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Season 3

23 Jan. 2018
Lillian and Beatrice take up Hortense's mantle to begin fighting for women's rights, and Peepers bristles at Father Black Donahue's new role at the manor.
30 Jan. 2018
Everyone at Bellacourt Manor catches ghost fever when Harry Houdini visits to investigate some supernatural occurrences.
6 Feb. 2018
When the Olympics allow women athletes, Victor and Lillian square off. Frederick and Beatrice question their relationship.
13 Feb. 2018
The Love Boat
Abandoned by Cornetta and Abortion Deb, Hortense reluctantly asks Lillian and Beatrice to assist her in a meteorological experiment which she hopes and suspects will garner her some scientific fame. It's not the possibility of fame that make both Lillian and Beatrice agree to help Hortense, but something associated with the experiment that would fulfill the one matching item on both their bucket lists. That one item has the potential to tear all three sisters apart. Something with the experiment doesn't go quite according to plan, that unexpected turn which requires ...
20 Feb. 2018
Celery is hosting her annual masquerade ball. She has a very specific agenda for this party, namely to get Colonel Beauregard Trimbald, the toilet king of Tallahassee, to fund Frederick's presidential bid. Not only are Lillian and Beatrice not invited to the ball, but they receive official non-invitations explicitly stating that they are not invited. Regardless, they are determined to crash the ball. They each take a different path to entry, separating themselves from each other once in. They both make a connection at the ball, Lillian's which has the potential to ...
27 Feb. 2018
Shady Acres
A new piece of technology is causing problems for those at Bellacourt Manor. A carriage accident leads to the talk of death and dying and the afterlife. While Beatrice never thought she would die and thus is in a sense of crisis, Lillian aims to be buried at Chevrolet Cemetery where the rich and famous of Newport are buried, and not at Shady Acres where all the past Bellacourts are buried. Lillian's wants become a problem for her as Chevrolet is already all booked up. She takes decisive steps to be among the exception to the rule to make it into Chevrolet. Meanwhile, ...
6 Mar. 2018
Sex Nickelodeon
Beatrice is gaining some notoriety, but not the kind she wants: Edison's house was burglarized, the burglars who stole and have made for public viewing Beatrice's sex film. Beatrice doesn't know why she should be vilified, especially as she was kidnapped and tricked into making the film, she taking what she believes is decisive action to get rid of the cause of her problems. But when she and Dodo learn that others are making money off the film, they figure they should be able to cash in as well. Lillian, on the other hand, is jealous of Beatrice's new found fame, ...
13 Mar. 2018
Lucky Chang's
Now that Beatrice has achieved some fame, Dodo comes up with the next idea which will make Beatrice become even more famous. That idea requires Beatrice to look as beautiful as possible. In Beatrice's makeover, which causes her some physical discomfort, is there a point of going overboard? Beatrice's fame has led to thoughts with Lillian of suicide. She receives what she believes is a sign to make her reconsider that decision. That sign takes her to Lucky Chang's, an illegal Chinese gambling parlor. Her activities at Chang's will make her look at life and money in a ...
13 Mar. 2018
Little Orphan Garfield
Lillian, inside Newport Sanatarium, runs into someone she knows there, the balance of power having shifted from what it was on the outside. But when Lillian discovers what the inmate in charge is up to, Lillian figures there is a better way to do things on the inside. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Frederick are both determined to find their mystery love from the ball before the other, to gain the upper hand in forgetting about the other first and more fully. Hortense, who knows full well who each mystery person is, decides to have some fun of her own to help her twin ...
20 Mar. 2018
Commodore Returns
The Commodore has returned to Bellacourt Manor purportedly on his last legs, the manor where he wants to die. Dodo grants him his request. However, the Commodore, alive and well, has really come back to win Dodo and regain his place in the manor. However he realizes that after forty years of marriage to her, he knows nothing about her in order to win her back. He secretly tries to pry such intimate information from the person who arguably knows her the best, namely Peepers. But Peepers, still in love with the matron of the manor, may have his own thoughts about what ...
20 Mar. 2018
President Bellacourt
Celery continues to lay the groundwork for Frederick's run to president in '08. At a rally at which Celery has dictated to Frederick what he is to do, Frederick does something accidentally "off script" which leads to Celery and Frederick reevaluating the run in '08. Frederick's run for president has divided the nation as demonstrated by those downstairs at Bellacourt Manor. Now that Frederick is focusing on his career, Beatrice, who wants to tell him that she is his beloved and he is hers, has to figure out what to do with her life instead of being with Frederick, it ...

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