After reading mixed reviews the ones that resonated with me are the ones that shared my same opinions.

The movie lacked good comedy, needed to improve on action. It dragged and dragged with these poorly acted characters and mundane character development for our protagonists. The only fun character was Rita. Elizabeth Banks did a great job making that character hers and making her feel more menacing than she was in the show. I've only ever liked her in one other franchise and that was The Hunger Games so to be honest I am surprised I liked Rita as much.

--- ***SPOILERS BELOW***---

The movie started off good with the ending of a battle scene which introduced our antagonist and the seriousness of a threat our heroes will encounter down the road. Rita literally kills the previous Ranger team and is the ever so loved Green Ranger which was teased and theorized throughout set photo leaks. This scene and the final Battle where Rita gets B-chSlapped to the moon was the only entertaining thing in this whole movie. Everything in between was utterly boring. You will seriously have a more fun time watching the Ghostbusters Remake or the Fant4stic reboot.
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A Mess that Could have been Nostalgic Fun,
lesleyharris3015 April 2017
Power Rangers is an atrocious movie with a poorly developed plot and an disinterested cast. I did not have high expectations for this film, but I was a fan of the television series as a child and thought it would be a fun tribute. Instead of that, it takes what made the Power Rangers a hit in the late nineties and forcefully updates it for today's standards, taking itself far too seriously for such a ridiculous property.

The majority of the cast are uninspired, clearly only there for a pay check. The Rangers, with the exception of RJ Cyler and Ludi Lin, seem to have no desire or ambition to act. The more A list cast do not shine either, Elizabeth Banks is far too sweet and attractive to thrill us as the lead antagonist, while Bryan Cranston just seemed out of place, which was a shame, as he could do so much better.

For an action film, it is not very exciting. It takes up far too much time setting up the Rangers, followed by about twenty minutes of poor action sequences that are jam packed with CGI and poor one liners.

I found myself regretting my decision to watch this movie more and more throughout. Dull and poorly paced, Power Rangers is too serious to be fun, but not serious enough to be intriguing, I would avoid this one.

A group of teenagers use new powers that they have been bestowed with to protect the galaxy.

Best Performance: RJ Cyler / Worst Performance: Elizabeth Banks
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This is not a good movie (SPOILERS)
asillett-5704529 March 2017
This movie is boring, poorly written, and stupid. It's not stupid in a fun way, either.

I went into this movie with expectations that I would have for a Transformers movie; I hoped for explosions, fun action scenes, and cool CGI. Guess what this movie had? NONE OF THAT. Because it was so boring, I was forced to sit through boring scenes of people talking about boring back stories.

This movie suffered from the same problems that Superman v Batman and Suicide Squad suffered from: they tried so hard to fit so much stuff in, that the pacing is terrible and nothing feels like it goes together. The whole movie is very forgettable except one scene... (Spoilers, kinda)

The opening scene, when the Red Ranger (who's character name I can't remember and can't be bothered to go back and look) gets into a car chase with the police after pulling a prank at the high school. The cinematography and camera-work is fantastic and really got my hopes very high for the rest of the movie. It's reminiscent of the tank scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It's a little difficult to pay attention to everything that's going on, but at least it looks cool and keeps you engaged, UNLIKE THE REST OF THE MOVIE.

Overall, I would say that no matter what reviews people read, they're going to see it no matter what. Also, (spoilers again) when they finally morph into the animal robots (I never watched the show much, so maybe I just don't get it) they play the original theme song from the show for no reason other than to force nostalgia.

At least the original show, from what I did see, was campy and fun. This movie can't decide if it wants to be serious or funny (just like Suicide Squad). Come to think of it, this movie has a lot of similarities to Suicide Squad, except with Suicide Squad, it had more than THREE ACTION SCENES IN THE WHOLE MOVIE.

This is a bad movie. Go see it.
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Great movie
mizavila9 July 2017
Apparently none of you remember the original series or the reboot shows following being just as "cheesy" as some of you say. I'm a 80s baby that grew up watching this show and now have babies of my own who watch the "Original" power rangers as well as the reboot shows. All of these shows have that cheesy feel to it but it's what made us all love it and still do.

You all are just hating so bad on this movie because these kids don't fit your expectations of what a power ranger should be from the beginning. The directors are trying to tell a different story, yes in the beginning these kids did some bad things & made bad choices. But they start to realize what it is become a true power ranger. Who go from selfish teenage misfits to teenage kids who care about the world and saving their home and the planet.

And the sexuality you all are crying about don't remember the original movie where Kimberly practically threw herself at Jason every chance she got & then there was Dulcea who was an almost half naked woman. Yet I see no one pointy that out. Oh that's right its because this is 2017 & a little sexual jokes is like someone just walked around fully naked down the road.

