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  • Philip and Elizabeth's long-planned mission turns ugly, impacting each of them in different ways. Stan digs in deeper at work as his personal life continues to unravel.


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  • Previously on 'The Americans': Paige took an interest in religion, worrying Elizabeth. Martha told Philip (as Clark) that she doesn't feel comfortable gathering intel on the people she works with and likes. Philip put together an audio recording of her coworkers saying mean things about her. Philip and Elizabeth kidnapped a septic truck driver to use his truck to get onto the rebel training camp. Elizabeth wanted to kill the man, but Philip insisted they let him live.

    'Martial Eagle': Philip drives up to the camp in the septic truck and a security guard inspects the truck. Elizabeth is hiding inside, but isn't found. Philip drives the truck on into the camp.

    Unnoticed, Philip opens the back of the truck and lets Elizabeth out next to a small building, telling her, "Five minutes." Meanwhile, Philip snaps some photos of officers training rebels. Inside the small building, Elizabeth shoots the first man she sees. Outside, a young man notices Philip taking pictures and starts to call attention to it. Philip covers the man's mouth and slits his throat. Two other men come around and Philip shoots them, using a gun with a silencer. Philip and Elizabeth meet back at the truck and Elizabeth wipes blood off Philip's chin. He drives the truck back out of the camp without incident.

    Back in the woods, they see that the septic truck driver they'd kidnapped is dead, still tied to the tree where they left him.

    Stan gets his top-secret clearance into the Department of Defense program he wanted access to. He's not only in, but he's gotten three men called in on a Sunday. They tell him about the stealth program. He tells them about Baklanov's kidnapping and asks whether he was "the key to stealth." They say they don't know him and there's no one "key" person. They tell him about a meeting they had with all the different people who are involved in the stealth program, but they don't say. Stan warns them that the Soviets will keep kidnapping people if they need to. One of the men says the meeting was in Alexandria, Va., two months earlier, where representatives from Lockheed and Northrup were in attendance.

    The family is getting ready for church, a special service for "Youth Day." Philip is still down about the previous night. At church, Paige listens intently to the sermon while her parents work to get through it. But when they find out Paige donated her $600 savings to the ministry, they lose it.

    Paige tries to defend herself by shouting, "You don't help anyone!" Philip tells Paige she doesn't seem to know the difference between lying and telling the truth. Paige fires back, "Do you?" Philip takes her Bible and rips pages out of it, shouting at her, "You respect Jesus, but not us?!" He walks away, and Paige cries before walking away.

    Elizabeth goes to the bedroom and Philip tells her he got an emergency signal from Fred. Elizabeth tells Philip that he had no choice but to do what he did the previous night, reminding him "this is war." He tells her he doesn't need the speech and adds, "This is easier for you." He walks out when she asks if he thinks what she does is easy for her.

    Philip meets with Fred, who reports that the FBI wants to meet with him the next day. Fred says everyone who was at the meeting in Alexandria is being summoned to the meeting. He tells Philip he'll be fine because Emmett taught him how to deal with this kind of situation. Philip tells Fred that the propeller plans he helped the Soviets steal were fake and resulted in the deaths of more than 100 Soviet seamen. Fred is stunned. Philip tells Fred to think about "all those kids that died" when he's meeting with the FBI.

    Sitting at home, alone, Elizabeth goes to Paige's bedroom and orders her to get up. She commands Paige to clean the refrigerator, then mop the floors and fold the towels in the basement. She says that if she wants to be a grown up and spend money the way she wants, it also means doing things you don't want to do, working when you're exhausted, and getting almost nothing you want when you want it. She tells Paige she's lucky to have things that she and Philip never had, then tells her the mop and bucket are in the basement.

    Agent Gaad sits across from Arkady in a coffee shop. Gaad tells Arkady the war "has gotten very personal" for him. Gaad tells Arkady that if the Soviets don't accept that Vlad was the victim of a mugging, he could lose his job and he'll take Arkady down with him. He says he'll release classified testimony to the press from Richard Patterson, who was tortured by KGB "illegals." Moscow wouldn't be pleased, Gaad says, adding "heads will roll, your head being at the top of the list."

    "So, you see my problem is now your problem," Gaad tells Arkady, who gets up and says he'd been looking forward to meeting him and just wishes it were under "less trying circumstances." He leaves.

    Philip sits on a boardwalk on a bench alone when a man asks him if he's OK. Philip says he is, and leaves.

    Stan talks to several people who might be vulnerable to the Soviets, and says he's going to need them to tell him secrets that might give the Soviets leverage. Fred sits across from Beeman and tells him he would never betray his country.

    "No one every imagines they will," Beeman says.

    Larrick, in Nicaragua, gets word about the killings at the camp and looks upset, but says nothing.

    A disguised Elizabeth sits in at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

    Martha brings Stan the surveillance reports he'd requested about the Alexandria meeting. She includes the local police reports from the area because the meeting was the same weekend as the murder of the couple and their daughter. Stan asks for all the files and physical evidence related to those murders, as well.

    Elizabeth eats at a coffee shop with a woman who spoke at the AA meeting. She asks the woman to open up about her life. She works on an assembly line, in a "super high security" job for Northrup.

    Stan flips through the evidence from Emmett, Leanne and their daughter's murder, but nothing seems particularly helpful.

    Philip, as Clark, waits at Martha's apartment for her. He looks down and has been drinking wine. He tells her the world is an ugly place full of "cruel, nasty people." He pulls out the tape recording he spliced together and shares it with her, telling her "Gaad is not your friend." She hears Gaad and Stan talking about how ugly she is, and is speechless, saying only, "Bastards."

    Martha is crying and "Clark" tries to reassure her, saying that he would do something about it if he could but he has a job. He tells her things are worse than she knows with his job. He tells her about stealth and that there are a lot of leaks. He says his office thinks the leaks might be coming out of her office. She asks him what he needs and says she's not afraid to track down whatever it is. They start kissing, but "Clark" stops Martha before going any further, telling her he's just upset and has been drinking. He says he has to leave.

    Stan walks into his bedroom and hears his wife Sandra is listening to Dr. Ruth giving sex advice on the radio. He turns it off. She's packing to see her mom, who isn't feeling well. She then admits that her mom is not sick, but she's going away with a man. Stan can't believe she's telling him she's going to have an affair. She says at least she's being honest, and dares him to tell her he's not also having an affair. He says nothing. She tells him what gets her most is that he didn't even notice, meaning he either wasn't paying enough attention or didn't care. She tells him she's not going to leave him, but she's also not going to wait for him to sit around and get the courage to leave her.

    Philip, alone and at night, walks into the church and goes to the office of the pastor, Tim. Philip steps into the office and closes the door. Philip tells Tim he wants him to stay away from Paige. Tim tells Philip he can't turn Paige, or anyone, away from the church. Philip steps forward and mentions that he took $600 from Paige. Tim says it wouldn't have been accepted had they known Paige's parents didn't know. He offers to write a check, but says he knows that's not why Philip is there. Tim tells Philip he needs to do something about his anger, but Philip says he doesn't need to be saved. Tim says he sees that Philip is in pain, but there is forgiveness for everyone. Tim insists he believes it. Philip leaves.

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