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Review of NCIS New Orleans
household13721 October 2014
As a New Orleans native I implore you and the writers to walk down any street in New Orleans and talk to a LOCAL. We DO NOT eat shrimp and grits for breakfast and praline bacon isn't in our fridge. We have worked very hard to come back from Katrina and it PAINS ME that this series (which I love and watch regularly) is making us look like uneducated loud mouth pigs. Please - come uptown and take a census of LOCALS, have a LOCAL help you with the dialect!! We DO NOT talk like that unless your're from Mississippi. PLEASE! I LOVE my city and would LOVE for the series to continue and for us New Orleanians to sound like the intelligent up and coming tech community that we are! Thank you!
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Soooo disappointed
ceiag31 May 2015
I knew that there was going to be (is) a NO spin off, but I was so dreadfully disappointed in this. I have just watched the two-part launch in series 11 of NCIS, and the only character who was believable was the wonderful CCH Pounder. The characterisation and sympathetic background was laid on with a trowel. You need to allow characters to develop, to grow up, not be born complete. The parallels stretched the audience's tolerance (the Abbi, the Ducky (although, as I said, CCH was great), the new girl...)and insult their intelligence. And even in England, we appreciate what New Orleans went through with Katrina, but to mention several times how much these characters had done or suffered because of it, in the opening of a series, belittles the genuine suffering of the people of that iconic city. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but this was so disappointing, I cannot help but say so.
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My favorite NCIS
vannfire25 June 2018
I don't even watch the original anymore since Ziva left. I Absolutely love Scott Backula. One of my favorite actors: see Quantum Leap. Love this show and all the characters. Hate that Shalita Grant left. But still my favorite.
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Tonights NCIS New Orleans
dawndeblois27 June 2017
I love the NCIS shows. Entertaining characters, diverse and textured scenery. I like that the writers sometimes come up with a plot that I haven't seen or read in any variation before.

THAT BEING SAID,I must pose the question: Is it possible to write a good TV show without inserting an agenda? For instance, Persons of Interest was taken off the air after soon after a self involved individual took the focus off the "team" and their work and diverted a portion of the attention to a lesbian relationship. It sapped the strength of the program. I see the same thing happening here.

Making the characters deeper is a great idea but, really, in real life do you realize how few people per capita are homosexual? So if there are so few that interact with hetero's in real life, how does it benefit the program to force on the average viewer something that they cannot really grasp or identify with?

Thanks for your attention. This is wisdom that could make you money. Hope you hear me.

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Will Vanessa Ferlito kill this show?
rotweiler6 January 2017
This was one of the best shows on TV. Emphasis on the was. And the reason? The introduction of Vanessa Ferlito into the show.

That was a horrible mistake. She detracts from the character played by Scott Bakula; destroys or seriously damages most of the scenes with her in it.

Yes, the departure of Zoe McLellan has damaged the show - her character seemed to provide long-term stability, from show to show, that Scott alone could not provide. The show still has potential, even without Zoe's character.

Sadly, that potential is being seriously curtailed by Vanessa's (is it just her or is it her character? I for one don't know which it is. Nevertheless, it is time for the show's producers to acknowledge they made a mistake bringing Vanessa into the show, and correct it as soon as possible.
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Comment on the NCIS New Orleans
albar012314 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I live in Australia and saw only up to the third episode. I love NCIS and like NCIS LA very much.

After seeing the third episode, I want to know who the writer is that left rehab after a few weeks. The dialog regarding PTSD and one day @ a time stopped me dead in my tracks. This is not Armed Forces talk, but Hollywood writing at the worst.

The navy left New Orleans in 2011. The only Armed Forces that are left in New Orleans are the National Guard.

