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Dacre Montgomery: Jason (Red Ranger)



  • Jason Lee Scott : [after throwing a yellow Camaro]  Sorry, Bumblebee!

  • [the Megazord knocks Rita Repulsa in to orbit] 

    Billy Cranston : Jason, did you just slap her?

    Jason Lee Scott : I did. Weird, right?

  • Billy Cranston : Wait, wait, wait! Can I ask a question? Are we really superheroes? Like are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man? 'Cause I feel like I been bit by a spider, but I feel really good, you know, not as...

    Zack Taylor : All right, look, bro, trust me, you're not a superhero.

    Trini : Why are you talking to us like you're the boss now?

    Kimberly Hart : Hey, hold up. Can any of this Rita stuff be real? Can any of this be true.

    Jason Lee Scott : I don't know. But I know that the answer to what's wrong with us and to what's happening to us is here.

    Trini : So what are you saying?

    Jason Lee Scott : I think we gotta come back.

  • Kimberly Hart : My house is on the other side of this mountain. I hike these trails sometimes to clear my head. And I stare down at Angel Grove and wonder how such a small crap town could cause me such misery.

    Jason Lee Scott : [laughs] 

    Kimberly Hart : That funny to you?

    Jason Lee Scott : No, I just... I feel the same way.

    Kimberly Hart : Yeah. Jason Scott, star quarterback, crashes and burns. Destroys his career and destroys our season. Go Tigers.

    Jason Lee Scott : Yeah, now I walk around town and everyone's looking at me like I ran over their dog.

  • Alpha 5 : Why didn't you step through? That was your only chance.

    Zordon : I know... but only one can come back.

    [Billy wakes up] 

    Zordon : There can only be ONE Red Ranger, Jason. This is your time... This is your team.

    Jason Lee Scott : Thank you.

  • Jason Lee Scott : I'm gonna jump across with her and then you jump. Piece of cake.

    Kimberly Hart : Let's go.

    [Jason and Kimberly jump over the gorge] 

    Billy Cranston : No, no, no. Don't jump. Jason! That's not a piece of cake!

  • Zordon : She is pure evil.

    Trini : How are we supposed to stop her?

    Jason Lee Scott : It's morphin' time.

  • Jason Lee Scott : A bull has only one udder, and it's NOT an udder!

  • Billy Cranston : I'm strong.

    Jason Lee Scott : How strong?

    Billy Cranston : Super-strong!

  • Sam Scott : You know, I don't think we're ever going to understand each other. Just when I think you've done the dumbest thing you could possibly do, you find something even dumber and you do it.

    Jason Lee Scott : Thank you.

    Sam Scott : I promise you, this isn't the moment to be a a wise ass. And I know you think it's noble that you didn't rat out your friends.

    Jason Lee Scott : I acted alone. Beefcake and I had a connection.

    Sam Scott : Yeah, that's funny. You know what's not funny? This was supposed to be your season. I had scouts coming to every game. You could have written your own ticket. Now it's all gone. Now you gotta come here every Saturday for the rest of the year just so you can graduate! With all these other weirdos and criminals.

    Jason Lee Scott : Yeah. Like you said, we'll never understand each other.

  • [Jason returns the Power Sword] 

    Zordon : You should keep that. You've earned it.

    Jason Lee Scott : I'll come back for it.

    Alpha 5 : See ya later, buddy!

  • Rita Repulsa : Look at me. You think you've won? I came for the crystal. Others will come! What you have, it can't last! You know I'm right!

    Jason Lee Scott : I don't know. But for now, I need you to give your staff and your coin to us. And we'll take you to Zordon and let him be the judge.

    Rita Repulsa : Zordon, judge me? Never! No matter what Zordon says, I KNOW I AM WORTHY!

  • Zordon : Jason's team is failing. I shall destroy Rita myself. There must be a way to free me from this wall.

    Alpha 5 : Yeah, but the irony is that these Rangers need to morph. If they morph, you can harness that energy to regenerate your body and come back through.

    Zordon : [groans]  There's got to be another way! I can't...

    Jason Lee Scott : [re-entering the chamber]  What, Zordon? You can't what? Wait for us dumb kids to morph so that you can come back to life? That's what all this has been about, right? You coming back?

    Zordon : This had only ever been about protecting the crystal. Rita could be building Goldar as we speak.

    Jason Lee Scott : Don't underestimate me or my team.

    Zordon : You can't stop him. She will have him dig up the crystal and life on Earth will die.

    Jason Lee Scott : And we need you. Because you were so successful at stopping her last time.

    Zordon : I died burying those coins in hopes that they would find the next *real* Rangers. Those who are worthy.