So those that "followed" the show from the beginning as well as the remakes, should be maybe re watch those movies and shows & realize that this movie is not as bad as you all make it seem.
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Power rangers flounders badly with this mess.
afijamesy2k23 March 2017
You know when I was 12 years old, I saw power rangers, I thought the first 2 seasons (1993-95) represent splendid action, suspense and real characters, but once season 3 came it all went downhill and this movie is another example at how jumped the shark the power rangers franchise has become, the performances are awful, the story is completely and absolutely confusing, the screenplay is a mess and the editing is a trainwreck, now I love bryan Cranston he's always been a wonderful actor, but he is truly wasted in this one as zordon, a man who help 5 teens with their magical powers and their customs to save angel grove from monsters and the evil rita repulsa (played terribly by Elizabeth banks) and other nonsense, this is just a pathetic and useless attempt to revive the power rangers franchise, it is just awful, this is one of the year's worst films, no offense to my friend who is a power rangers fan, but this movie stinks.
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Very fun and entertaining.
mammadova-5264717 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is a good movie with great special effects. Very good acting and well written. The movie starts off good with character development and ends great with fight seen. Was one of my favorite shows as a kid and was very happy with this movie. It is a must see for previous fans and new ones.
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Horrible messages sent to children throughout the film
lcocsj3 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
just got back from seeing POWER RANGERS MOVIE with kids. I guess I should have been suspicious that the theater was virtually empty on the first day of Spring Back as to how bad this film is. people are steering clear of this trash. it's not that the film was awful due to production standards... the movie was bad due to the negative messages it sent. this is a kids' movie mind you... where to even start? 1) within the first 7 minutes, it is discussed that one boy milked a "cow", not realizing it was a "single-udder bull" - explain that to your kids. 2) one of the "hero" characters steals two vehicles in the film, leads police on high-speed chases, and destroys both vehicles (NOT while he is trying to save lives... he is literally running from the law because he committed crimes). 3) the same character (a hero) mentioned in #2 is sentenced to an electronic tether house- arrest. he tricks an autistic boy to hotwire the electronic tether so he can go wherever he wants. 4) in stealing one of the vehicles, the 5 main kid characters attempt to beat a speeding train - NEVER NEVER EVER SHOW THIS IN A KIDS' MOVIE!!! NEVER!!! and of course, they fail - all dying - then miraculously are alive the next day. 5) all five main kid "hero" characters (16 / 17 years old) enjoy beers while having a campfire - AFTER they have been informed that they will be the ones to save the planet because of their "pure" hearts. 6) the film LITERALLY tells us "Being different is good, being 'normal' is bad"... they don't say "it's okay to be different", they say the first line I typed. literally. this is the dialog. well, since EVERYONE is different, and we all know that... then what is "normal"? is normal obeying laws? is normal listening to your parents? according to the film, being "normal" (which they tell us is bad) is having a job, obeying the law, worrying about your own safety, and not caring about anybody else. 7) EVERY swear word imaginable is used in this film except the F-bomb. 8) finally - TWO other messages are LITERALLY spoken in the film. #1 is - "Forget about all the bad things you have done in your life and just move on". um... wait... don't you have to make amends for those bad things? just move on? like cutting off your tether? taking advantage of a gifted autistic person? stealing vehicles? #2 is - "You five kids have the purest hearts on Earth, that is why the power has chosen you"... again... wait... so, the kids that have the WORST track record of kids on the ENTIRE PLANET have the "purest hearts"? so... the rest of the population is all bad or "normal" as they tell us? parents: DO NOT waste your time or money taking your kids to see this monstrous garbage film. you'll have too much explaining to do when it's done. they've taken a children's show and have perverted it to send all the worst messages.
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Unbearably hard to stay awake during the entirety of the actual movie
m_kelava17 April 2017
The whole experience started kind of good. The first 20 minutes were mostly alright, but in my mind what the movie failed to capture as a whole was that the fact it is not the 90s anymore and even tho CGI was decent I failed to find that nostalgia feel that I was in search of when I heard the new Power Rangers movies was coming out. You do not feel anything for the characters and by the end I had felt that it was only starting to get good. It mostly feels like an elderly man tried to make something teenagers would find interesting, but the problem is, that elderly man is stuck in the last century and most of us had moved on. They forgot that kids of today couldn't care less about Power Rangers and that only people like me who used to watch the shows as a kid would be interested tho laziness added to it not being interesting and in my opinion pretty dumb. Characters are stereotypical high school kids you cannot relate too because I guess the writers couldn't bother or were afraid of any backlash had they done anything mildly interesting with them, as we see in all sorts of media today. There are certain points where you can feel what it could have been but those moments drop off pretty quickly and you find yourself either mocking scenes or plainly not caring for the characters or anything really as I did. Overall I cannot give it one star because I had paid to see it, which in my opinion is already too much for something like this, but I think had the characters been interesting as individuals and if the story hadn't felt rushed by the end it might have even been a good movie worthy of my time and nostalgia.
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Krispy Kreme Advert - Cringe Alert
minimeyn23 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Deadset Joke of a FIlm -Discount Zac Efron -Token Asian / Black Guy - -Beastiality joke in the first scene ? Family Movie you say ?