Not only did NCIS New Orleans jump the shark by the third episode, but also I hope the shark circled around and ate whoever agreed to the lowest common denominator for this branding.
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Latest edition
purplerose-3423426 October 2016
I love NCIS New Orleans but the choice of Agent Gregorio just isn't working. While I'm sure she is a lovely person, she just doesn't fit in with the established team. We already have Agent Percy (one of my favorites) to play the tough girl character. NCIS needs to replace Agent Gregorio with a softer character to off-set the "toughness" of the current cast and come across as more caring and nurturing when interacting with the families and loved ones of the fallen. More of a "girl-next-door" character with a quick smile that people are more likely to open up to. I think this would round out the team nicely. However,there is something I quite like about Agent Gregorio and I think she would be great on a NCIS set in another location as the tough girl character, but she just doesn't work on NCIS New Orleans.
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New girl on NCIS
shirleyterrel18 October 2016
I love all the NCIS shows,

but the new girl on NCIS New Orleans I can do without,

don't like her at all. It's really hard to watch now,

she is taking over the show to cocky. If she stays on the show I don't think I will continue to watch.. .sorry.

Need to bring in someone that is not a know-it-all, let Pride still be in charge I really like the other cast members. Need to continue without bringing in somebody that don't fit and try to change everything. Bring back the other girl she fit in perfect with the cast, not like this girl they brought in.
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Nonsensical rubbish
cordellwalks9 November 2014
NCIS: NOLA is awful. I've seen better acting from Chuck Norris, better accents from Nicholas Cage and more enjoyable action scenes in "Batman and Robin".

I really haven't seen any of the actors' other work, so I can't comment on them as a whole, however, if what they are doing in this show is anything to go on then they need to pursue another line of work.

If this show isn't cancelled by the end of this season, questions need to be asked at CBS, questions such as, Why is this show still on the air? Why has it taken NCIS:LA's time slot? What are you doing Mark Harmon? Are secondary school students writing the scripts? Have the actors been taking acting lessons from trees? (The acting is wooden) Why are the accents so strong that they feel overdone? And ultimately, CBS, what hallucinogenics were you on when you gave this show the greenlight?

I remember watching the pilot episodes on NCIS. I knew from then that this show was going to be terrible. Lo and behold I was right. How this show gets a higher rating than NCIS: LA, I will never know. However, I'm sure this 7.2 rating (as of November 2014) will plummet, or it should.
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ooo myy gooddd
maverick-zenica29 September 2014
where to begin...hmmmi normally I don't write reviews , but this time i had to do it , cause we are talking about NCIS people !! i am a huge fan of NCIS series, but this one i will for sure skip.. Acting was so lame,i was almost falling a sleep during the show..{jazz New Orleans, and Scott Bakula ( for gods sake CPT Archer you can do better than this} Lets make some comparison to NCIS /NCIS LA...even on a boring episodes ..they make me smile , with one liners, or Gibbs slap on the head , Dinozzos film references,Hetty's crap , Hanna, G , Deeks ,Abby , Mc Geek en rest .. I really really was hoping for more from the pilot ... The pilot is there the crucial point where u catch the audience, make us wait for next episode , keep me on the edge , and not make me watch bedtime story ... I give it 2 * only cause i am {was} a fan of Capt Archer....

that all folks
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Is this NCIS for dummies?
mattkimbennett9 October 2014
I am a huge NCIS fan, and I have even found NCIS: LA entertaining. But seriously.... NCIS: NO is a huge let down! Being a southern girl myself, I tried to like it. I forced myself to watch the first 3 or 4 episodes, but finally had enough and turned it off. I am a huge fan of mystery, crime, etc., but NCIS: NO has horrible writers! I know it isn't the actors because I have loved other shows they have done. I was a huge fan of Quantum Leap!! I feel that the writers seem to think that since this is a show set in the south that those interested in it must be from the south, so therefore, they need to slow down the pace so we can keep up! I actually felt like I was losing brain cells watching! This has the potential to be a great show, if you had decent writers!!! Go back to the drawing board and speed up the pace, or this NCIS will be a bust!
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The right kind of show at the right time. History has made this possible.
face-819-93372625 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really was glad to see this show, so I am going to have to keep focused on the review, and not the "Fan boy crap". I will get right to it, NCIS has been a solid show in the top 5 since it was first launched, and the LA version has done well with the older crowds, but there has been a lack of real darkness, and this will be the right place to look for the darkest of dark, to be more like Criminal Minds. The Bijou the swamps, and the Parishes are always fun for those of us who only go there to party, and with the success of True Detective this year this show was a forgone conclusion. Now the cast is extremely robust, packed tight with real acting heavy weights, Everyone loves Scott Bakula, and Lucas Black the kid from Sling Blade has never had a bad performance, though he has never been anyone beyond the Alabama boy that he is. CCH Pounder was the conscience of The Shield, so she will be a great Coroner. So far what they have shown us is quality, and that CBS is giving them the room they need to make quality drama. If you like NCIS, or Criminal Minds, then you will be hooked on this one as fast as you can smell the bait. This is the right time for a show of this kind to be on network TV, don't expect any language, but there should still be some nice edge.

