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Becky G: Trini (Yellow Ranger)



  • Trini's Dad : Okay, Trini, let's start over. Please tell us one thing you did today.

    Trini : Me and four kids from Angel Grove found a spaceship buried underground.

    Trini's Mom : What?

    Trini : I'm pretty sure I'm a superhero.

    Twin #1 , Twin #2 : Cool.

    Trini's Mom : Not cool.

    [puts a medical specimen container on the table] 

    Trini's Mom : Pee in that cup!

  • Billy Cranston : Wait, wait, wait! Can I ask a question? Are we really superheroes? Like are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man? 'Cause I feel like I been bit by a spider, but I feel really good, you know, not as...

    Zack Taylor : All right, look, bro, trust me, you're not a superhero.

    Trini : Why are you talking to us like you're the boss now?

    Kimberly Hart : Hey, hold up. Can any of this Rita stuff be real? Can any of this be true.

    Jason Lee Scott : I don't know. But I know that the answer to what's wrong with us and to what's happening to us is here.

    Trini : So what are you saying?

    Jason Lee Scott : I think we gotta come back.

  • Zordon : She is pure evil.

    Trini : How are we supposed to stop her?

    Jason Lee Scott : It's morphin' time.

  • Trini : When this is all over... are we Power Rangers, or are we friends?

  • [after sneaking into a closed site, the five hear sirens] 

    Kimberly Hart : Guys, guys, do you hear that?

    Zack Taylor : Mine security. Peace.

    Trini : Somebody should have pointed that out. Wait, I did.

  • Rita Repulsa : You've guts full, little Yellow. I see myself in you. I was an outsider on Zordan's team, just like you. All I need to know is... Where is the Zeo Crystal?

    Trini : I don't know.

    Rita Repulsa : Sadly, I believe you.

  • Billy Cranston : Did I die?

    Kimberly Hart : No!

    Trini : Yes!

    [the girls glare at each other] 

    Zack Taylor : A little.

    Billy Cranston : I saw my dad...

  • Trini : Jason, we're not even Power Rangers yet.

    Billy Cranston : I say we go back to Zordon.

    Jason Lee Scott : Okay, the only reason Zordon wanted us to become Power Rangers is so that he can come back to life.

    Billy Cranston : What makes you say that?

    Jason Lee Scott : Because he told me.

    Billy Cranston : Wait, so this is all a lie?

    Jason Lee Scott : Of course it was a lie, Billy. We failed. Let's stop being delusional about being a team of superheroes. We're all screw-ups. And as much as I hate this scrubby, bullshit town, I don't wanna just sit around and watch it die, okay? Let's go and do the one thing that's been asked of us and kill Rita.

    Kimberly Hart : You know this is really a bad idea, right?

    Jason Lee Scott : The worst.

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