-The Screenplay is awful, the cringe is so bad -Camera Angles that don'tmake sense rushed and always shaky

-Terrible CGI for 2017 -At least put some Nostalgia in to save the move, but no, it puts in the theme for 3 seconds while they run across a field in their zords - Blue Ranger dies from drowning when earlier in the movie he held his breath for 4 times as long in the underwater cave - Krispy Kreme is literally part of the plot, the scene where discount enchantress eats the donuts, hurt me inside -Discount High School Story, with cringey twilight level soundtrack and a girls backstory based on sending nudes ? Family Friendly ?

-How Red Ranger spots his dad and then saves him while all the other civilians out there are getting roasted by molten gold, btw how are their no casualties at the end and they all just pop up CGI style and whip out there phones -Again antagonist was Enchantress 2.0 -Movie contained 5, 10+ minute montages and was basically in whole movie was basically in fastfoward except for camping scene which just the biggest plot device ever.

If Hollywood pumps out a sequel to this movie, I will burn down Krispy Kreme, Duck this movie.
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This one's just for the trashers
ashwinss27 June 2017
I had formerly written a review for Power Rangers which was really shallow.But now,due to the IMDb rating dropping uncharacteristically,I'm writing a new review to essentially negate the trashers and the naysayers.This movie is awesome,and I stand by my words,that's not saying the movie is not without its problems which I will address further on,but none of them drag down the awesomeness factor of Power Rangers.On with the review

I love Power Rangers,I've stuck on with the franchise even in its worst years like any other fan,sometimes I wondered whether I should even be liking Power Rangers because as much as knew how much this franchise means to me,I will not hide the fact that the shows are unbelievably cheesy even by kids show standards,the production values are laughable(At least until Time Force),the acting is terrible,and the producers of the TV show just don't seem to care(ahem Super Megaforce ahem!),AAND I'm 18,I should watch prime time dramas instead of this nonsense right!Anyways,When I saw the teaser,my balls were blown off!This is your take on a franchise about 5 teenagers in spandex kicking rubber suited monsters in archived Japanese Footage!Shut up and take my money!When I saw the trailer and arrived at the Zords part,I'll be honest with you,I was thrown off immediately.But I wanted to give this a chance,I did,and I kid you not when I say that Power Rangers blows every Robot movie or Kaiju movie I have ever seen out of the water(Transformers franchise and Pacific Rim).The characters in this movie,the Power Rangers,Zordon,Alpha 5,Rita Repulsa everybody turns in great performances.The Power Rangers themselves are relatable unlike the saccharine heavy do gooders from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!Mind you,the action setpieces are in the third part of the movie(The Rangers,the Zords,The Megazord),but they are awesome,worth the wait,make sense unlike the Transformers movies where I don't understand what the f**k is happening,and feel earned as these teenagers Jason,Billy,Kimberly,Trini and Zack 'connect with each other',face adversities together and finally are willing to die for each other!The Character development in this movie is something even Marvel Movies haven't managed to nail,and if you hate the movie because it didn't have nonsensical action,well screw you!

Jason/The Red Ranger- The Leader of the team and a Star football player(Centre Quarterback),Jason has some serious daddy issues but is by no means a bad guy.After a failed prank involving a cow,Jason is sent into detention with 'Weirdos and Criminals'.Jason is angsty,brash,rushes things and reckless but each in ways that make him feel relatable,but as the film progresses,we see Jason grow beyond his angry self and become a more level- headed,caring leader

Kimberly/The Pink Ranger- The 'Mean Girl' of the team,Kimberly is someone whose bad books you DO NOT want to be in!She knocks a guy's tooth out when he calls her the 'Meanest Girl' he had ever met!The realization of her actions ultimately makes her a better person and she bonds with the team!

Zack/The Black Ranger- The Crazy guy of the team,Zack is unfortunately the least developed character in the team.His story involves his sick mother whom he is scared of finding her dead one day.

