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So Which One is....
boblipton21 October 2014
If you enjoy playing "Spot the Stars", this is the sort of short you'd enjoy. It's full of then-well-known Hollywood players, identified by name, who run through routines. This type of short subject was popular for many years; the best-known one was Columbia's "Screen Snapshots", but almost every studio ran them, since they could be produced in snippets with actors on the payroll and were useful for publicity.

This one, produced by Tiffany, is not particularly good as people run through canned bits, sometimes without much enthusiasm. Robert Woolsey plays a game a solitaire and it's hard to tell whether his bit was written that way or he improvised it to reflect his feelings. Tiffany was one of the Poverty Row companies that tried to become major production companies, but fell apart in 1933. Paramount, Fox and Universal went through bankruptcy and RKO was constantly in turmoil. The difference is those companies had assets considered worth conserving.
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