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Marvel’s Inhumans Season 1 Finale Review – ‘…And Finally: Black Bolt’

Martin Carr reviews the season finale of Marvel’s Inhumans…

From its inception through to initial release on IMAX screens Inhumans has felt shackled, cumbersome and hard work. Marred by simplistic structuring which won it no easy converts and soon lost anyone else, this expensive exercise in corporate storyboarding did Marvel no favours.

Too many cooks have left this Shakespearean tragedy feeling lacklustre, turgid and riddled with missed opportunities. Effects work though limited in the swan song had an unfinished quality which is unforgivable given those in control. Like almost every episode nothing took a long time to happen. In a funny sort of way you could compare it to Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, where someone famously said nothing happens twice. An artful analogy without doubt and perhaps a touch too generous given the comparative subject matter, but you get the point.

In lots of ways you feel
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The Scariest Serial Killers on TV, According to Critics — IndieWire Survey

The Scariest Serial Killers on TV, According to Critics — IndieWire Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: Who is the scariest serial killer on TV? You define “scary.” Old and current shows fair game.

Daniel Fienberg (@TheFienPrint), The Hollywood Reporter

Landry from “Friday Night Lights.”

Damian Holbrook (@damianholbrook), TV Guide Magazine

Ok, so he wasn’t necessarily a serial killer, but “Nip/Tuck’s” The Carver gave me a serious case of the scareds. After his first appearance near the end of Season 2, the porcelain-masked serial-slashing maniac who was all about slicing up hot people (because “beauty is a curse,” of course!) ran amok in Season 3 and the amount of series-regular characters he went after was kind of unprecedented. All of the leads
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‘Inhumans’ Review: Yes, Marvel’s Latest TV Series Is Mystifyingly Bad

About halfway through watching the two-hour premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans, I came up with a way to make it more bearable. If you watch it as a comedy, it almost works. In fact — and this is the first and last time I will ever say this — it’s a show that could actually be improved by a laugh track. For a fleeting moment I was almost convinced by this alternative version of the show as a bleak satire of the superhero genre. Something so surreal and twisted it could be a feature-length “Too Many Cooks.” But even …
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Toronto 2017 Short Film, Short Review: Great Choice

A woman gets stuck in a Red Lobster commercial. That is the helluva succinct elevator pitch for Robin Comisar's short film that recently graced the Ryerson screen of Toronto's Midnight MadnessGreat Choice meticulously recreates said Red Lobster advert from the early 1990s -- or possibly from the late 1980s, as all these ads were pretty much the same formula -- right down to the robotic smiles, the copious amounts of food platters betting moved around, inserts of flaming grills, and squirting lemon juice. Inspired, perhaps, by the viral sensation Too Many Cooks from 2014, here, instead of a sitcom opening, it is the 30-second spot which runs again and again, as the characters (actors? people?) become self-aware of the personal hell that is a...

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Funny Short Film The Heist Accurately Spoofs Putting Together Heist Teams in Movies

In every heist movie, there is the obligatory scene where characters are introduced through a montage of the two main idea men describing who they are going to bring onto a job. It's a must have, which is what makes this short so funny. 

Directed by Luke Harris, this short goes over all the characters needed for a heist team and some extras. At first, it plays itself pretty seriously, but around the time they got to Cockney guy from Cockney England, I started to lose it. It gets very weird very fast. I honestly could watch a 20-minute version of this ala 'Too Many Cooks' but this works well for a normal audience. It's a great short worth checking out.

It almost makes me want to see a connected universe heist movie. But don't plan it that way. Just make three or four separate movies about characters
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The Bottom Shelf: The Return Of Swamp Thing, Creepozoids, Nekromantik 2

Nick Aldwinckle Jul 20, 2017

Our latest round up of genre DVDs and Blu-rays is here, with Wes Craven, Creepozoids, Dario Argento and more...

With the DC cinematic universe currently riding high on the coattails of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins’ megahit antidote to the miserablism of messrs Bats and Soops, it would seem churlish to point out that company’s past failures. Things being as they are, though, with the recent release of a camp classic on Blu-ray, it’s time to do precisely that.

The sequel to Wes Craven’s 1982 superhero effort that was more Toxie than Alan Moore, Jim Wynorski’s 1989 adaptation of the tale of scientist turned mutant bog creature Alec Holland, slyly monikered The Return Of Swamp Thing, cranks the ridiculousness dial right up to 'comedy horror' level. As Swampy meets the love of his life, Abigail – Heather (Locklear) be thy name – and battles the evil Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan,
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Scarlett Johansson Reveals The Crazy Number of Characters That are in Avengers: Infinity War

We figured Avengers: Infinity War was gonna have a lot of characters in it. After all, it's Marvel's penultimate film for what is the Marvel Universe's Avengers smackdown. But I don't think anyone had thought that it would have more than 50 characters let alone 60.

In a recent late night show visit with Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson revealed that the amount of Marvel characters in the film would be around 61 or 62. When pressed if that is just in one scene, she clarified that there is about 32 in one specific scene. 61? 32? What sort of madman makes a film like that!?