Billy/The Blue Ranger- The most beautifully written character in movie history which if not well handled could have ended up becoming a joke!Billy is on the spectrum.He will make you laugh,cry and just feel happy!

Trini/The Yellow Ranger- Aah,the first LGBT superhero in movie history,which created sort of a controversy,this is another well written character in the movie.Trini is very personable and you will sympethize with her!

Well,that ends the Power Rangers character descriptions.There are Zordon,Rita,and Alpha-5 but I have to prevent this from being a long ass review which it already is!And besides,they are really good characters!

Power Rangers went up against a juggernaut of a movie,Beauty and the Beast and it saddens me that a cashgrab with absolutely no heart earned a billion dollars while Power Rangers reeled under its shadows.

Bottomline-This movie rocks,period!
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palompei28 March 2017
Terrible script & story. Knew it from the trailers, but still had the balls to watch it... Came with minimal expectations but was STILL DISAPPOINTED. This is soo cringy in an awful way. It is not that cringy and corny type that'll make you laugh because of how awful it is. It is just plain sad, awful, and painful to watch. THIS IS THE ONLY SECOND TIME WE WALKED OUT OF THE CINEMA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE. (FYI, FIRST TIME WAS INSURGENT 2015)
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An awful reboot of an already awful television show!
PowerRangersAreSTOOPID22 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Before I review the film, lets go back to the beginning of the awful television show.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started airing on Fox Kids.

Its true genesis was as an Americanized version of a long running Japanese kids show called Super Sentai which premiered back in 1975.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with its bad 1990s haircuts, fashion, and earrings) merged original Japanese footage from two Super Sentai shows called Zyuranger and Dairanger with absolutely horrid American footage that was a bad Saved By The Bell knock off which eventually joined Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the latest craze on Fox Kids.

The third season, which ripped off Kakuranger, had the power rangers turned into children and replaced by "ninja" aliens. (Are you kidding me?!)

Fast forward to 2017. Power Rangers has lost most of its former popularity, so greedy plagiarist Haim Saban decides to reboot "his" power rangers (which was never "his" in the first place, it belonged to Toei who originally created Super Sentai/power rangers) the same way Ninja Turtles was "rebooted" for the big screen a couple of years ago.

This time, the new cast is completely dysfunctional and the first 90 minutes are a real DRAG ripping off other teen angst movies so much that many kids will undoubtedly find it BORING. (Which they did in my screening!) Its far more Chronicle/Fant4stic than power rangers.

Elizabeth Banks is the only one doing decent work as the new Rita Repulsa, a former Power Ranger looking to revive her giant monster Goldar.

Even Bryan Cranston is miscast and looks lost here as Zordon!

The ending does finally bring the audience its goofy power rangers (in the last ten minutes!) with even more ridiculous plastic costumes than the cheesy Zyuranger spandex on the old show and bargain basement, combining video game CGI visual effects for the end battle which really DOES looks like another Playstation 2 game.

The word CHEESE cannot describe how eye rolling and preposterous the ending is. (A megazord slap into outer space PUL-EEZZE)!

Not to mention the endless Krispy Kreme references/placements are downright embarrassing.

Do the world a favor watch a far superior comic book movie like Logan instead and save your money!

Power rangers was a HUGE disappointment, its poor box office worldwide proves it. (A sequel is VERY unlikely now!)

A one on a scale of 1-10.

Power Rangers is another box office BOMB for Lionsgate, which was on a roll after the great John Wick sequel.
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Dull, bland and generic. Too boring for kids and too childish for teenagers. Avoid at all costs.
The_Baba9 April 2017
Based on the exciting big robot/superhero series for kids, this reboot has nothing in common with the colorful TV show besides its name. Washed out are all of the things that made kids gravitate towards Power Rangers leaving behind a hollow product that bares its name. In place of all of the things that gave Power Rangers its distinction, costume designs, set pieces, music and intense action is now generic fluff and bland characters. No kid who sees this for the first time is gonna fall in love with it like they did the original show.

They blew it. They had the opportunity to make something that could stand on its own against big robot movies like The Transformers or superhero ensembles like The Avengers but now won't even be noticed alongside these movies. And while to this day people will remember Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, they have already forgotten about this movie when leaving the theater.

Do yourselves a favour, instead of watching this, Youtube ''Megazord Dragonzord team up'' and see something really cool.

P.S. Boycott Krispy Kreme donuts.
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Overall Bad Movie
bestrochen9 April 2017
I can see where they tried to make it similar, but different. However, I have not seen a movie this bad since the 3rd Spiderman Movie and Avatar The Last Air Bender live action that no one speaks of. Now I can't say its the worst cause I have seen worse, but its not worth the time to even watch it let alone pay to see in any theater.

