Power Rangers (2017) Poster


Elizabeth Banks: Rita Repulsa



  • Rita Repulsa : [whispers to Trini]  Mmm. The Yellow Ranger. Should I kill you? I killed the Yellow Ranger before. And I loved it!

  • Rita Repulsa : Five little Rangers. How cute.

  • Rita Repulsa : Make my monster grow!

  • Rita Repulsa : [to Trini]  Oh, you want your armor. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.


  • Rita Repulsa : Look at me. You think you've won? I came for the crystal. Others will come! What you have, it can't last! You know I'm right!

    Jason Lee Scott : I don't know. But for now, I need you to give your staff and your coin to us. And we'll take you to Zordon and let him be the judge.

    Rita Repulsa : Zordon, judge me? Never! No matter what Zordon says, I KNOW I AM WORTHY!

  • Rita Repulsa : [sees the Megazord]  HOW?

  • Rita Repulsa : You've guts full, little Yellow. I see myself in you. I was an outsider on Zordan's team, just like you. All I need to know is... Where is the Zeo Crystal?

    Trini : I don't know.

    Rita Repulsa : Sadly, I believe you.

  • Rita Repulsa : Zordon will lose all respect for me if I don't kill you... at least one of you!

    [drowns Billy] 

    Rita Repulsa : You are not ready to kill me. You are not worthy!

  • Rita Repulsa : [Goldar destroys a building]  Krispy Kreme! Not there.

  • Rita Repulsa : With the Zeo Crystal we could have ruled the universe!

    Zordon : That was never going to happen.

    Rita Repulsa : Then you will die here, Zordon.

    Zordon : We will die together, Rita.

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