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Not a masterpiece, but my kids and I enjoyed it.
JimmyCinephile9 April 2015
I think the ratings are a bit harsh.

The story is a typical rehashing of a generic protagonist moving from self-doubt to hero as he and his friends embark on an adventure of discovery and peril. The dialogue wasn't bad, but definitely not as funny as some adults might come to expect from films like this. Plenty of laughs for the kids though. Two of the main characters are a little flat, but there's a host of side characters to keep you entertained.

The animation was surprisingly good for such a small studio. It was stylistically interesting/unique, and kept my interest, but the texturing and movement fell a little short for someone like myself, who really enjoys cutting edge computer animation produced by a big studio with lots of people power (i.e. enslaved animators spending hours on the texture of a single feather).

Overall, definitely worth a watch. Especially on a rainy day, when boredom has driven your spawn into a spiralling descent down the evolutionary ladder, and another re-run of Frozen might just push you over the edge.
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Not all the birds born navigator.
Reno-Rangan14 January 2017
This 'Yellowbird' came between 'Free Birds' and 'Angy Birds'. I liked all the three. They all about the birds, but different from each others. This is a French film in English language. It tells the story of a yellow bird who was raised by a ladybug. All his life he lived in a small safe enclosure, but the destiny chooses him to lead a flock of birds to migrate during the eve of winter. Without any experience how he manages to accomplish the mission is what covered in the remaining parts.

The animation standards were high. The character models and backgrounds, all were impressive. Even the colours and texture were so good. But the story was weak. The adventure did not have any major impressive scene. It has some decent jokes, but not an adventure to define the film. It was a simple story about a lie and doing the right thing after realising that. I am sure not everyone would enjoy it, but kids would.

For me, it had lots of ups and downs throughout the narration. At least it ended decently. Animation films won't release every weekend and I have seen almost all the top ones so far, so what's next are these ones. For the animation fans, this won't be a bad flick if you welcome quality ones, except the story which was just okay. That means it is for the selected viewers.

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While not high-flying, it's no rotten robin
TheLittleSongbird25 September 2017
As has been said by me many times, am a huge fan of animation. Always have been, always will be, so naturally will see any animated film regardless of age, how high budget or not it is and the studio/director it comes from.

'Yellowbird' may not be a great film, let alone a masterpiece, but it is decent entertainment that won't offend anybody (while also not particularly inspiring anybody). There are certainly far worse animations out there, but they won't be named considering they've been talked about by me enough in recent months. As far as animated films go, to me 'Yellowbird' is one of the not exceptional but slightly above average ones, which is actually a not so bad distinction to have despite how bland that sounds to anybody else.

While conventional storytelling is hardly bad, there are a lot of animated films that are conventional in story but execute it well, 'Yellowbird' can come over as a little too conventional, meaning that things can get predictable and like "this seems very familiar". There are parts where things are spelt out a little too much.

There is a lack of finesse at times in some of the animation movement, and a few of the characters are blandly generic particularly Delf.

However, most of the animation is impressive. The flying sequences soar beautifully, while there is such a sweeping realism to a lot of the photography/shots, some visual invention and vibrant colours. The soundtrack is breezy yet softens and darkens the tone when necessary.

'Yellowbird' is not a laugh a minute film, but it does have enough amusing moments to satisfy both children and adults, it won't go over younger viewers' heads nor will it be too juvenile for older ones. There are also emotional moments, such as a crucial death that while clearly (but affectionately) modelled on the tear-jerking death scenes in Disney is quite poignant. The ending is a clever one and the most visually striking and compelling sequence is the one with the semi-submerged oil tank, which was thrilling but not too dark.

A few bland characters aside, most of them have distinct enough personality traits, that are not treated overtly or vaguely, to make them stand apart. Yellowbird (regardless of whether one questions his likability or lack of, to me he made mistakes but evolved), Darius and Karl are particularly interesting. The voice acting is very good, Seth Green is a neat fit for the title character while Dakota Fanning is suitably spirited and there's great work from Danny Glover, Richard Kind, Elliot Gould and Yvette Nicole Brown.

In summary, nothing mind-blowing but not bad at all. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Great movie!
fantacockta18 June 2015
It was a really great movie! I know many don't find it so great, but it does really do a very good job for a smaller studio. The music was excellent and the character design and animation superb.

Now, the story itself might be rather common among animated movies, you know, traveling to another place and having these accidents and small plot twists, but I never get tired of that. Besides, it was pretty unique. I don't really remember many movies that portrayed so many unique cinema scenes and motives (but, that would be a spoiler if I told you now, eh?)

I think this movie is similar to Rio in some ways. It does show love between two birds, even though that ending should have emphasized that a little more. It also shows how eventually love was getting stronger and how at one point they had a plot twist/fight.

Anyway, people say it's for 7-year-olds or similar, but I'm 15 and loved it!
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Characters feel fake
cipnrkorvo17 April 2015
The story isn't bad, and the graphics are acceptable, especially considering it comes from a small studio. What kept me from really enjoying the movie, though, is that the characters felt fake, from beginning to end.

The accent of the ladybug almost feels like something that would create a great character, but never really does. Same goes for every character. They say things which are very obvious, just to make you understand what's going on, which adds to the fake feeling. Like some other reviews said, that makes something acceptable for small children, but really not great for anyone else. It's made up a little by the fact that most of the music is nice.
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Moral of the story, never trust a ladybug.
graves-scott26 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My son (16) and I watched this movie because my wife put it on. We were flabbergasted by it's stupidity and moral flexibility it showed in what was supposed to be the hero. I will mark this as containing spoilers but if you've seen any kids movie you could write this one.

Father bird bites it in what has to be the most action packed and emotionally powerful part of the movie. It's all downhill after that. Father's last words to the cowardly yellow bird is to pass a message on to the new leader of the birds. JUST PASS THE DAMN MESSAGE!!! So the yellow bird's best friend and parental substitute, the lady bug, tells the yellow bird to LIE to the other birds and LEAD them to Africa... Yes. That's your moral right there folks. Cheat to win. Endanger the many to get what you want. Lie to succeed. Who the hell wrote the script? Teddy Kennedy? I've read here that the movie is actually French. It makes a lot more sense after reading that.

Never mind this movie. If my son was under 8 I'd have turned it off once the lady bug told the yellow bird to lie.
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I must be hallucinating
thecobaltseahorse19 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
European Swallows have to migrate to Africa laden with a cowardly bird. Swallows are blue. Biggest blue "swallow" dies at begging of movie. (This is NOT a spoiler--if you don't know the parent always dies you're not a movie buff)

And I'm the only one who sees this? #MontyPythonFlyingCircusForever #DisneyesquebackstorytobestJohnCleeseskitever #mikedrop
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