Jesse of
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Lousy plot plus WAY too much NOLA culture.
kennersingle23 September 2014
Take a lousy plot and try and make up for it by making your main character a guy that loves to cook creole food and plays in a jazz band. Drop lots of street and neighborhood names and generally WAY too much "culture" and what do you get? NCIS New Orleans. Oh, and make sure you include street violence and a corrupt politician. The crooked politician and trumpeter are WAY overplayed. I'm from NOLA and I hoped this would at least be close to as good as the original NCIS. Instead it tries to play off the fame of the original and America's fascination with our unique culture to make poor writing sell. But then trying to use exaggerated cultures of various cities to sell lousy writing is an old game.
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Bellisario Does it Again. NCIS New Orleans is spectacular.
mitchellhaleyou25 March 2014
Donald P. Bellisario does it again. Beautifully done. NCIS New Orleans makes me want to watch and see what happens next. Nice introduction and expansion of new characters as well as the expansion of existing known characters. As always doesn't disappoint with the history of characters and their development within the NCIS. I think this show displays only the best in screen writing. NCIS New Orleans really expands and broadens character area and ext. screenwriter's aspect. NCIS New Orleans is so worth any high budget external location filming endeavor. Brings us back int. to what we expect and know out of existing locations and characters. NCIS New Orleans also is developing a pretty awesome int. view aspect of a NCIS New Orleans office. While I have no idea of future intent of the producers; I'm hopeful the producers expand this show to an NCIS New Orleans full season. I want to see more.
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Extremely disappointed
andamija9 October 2014
As a dedicated fan of NCIS...both original and Los Angeles...I just can't say how disappointed and appalled I am that the crew who has put out such quality work in writing and acting over the years has dropped the ball so badly with this version. The writing is banal and boring, the acting is wooden, and even the action is limp. It's hard to believe that the only thing it has going for it is New Orleans. It's not enough.

I feel sorry for Scott Bakula. He's been a favorite over the years, but he's working with such poor material, he doesn't have to a chance. Bring back Hetty and her crew to that time slot!!! Please!
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Good actors given a terrible script and redundant not original show.
borninthewrongcentury14 December 2014
I love NCIS and Los Angeles is decent (except for the Deets/Kensie nonsense). But this NO show is abysmal. Need we be reminded every 3.2 seconds that they are in N'ahlens?

Dear writers. We.Get.It!!!! It takes place in New Orleans. We don't need to hear about collard greens and corn bread, shrimp, creole, gumbo, beignets, mardi gras, marching bands, etouffee and we're in the south Y'all, football, yada yada. We get it. Seriously. From a southerner, born and raised a few hours east of LA. STOP, please!

And the lab guy Sebastian has watched too much bones. Who told him he could just straight up copy Hodgins?! It's literally a carbon copy of Hodgins albeit a terrible one. But still clearly not an original character at all. So irritating.

This show is simply redundant. So many GREAT and original shows are ended early and fans left hanging and yet we get stuck with this same stuff rehashed over and over. Such a waste of good actors and TV time/space.
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Might be a good spin off
elainecalloway2163 April 2014
I grew up in New Orleans and I'm an avid NCIS fan, so I was interested to see how they would handle the Crescent City episodes. Overall, I think it did really well. 8 points out of 10.

A few things: 1. In episode 1, there were a few mistakes that those people who are locals could easily notice. A little bit more research would've been better, but the plot/characters/etc. was good.