If you want something that is power rangers and okay, watch the original. The only things honestly good about the movie were their progressive inclusion of a LGBT and a young man on the Autistic spectrum. Thing is having these things does not make a movie good and though they are trying to keep their characters and ideas up today with changing culture. The movie concept was outdated to say the least and has been way overdone not just by every single series of the power rangers, but also every hero/action movie made since the 1990s.

Stay at home, don't waist your money. Go watch Beauty and the Beast if anything.
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Really entertaining movie!
tormentalol22 March 2017
Loved it! Great fun for family and kids. Contains quite a few references to the TV shows and comics. Really well executed for what it wants to be. RJ Cyler (Billy, the Blue Ranger) gives a great performance that steals the show for me. However its a movie that most of critics wont enjoy, because its not made for their demographic, unlike many others in the same category. Its a movie made for fans of the show and also to a younger audience, with details that maybe wont reach the older audience or non-fans.

Overall, it is really worth checking it out for what it is!
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A completely new and AWESOME Power Rangers beginning!
niggor9226 March 2017
I saw lots of reviews for this movie, I guess most of those people are real Power Rangers fans. And i still can't realize: WHAT THE **** DID YOU EXPECT?!

This is a REBOOT. A completely new story, just like director said. This is the first movie in a new superhero franchise, and it needs to have a focus on the story and its characters, not on battles and morphing sequences. It's made for everybody except kids, because it's dark and much more serious than the TV show which was made mostly for kids. We have five teenagers and each of them has his own issues he needs to solve himself in order to become a hero (Power Ranger) and save the world. Every next situation in the movie makes our heroes closer to each other and stronger as a team.

I personally enjoyed watching this movie because it is dark, amazing, emotional, funny(of course not that much like the TV show), and has AWESOME introduction to the whole story and its main characters. I can only imagine what's planned for the sequel. CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!! #GO #GO #POWER #RANGERS
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An absolute cheese fest of outdated madness
Nintendo60024 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Power Rangers was an easy 2 hours of my life and $22.95 ill never get back. Origin stories tend to be good, and also sometimes not so good. This one falls into the latter, with a solid 75% of the film setting up the final 20 minutes of the film and leaving the main villain who is very two-dimensional (not to mention Elizabeth Banks' terrible, terrible fake accent, sorry). With bad narrative, an unfinished and poorly written script/dialogue, there really isn't to go off.

Some characters and series' are very outdated, (Superman, Green Lantern, majority of DC and their cartoon costumes that were bad enough in the 40's) unfortunately, Power Rangers is just one that belongs and needs to stay buried in the 90's. Seeing those costumes and hearing "its morphin' time" in the mid to late 2010's just sounds awfully outdated. PW has had its time, hopefully Lionsgate will be more smarter not to continue this franchise and ruin the memory many of us millennials had of the suited heroes.
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Not a good film, not at all.
MikeC1911 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was never a huge fan of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", but I went in, open to trying this film. I was sorely, sorely disappointed. I left this movie thinking, "This was a *bad* movie!" Now, there are movies out there, that are absolute garbage, the acting is bad, almost everything is bad. I admit, this is not the worst movie I've ever seen, however, there's a lot wrong with it!

The Bad: There's crude humor, lame and dated jokes we've heard in hundreds of other movies, some bad language and dozens of tired movie clichés. We've seen it all before is what I'm saying. There's is very little to be enjoyed in this movie. It's an origin story, that kind of lags a bit, and then the action is cranked up near the end, but it's not really that exciting. We've all seen the "misfits who learn to work together" story line, and that's all this is. I'm surprised that the creator of the original "Power Rangers" OK'd this version. It's pretty terrible for the most part.

The Good: Bill Hader's character was amusing, Bryan Cranston brings some levity to this, and Elizabeth Banks does a great job of making you hate her character, which proves her acting is good. The main cast is a bit annoying, but they're OK at playing their stereotypes. Also, the score by Bryan Tyler was very good.

So: This is a not a movie I would recommend. It may appeal to some teenagers, and it's not the worst thing they could be watching. Overall, it's just a bad film. Case closed.
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Not as good as it should have been.
Leptirko14 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
You can easily skip first 1:30h of the movie because of typical teenage movie drama. Morphing comes really late in the movie, almost till the end of it. Bryan Cranston did a great job as always. Morphing was fresh looking - animation wise and that's all good I could find. For a 100 million budget movie, it should have looked way better. Actors are still green at best. I must say that old school Power rangers are still better than these ones.
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