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Marvel Studios Assembling a Universe: Not much in the way of a documentary
Platypuschow15 August 2018
I went into this expecting an indepth documentary about the creation of the Marvel cinematic universe but walked away rather underwhelmed.

Is it a documentary? Yes I suppose, but it's hardly indepth and comes across more of a breakdown of what has happened so far in regards to movie/short and television releases.

Regarding the actual background, casting and creation it's very thin on the ground and that's a damn shame because it's logically what you'd have expected going into this thing.

Short stubby interviews, a couple of insights but mostly stock footage from Iron Man through to the first Guardians Of The Galaxy.

A real let down.

The Good:

Passable insights

The Bad:

Not enough actual content

Hardly a documentary

Things I Learnt From This Documentary:

Even Jackson admits he was an oddd casting choice for Nick Fury

Agent Coulson is glue
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Not as informative as I hoped
Horst_In_Translation27 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe" is a 43-minute documentary from last year that takes a look not only into the movies starring the Avengers, Captain America, Thor etc., but also takes an insight into the short films and the television series that became popular in recent years. This, however, is also the only positive aspect I see in here. I did not find this a particularly informative documentary and I really did not like how full it was of itself throwing superlatives at us from start to finish. There is little in here that will be new to you if you have seen the films and shows on television. I am actually a bit of a fan of the films as I love watching a quality superhero film from time to time, but this one still did not do a lot for me. Maybe you have to be a really huge addict, one that goes to Comic Con etc. to be able to appreciate this. Everybody who does not belong to this target group can skip it. Not recommended.
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