Now, just how she defines a Marvel character could be interesting. Maybe there's an extra in the film who plays a specific Marvel character that none of us know about. Off the top of my head, I can only even think of like 30 characters who have even been officially announced to be In Avengers: Infinity War,
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WWE WrestleMania 33 Review

Liam Hoofe reviews WrestleMania 33…

Well, what a night that was. Clocking in at over 7 hours Wrestlemania 33 was quite the endurance test (finishing at 6:10am in my time-zone.) For once, though, the length of the event felt justified and WWE delivered a truly great Wrestlemania that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

With 13 matches to get through, let’s begin my match by match breakdown of last night’s crazy event.

Pre-Show: Neville defeated Austin Aries

This one really should have been on the main show. Neville and Aries delivered a cracking match to get the pre show started and further cemented Neville as the Mvp of the Cruiserweight division.

Aries looked really strong in his PPV debut and the top rope spots were awesome, I could watch Neville hit the Red Arrow all day.

Neville retaining through nefarious measures mean we are likely to see more matches
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‘The Relationtrip’ Exclusive Clip: Two Friends Go On An Ill-Concieved Road Trip to Avoid Relationships in SXSW Debut

‘The Relationtrip’ Exclusive Clip: Two Friends Go On An Ill-Concieved Road Trip to Avoid Relationships in SXSW Debut
The new SXSW narrative offering, “The Relationtrip,” directed by Renée Felice Smith and C.A. Gabriel, touches on the struggles of twentysomethings everywhere. Basically, what do you do when everyone around you is settling down, getting married, and having kids? Road trip!

Read More: ‘Divine Divas’ Exclusive Clip: SXSW Documentary Offers a Look Into Brazil’s Drag Performers of the 1960s

Per its official synopsis: “At an age when everyone around them is settling down and finding love, Beck (Renée Felice Smith) and Liam (Matt Bush) are self proclaimed loners, emotionally hibernating through adulthood. After bonding over their mutual disinterest in relationships, they decide to go away together on a ‘friend’ trip. And that’s when things get weird. Really, really weird.”

Read More: ‘The Arbalest’ Trailer For SXSW-Winning Dark Comedy From ‘Too Many Cooks’ Creators

The film is Smith and Gabriel’s directorial debut. Together, the pair wrote, produced, and directed the film.
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Sunny D – Dane Baptiste's sitcom is dizzyingly hilarious

In his BBC3 series, the British comedian stars as Dane, a disenchanted thirtysomething still living with his parents. It’s so zippy, you can barely keep up with it

What is it? A restless treat of a sitcom.

Why you’ll love it: Sunny D peaks early. Really early. The funniest joke of the entire series comes seven seconds into the first episode, but it is a belter. Not to spoil anything, but it features Don Warrington dancing in a sweater. It is a sight gag so timely, so culturally relevant, so perfectly observed – like an even more uncomfortable Too Many Cooks – that it made me fall off my chair because I was laughing so much. I had to pause the show, and I ended up in pain from laughing so hard. It is perfect.

Continue reading...
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The Comedian review – De Niro delivers as standup who's sick of life's punchlines

De Niro’s turn as a misanthropic weather-beaten comic who can’t seem to shake his annoying alter-ego, mixes Bad Grandpa’s puerile pathos and Louie’s darkness

Robert De Niro recently made headlines for saying he could no longer punch Donald Trump in the face now the New York businessman is president-elect. It’s the kind of thing you could imagine his character in The Comedian, the misanthropic burned-out standup Jackie Burke, working into a routine or perhaps taking a step further. In fact, Burke – whose put-upon manager is played by Edie Falco – doesn’t have any such issues with self-constraint, and triggers the film’s first act by assaulting a heckling audience member in a public breakdown that has shades of Michael Richards.

That outburst sets up the well-worn premise of The Comedian: a standup who can’t shake his best known and, often, most mainstream character.
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Official Trailer for SXSW 2016 Grand Jury Prize Winner 'The Arbalest'

"Life isn't about toys... it's about mistakes." FilmBuff has released a trailer for a weird indie film titled The Arbalest, a quirky romantic drama starring Mike Brune. It's about an inventor of the world's greatest toy (called the Kalt Cube) who reflects through flashbacks on his obsession with a woman who hates him. The cast includes Tallie Medel, Matthew Stanton and Felice Heather Monteith. One review describes: "If David Lynch and Wes Anderson had a cinematic baby, it might look something like The Arbalest." It won the top prize at this year's SXSW Film Festival, and looks like it has some twisted but amusing aspects to it. There's all kinds of weird touches, including the production name: "A Fake Wood Wallpaper Film." Check it. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Adam Pinney's The Arbalest, direct from YouTube: From the minds behind "Too Many Cooks" comes The Arbalest: the tale of enigmatic,
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‘The Arbalest’ Trailer For SXSW-Winning Dark Comedy From ‘Too Many Cooks’ Creators

‘The Arbalest’ Trailer For SXSW-Winning Dark Comedy From ‘Too Many Cooks’ Creators
Adam Pinney’s “The Arbalest” won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at this year’s South by Southwest. Now, the drama will be released later this month for all to enjoy.