2. Bakula's ongoing "my brother, my brother" is too much. People in NOLA don't do that, if anything they say "cher" as an affectionate term for friend, so it seemed overdone on the show.

3. A little bit hard to believe in part 2, that a woman would leave a bar to walk in a dark alley alone with someone she had just met. No local would ever do that.

4. I liked part 2 much more than part 1, because they focused more on places the locals go to and not just the "tourist top 10 spots" like in episode 1. I also loved how they talked about the city and it gets into your DNA. Great and well scripted.

5. Love the actors and think it could be a great series going forward :)
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Why ruin a franchise ?
charly752 October 2014
I get that money runs the world but NCIS:NO... is the one they shouldn't have done.

The NCIS RED attempts was a sign that you couldn't just brand anything with NCIS and it would simply work.

OK so how about New Orleans ? well, i was excited mainly because of Scott Bakula of course, but my oh my, he tries too hard to be NO's Gibbs. He just doesn't make it there and that's a shame because he could (should) not have to be.

See, in NCIS:LA, they knew no one could be a leader as charismatic as Gibbs, they didn't try to make a similar build-up. And the same goes for the series : it's a procedural but for a long time NCIS:LA gave us a plot about G's past mainly. That gave NCIS:LA another dimension, a different flavor.

Now NCIS:NO simply tries too hard, on every aspect, to replicate the original NCIS in a new setting and falls short : the theme song, Bakula that keeps trying to be the most caring federal agent in the world, Lucas Black's stare (seriously, just pay attention to it, it becomes funny) and Zoe McLellan's acting (or direction ?), the office just doesn't make you want to believe it could be a federal agency one.

To be fair to McLellan; she doesn't have what Cote de Pable or Sasha Alexander used to bring to the original series or even Daniela Ruah (Kensi) and Renée Felice Smith (Nell) bring NCIS:LA.

On another aspect, the jokes are almost unbearable, as if their was a sign "please laugh now" while the punch lines are delivered. (And you see them coming from 3 miles away too.)

The only thing going though my mind after watching 5 minutes of the show's second episode is that the producers want you to like it more than you may be willing to. And that just doesn't make me wan't to keep watching that show.

