Power Rangers (2017) Poster


Ludi Lin: Zack (Black Ranger)



  • [All the Rangers glow with their Ranger colors] 

    Zack Taylor : [sees his color]  I'm black!

    Billy Cranston : [offended]  What?

    Zack Taylor : I am.

    Billy Cranston : No, you're not.

  • Zack Taylor : Cool. Look, relax, guys. It's a hologram. Like a video game.

    [the hologram figure punches him] 

    Billy Cranston : Whoa. That's a strong-ass hologram.

  • Billy Cranston : Wait, wait, wait! Can I ask a question? Are we really superheroes? Like are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man? 'Cause I feel like I been bit by a spider, but I feel really good, you know, not as...

    Zack Taylor : All right, look, bro, trust me, you're not a superhero.

    Trini : Why are you talking to us like you're the boss now?

    Kimberly Hart : Hey, hold up. Can any of this Rita stuff be real? Can any of this be true.

    Jason Lee Scott : I don't know. But I know that the answer to what's wrong with us and to what's happening to us is here.

    Trini : So what are you saying?

    Jason Lee Scott : I think we gotta come back.

  • Zack Taylor : [sees Goldar]  That's a lot of gold.

  • Zordon : These are them? They are so small.

    Alpha 5 : Funny, I said the same thing.

    Zordon : You mean to tell me that the fate of the universe, is placed in the hands of these children?

    Zack Taylor : The universe? That's a big place.

    Alpha 5 : They're teenagers, somewhere between infancy and full maturity. It's hard to explain, really.

  • [after sneaking into a closed site, the five hear sirens] 

    Kimberly Hart : Guys, guys, do you hear that?

    Zack Taylor : Mine security. Peace.

    Trini : Somebody should have pointed that out. Wait, I did.

  • Zack Taylor : [riding the Mastodon Zord]  This was a bad idea.

  • Billy Cranston : Did I die?

    Kimberly Hart : No!

    Trini : Yes!

    [the girls glare at each other] 

    Zack Taylor : A little.

    Billy Cranston : I saw my dad...

  • Zack Taylor : [after Billy falls down a cliff]  Hey, did we just kill that kid?

  • Zordon : Have you ever morphed before?

    Zack Taylor : Yes, but only in the shower.

  • Billy Cranston : We gotta go to Krispy Kreme, Jason.

    Zack Taylor : What?

    Billy Cranston : Not for donuts.

  • Alpha 5 : If Rita manages to create Goldar... Are you listening to me? And he rips the crystal from the ground, it'll be like 10,000 nuclear bombs washing over Earth.

    Zack Taylor : Supposed to freak us out?

    Jason Lee Scott : You keep making this harder. We're busting our asses. Feel free to throw us a bone at some point.

    Alpha 5 : Yes, I see you busting your asses. So I've decided to give you some inspiration. What you will find beyond this wall will forever change your lives. Come on.

    [reveals the Zords] 

    Alpha 5 : The Zords! Pretty cool, right? They take on the form of the most powerful organism on the planet. When these Zords formed, dinosaurs reigned supreme. They will be an extendsion of you. And their power is all but limitless. But you're not ready for this power. When you morph, your armor will make you one with the Zords. So come on, let's go train. Today's the day you become Rangers! I can feel it!

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