From the minds behind “Too Many Cooks,” comes the story of a famed and enigmatic toymaker named Foster Kalt (Mike Brune), the inventor of the “Kalt Cube.” The film follows him in a series of flashbacks over the course of an interview with a TV reporter while he reflects on his lifelong obsession with Sylvia Frank (Tallie Medel).

FilmBuff Movies released a new trailer for the upcoming movie, which features Kalt discussing his first meeting with the apple of his eye, to years later stalking her from a cabin in the woods.

Read More: SXSW 2016 Review: Grand Jury Prize Winner ‘The Arbalest’ Isn’t For Everyone

The film is produced by Fake Wood Wallpaper, the same
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Trailer for SXSW Grand Jury Prize Winner ‘The Arbalest’

After being behind the Adult Swim viral sensation Too Many Cooks, the production team of Fake Wood Wallpaper Films brought their latest film, The Arbalest, to South by Southwest Film Festival this year. Written and directed by Adam Pinney, it picked up the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature and now it’ll get a release later this month.

A shape-shifting dark comedy, which follows the life of a toymaker and inventor, the first trailer has now arrived today, which throws around comparisons to Wes Anderson and David Lynch. We said in our review, “The Arbalest is one of the sharpest black comedies of recent memory, never apologizing or justifying the insanity of Kalt as those around him and the audience watch with morbid curiosity as to what he’ll do next and why.”

Check out the trailer and poster below.

From the minds behind “Too Many Cooks” comes
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Review: 'Halt and Catch Fire' looks to the future in its remarkable season finale

  • Hitfix
Review: 'Halt and Catch Fire' looks to the future in its remarkable season finale
A review of the two-hour Halt and Catch Fire season finale coming up just as soon as I give you this Cisco wrist rest... "It's amazing how much changes in just a few years. And how much stays the same." -Joe Late in the finale's second hour, Gordon tries to cheer Donna up about how the first day of World Wide Web brainstorming went by suggesting tomorrow will be better. "There's not going to be a tomorrow," she laments. Thankfully, for all six of us still watching this great show — which has only gotten better as it's gone along — there is going to be a tomorrow, as AMC yesterday announced a renewal for a fourth and final season. We'll get to see what Joe, Cameron, and Gordon's approach to the Web will be, find out if Donna is going to Cern to work against her former partners or try to
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Chadwick Boseman was asked to compare Marvel and DC movies

  • Hitfix
Chadwick Boseman was asked to compare Marvel and DC movies
Marvel's Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman was asked to give his opinion on Warner Bros' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Why? Because he was in that other superhero movie where the good guys were fighting each other. Boseman blew everyone away in Captain America: Civil War, debuting a live-action T'Challa, and set up some high expectations for his solo film. We know it has a great director in Creed's Ryan Coogler as well as the tremendous cast of Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordon, and Danai Gurira. We still don't know much about the plot of Black Panther but Boseman was recently quoted as saying it would be a bit grittier than Marvel's other films. While it's already a bit tough to get actors to talk about their own upcoming films when secrecy is involved, I think it's kind of awkward to ask them to weigh in on their competition.
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'Mr. Robot' Recap: Check and Mate

'Mr. Robot' Recap: Check and Mate
Oh hey, so Elliot is in prison. Has been this whole season. Hands up if you didn't see that twist coming from a mile away. No? No one? Mr. Robot isn't usually the kind of show that underestimates the intelligence of its audience. It did last night though, in a big way — and it was smug about it to boot. Not cool, Sam Esmail & Co. Not cool.

We've been watching the show's antisocial antihero in his curiously ordered routine for a while now, supposedly cooling his heels at his mom's
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Mr Robot season 2 episode 6 review: Master/Slave

Alec Bojalad Aug 11, 2016

Mr Robot season 2's latest ambitious, surprising episode reminds us that we're all slaves to some master...

This review contains spoilers.

2.6 Master/Slave

Well, that was weird. Ahmed is going out of business! I know everyone has a cash limit and bitcoin is crashing but still: he has the best turkey sandwiches in the city.

That opening sequence... Between Elliot’s beatdown and Dominique’s shootout in Beijing last week, the story I was looking forward to closure on more was definitely the shootout. It was so surprising and violent, whereas Elliot’s beating was certainly violent but not unexpected. Still, I could never have expected that the resolution of the attack on Elliot would involve 80’s USA Network graphics, grainy non-hd picture and a full-blown laughtrack.

When it was clear what Mr Robot was doing (and for me it wasn’t fully clear that Elliot was
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'Mr. Robot' Recap: Too Many Cooks

'Mr. Robot' Recap: Too Many Cooks
Sam Esmail is one of the most innovative creators to make his mark on television in a long time. But his greatest skill, after all, may lie more in synthesis and imitation than originality. Mr. Robot is brimming with visual and plot references to movies ranging from Taxi Driver and The Parallax View to Fight Club and Trainspotting, masterpieces of paranoia one and all. But one well we never expected Esmail to draw from? How about Too Many Cooks?

Adult Swim's 2014 insta-cult classic drew on viewers' familiarity with the
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