    Jason Lee Scott : Well, sorry to disappoint you. I don't need to stand here and have you tell me what I did wrong. I can go home and get that.

    Zordon : Jason, you need me out of this wall. To help lead this team!

    Jason Lee Scott : Your team's dead. And you're just as scared as we are.

  • Bully : Did you just slap me?

    Jason Lee Scott : I did. Weird, right? Now, I'm gonna be here every day for what seems like the rest of my life, and I'm sure you are, too. So let's make a deal. Don't sit near me, or him, and we'll be okay.

  • Alpha 5 : [on seeing Billy's dead body]  Master Billy...

    Jason Lee Scott : Do something, ok? There must be something you can do for him.

    Zordon : I told you that you were not ready...

    Jason Lee Scott : Zordon please help us, okay? Please!

    Zordon : There is nothing that I could do for him. We were both reckless with our teams.

  • Jason Lee Scott : Okay, listen. Start over. Erase that picture right now!

    Kimberly Hart : Jason, it can't be erased.

    Jason Lee Scott : Then live with it! You did an awful thing, that does not make you a awful person. Just be the person you wanna be.

  • Zordon : [in his native language]  Where are the coins? Where are the rangers?

    Alpha 5 : Come forward, please!

    Kimberly Hart : [quietly]  Do we have a choice?

    Jason Lee Scott : Don't think so.

    Alpha 5 : [in Zordon's language]  They speak a primitive dialect called English. You'll find it in the ship's matrix.

  • Jason Lee Scott : We will kill you.

    Alpha 5 : Kill me? How?

    Kimberly Hart : There's five of us.

    Alpha 5 : Yes, I know! I've been waiting for you. Wait, where's the other guy? 1, 2, 3, 4... Oh, there he is!

    [grabbing Zack with a tentacle-like arm] 

    Alpha 5 : All of you.

    Billy Cranston : In a spaceship buried underground? How long have you been waiting?

    Alpha 5 : What's today? Monday?

    Billy Cranston : Yeah.

    Alpha 5 : Then, 65 million years. I've been very lonely.

  • Billy Cranston : Hey, question. Um, what are you?

    Alpha 5 : I'm Alpha-5, an alphormic lorcaid persona android.

    Jason Lee Scott : What?

    Billy Cranston : He said he's a Alpha-5...

    Jason Lee Scott : Yeah, I know.

    Alpha 5 : I'm a talking robot. You can trust me.

  • Alpha 5 : If Rita manages to create Goldar... Are you listening to me? And he rips the crystal from the ground, it'll be like 10,000 nuclear bombs washing over Earth.

    Zack Taylor : Supposed to freak us out?

    Jason Lee Scott : You keep making this harder. We're busting our asses. Feel free to throw us a bone at some point.

    Alpha 5 : Yes, I see you busting your asses. So I've decided to give you some inspiration. What you will find beyond this wall will forever change your lives. Come on.

    [reveals the Zords] 

    Alpha 5 : The Zords! Pretty cool, right? They take on the form of the most powerful organism on the planet. When these Zords formed, dinosaurs reigned supreme. They will be an extendsion of you. And their power is all but limitless. But you're not ready for this power. When you morph, your armor will make you one with the Zords. So come on, let's go train. Today's the day you become Rangers! I can feel it!

  • Trini : Jason, we're not even Power Rangers yet.

    Billy Cranston : I say we go back to Zordon.

    Jason Lee Scott : Okay, the only reason Zordon wanted us to become Power Rangers is so that he can come back to life.

    Billy Cranston : What makes you say that?

    Jason Lee Scott : Because he told me.

    Billy Cranston : Wait, so this is all a lie?

    Jason Lee Scott : Of course it was a lie, Billy. We failed. Let's stop being delusional about being a team of superheroes. We're all screw-ups. And as much as I hate this scrubby, bullshit town, I don't wanna just sit around and watch it die, okay? Let's go and do the one thing that's been asked of us and kill Rita.

    Kimberly Hart : You know this is really a bad idea, right?

    Jason Lee Scott : The worst.

  • Kimberly Hart : It's strange to hear you say my name.

    Jason Lee Scott : What? What did you say?

    Kimberly Hart : I said, it's strange to hear you say my name. Like we know each other.

    Jason Lee Scott : We... We do know each other.

    Kimberly Hart : Oh, we know who each other are, but we don't really know each other.

    Jason Lee Scott : I know you used to date Ty Fleming.

    Kimberly Hart : Oh. Then you know I punched his tooth out.

    Jason Lee Scott : I know they put it back.

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