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Chloe Jasmine's been in the Celebrity Big Brother house before - watch the video

Celebrity Big Brother fans could be forgiven for feeling a bit of déjà vu when Chloe Jasmine strolled into the house - and not just because she was in The X Factor.

In fact, she's been in the CBB house before, performing backing vocals for Celebrity Big Brother 2006 winner Chantelle Houghton as a member of fictional girl group Kandy Floss during the show's wrap party.

Chloe Jasmine performs in Kandy Floss by bbukfan

Chloe Jasmine (in the orange skirt) certainly seemed to get into the performance of track 'I Want It Right Now', although it didn't exactly help her when she auditioned for The X Factor for the first time later that year.

Chantelle entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2006 with a mission to convince her celebrity housemates that she was a member of Kandy Floss, before 're-forming' the group for Ultimate Big Brother with housemates Victor Ebuwa and Nadia Almada.
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Alex Sibley, The Jungle Cats: The 8 Big Brother housemates we'd love to return

Big Brother does love a twist, so this Friday three former housemates will be returning to join the 'fake evictee' in a Secret Lair. And goodness, did that spark some conversations at DS Towers about who should return!

Of course, some of our picks have been on Ultimate Big Brother, but we're going to ignore that (we're not sure it's canon when Ulrika Jonsson can be dubbed an 'ultimate' housemate, to be honest). And while there are obviously plenty of amazing contestants from years gone by, we couldn't choose them all. But below are just some of our choices for Friday's big twist - let us know who you want to throw back in!

Nick 'Nasty Nick' Bateman (Big Brother 1)

Series one was something of an untainted golden era for Big Brother. The show was yet to be overrun with perma-tanned attention seekers and was a genuinely fascinating human experiment:
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Big Brother: Who is the best winner so far? - Ranking the victors

In a few short hours, one of six housemates will go down in the Big Brother history books as the 15th winner of the show (alright, so it's not like they'll be studied in schools or anything, but it's something, right?). But where will they fit in the record? Will they be a worthy winner, or a disappointment? Will they be looked back on with glee or with grimaces?

That remains to be seen, but in the meantime we have 14 winners to rank. Who is the best? Who is the worst? We're not going to claim this is definitive - we switched our own minds around about 27 times just while compiling our running order - but take to the comments to give us your views. And so, in order from worst to best, here we go...

14. Nadia Almada

Oh dear. Well, someone had to be at the bottom of the list,
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