(Apollogies for some English mistakes, not my native language)
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Pitiful extension of the NCIS franchise!
lukebearone1 October 2014
This series, in the opinion of a huge fan of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, is simply pitiful. The writing, especially in the pilot and the first two episodes, is weak and puerile, so weak is the plot line and dialog, that they felt it necessary early on to drag in Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherley, Pauley Perrette , David McCallum and Rocky Carroll to prop up far-fetched story lines, like a Baton Rouge doctor starting an epidemic of bubonic plague. And their presence didn't help at all! As a New Orleanian I rapidly grow tired of Scott Bakula's character's constant references to Hurricane Katrina and how this "great city" has suffered enough. The audience has suffered enough already! The entire premise for this show is weak from the git-go -- I am sure that the Navy Department has more important cities which have NCIS departments that could be a better basis for a series than this decrepit river town of less than 400,000 residents. I give it barely 3 stars, out of a sense of compassion to all involved.
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Where are we?
frebo325 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sad to say, as a fan of both NCIS and the charm and culture and cuisine of N'awlins, I'm VERY disappointed in NCIS New Orleans. I'll admit my opinion is biased by the 11 years I spent in the military, which gives me certain expectations about organizations like NCIS or Army CID, where they work, and the people - civilian and military - that work there. I have two major problems with both NCIS NO and NCIS LA. First, there is no sense of "place" in NCIS NO or NCIS LA. NCIS HQ in Virginia is a well defined brick building, and Gibb's house is Gibb's house. The NCIS (Virginia) office space is a well-defined "bull pen" with dividers, and team members have assigned space in a realistic office setting. There is an elevator between lower levels of the building (Abby's lab and Duckie's domain,) Gibb's team space, and the Director's office. There is a video teleconference room, an interrogation room, and other realistic looking work spaces. I almost believe I could show people around the building - BUT in both NCIS LA and NO - there is no clearly defined team work space that looks like anything I've ever seen in a military organization - people wander about giant lofts or industrial sets with no evident connection to their work - to include the Navy O-6 (Captain) commanding USN operations in the city! Does Pride offer breakfast to his team in his office (an industrial loft) or his residence (also an industrial loft?)I just can't suspend that much disbelief. Is there a kitchen in the office or does he hold team meetings at home? Quien sabe? They might as well be on the Good Ship Lollipop. The second problem is, Gibbs as Special Agent in Charge has set the bar VERY high. From the very first episode, the guy exuded "command presence," as does Rocky Carroll as Director Vance. Nobody on either NCIS LA or NO has that quality - and if it's not demonstrated at the onset of a command relationship, it's unlikely to emerge later. Again, I just can't suspend enough disbelief to take either of the spin-offs seriously - but I LOVE the old original NCIS (with a few minor reservations.) Aside from these issues, the NCIS N.O.production values are excellent - but the plot twists in the opening episode created another challenging level of disbelief based on improbable coincidences among the victim, the NCIS team, and the perpetrator. Sayonara, NCIS N.O.!
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This spin-off is a FAIL
cjabier-163-24397118 November 2014
I am a die-hard NCIS fan and was stoked that Mark Harmon was producing this spin-off. Unfortunately, that's about as far as it goes. NCIS: New Orleans pales in comparison to the original and NCIS: LA and for this I blame the very, very, very bad writing. Another irritant is the artificial/fake New Orleans/Southern accents the actors use (actually jarring to the ear). It's bad enough that they use the NCIS character lineup formula (Gibbs-Dinozzo-McGee-Ziva-Abby-Ducky) but couldn't they have come up with something different, a twist, perhaps? (maybe a forensics team composed of newbies/trainees so the audience is educated along with the forensics team as they go about their duties, or taking it a step further and showing us the legal aspect after the cat and mouse section) ANYTHING! except the current sub-standard copycat production that it is now.
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They just didn't hit the mark!
haveanopinion411 October 2014
I met Scott Bakula when he arrived in Los Angeles when he was represented .as he states in his Wikipedia biography, by Henderson/Hogan. Although I had some reservations about his potential in Hollyweird, he proved me wrong. I have watched his career with great anticipation as he has grown and proved what a fine multi-talented actor he is. I especially enjoyed the scene in Boston Legal where he plays the piano and sings to Candace Bergen. All this brings me to why they have cast him in what could be a fine spin-off of NCIS, except for the fact that they have surrounded him with a cast of no talents that made the two episodes thus far so painful to watch. Not everyone...but the caliber of some leave much to be desired. The young lady, in my opinion, sounds like she didn't get past Acting 101. Whoever did the casting should be put out to pasture. I wish the series success, but I wont be watching any more episodes.
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Gregorio not my favorite
I liked this show. And then they brought in Gregorio. Not only is the character not a good addition , but the actress is not that enjoyable to watch. We have skipped full episodes because Gregorio was in it. I will give a higher star rating when she's not on there anymore. Everyone else is fun to watch
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Going downhill fast!
star-wars-fan9 February 2018
I loved this show when it first started, but the changes and "political correctness " are destroying it. The worst mistake is adding Gregorio. She is horrible and we can't stand watching when she is on. Loud-mouthed, talks so it is hard to understand her words at times and adds nothing to the show. They have done more than enough episodes showing bias, but now you had two white men associated with the mayor's office that were crooked and it took a black woman to bring in honesty and a fair and impartial agenda. And, of course, you had to have at least one homosexual! Can't we just have a show to entertain us without trying to appease all of the special interest groups? That only detracts from the stories and the time given to solve a case is short enough without insisting on teaching the stupid masses a lesson! Please just stick to the story and ditch Gregorio and this show might survive!
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Has gone downhill.
MoselyJ315 May 2019
I liked this series so much at first. I'm a huge NCIS fan. The cast of this show has always been very good. My problem now is with the storylines. The show no longer deals with dead sailors or marines. It seems to be more about international terrorism and various personal problems of cast members. A big part of the time I have no idea what's supposed to be going on. I'm afraid this show jumped the shark a good while ago. It's beginning to remind me of a want to be "Burn Notice." I'm so disappointed.
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