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Seen it all before
drjgardner2 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently Hollywood is completely out of ideas. How else to explain this film? You have a "retired" assassin/sniper/martial arts master who is living a quiet life, and doesn't want to be called back into service. A government agent/former friend/former enemy blackmails/coerces him into returning to do some evil deeds, but he will be killing evil doers/assassins/nasty government types so he can stay a hero. Along comes a pretty girl that gets sucked into the plot, they fall in love/have sex/exchange witty barbs, and before long her life is in peril. The hero stabs/shoots/kicks/hangs/blows up and otherwise creates mayhem, and no one else in his path can shoot, throw a knife, or otherwise match his skills. Lots of stuff gets blown up and lots of people get killed, and it all takes place in exotic locations. The hero and the girl get together in the final scene.

What a waste!
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It is a boring and non logical film
thangvietbk2 September 2016
The content is too non logical, Jason has no reason to scarify his life for a 2 days met girl.

For short, this film is only for watching some action scenes. But even with the action scene, it is a little bit affected when Jason kills everyone without any considerable antagonistic.

The role of the woman in this film is also funny, she has no reason to come to his life :D

I am a fan of Jason, but frankly, I am disappointed of this film.

I only rate it with 4/10.

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Go with the flow
Gordon-1119 March 2017
This film tells the story of an invincible international assassin, who is forced to kill three targets who are very hard to get near, and very heavily protected. If he doesn't look these people within a certain time frame, his female acquaintance will be in danger.

Though "Mechanic: Resurrection" is an action film, it looks more like a pop feel good film because of its beautiful locations and its movie logic that defies common sense. How can he get from the middle of the sea to Sydney, and is super well equipped with numerous gadgets and even chemicals? And he has only thirty six hours to carry out his mission, and that includes travelling time? I'm not complaining about it, it's just that in a film like this, don't ever question the plot. Just go with the flow, and you'll enjoy it. At least I get to see this beautiful penthouse with a hanging pool.
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Silly, boring, chaotic.
fvlecmatic10 September 2016
Well, this movie (not even sure if I can call it a movie) should definitely get few Razzies. It's one of the silliest movies I have ever seen. Don't even bother to watch it. It should only be watched if you want to get the exact idea how NOT to write a script, direct a movie, act in a movie and especially how NOT to cut the scenes and shots together (it just feels like the whole post-production work was missed or at least rushed). It's just absurd. It's so bad that you will probably fell ashamed just watching it. The script is terrible. The acting is distracting. The CGI is far from average. The movie just feels cheap. I still don't understand how this even managed to get to the process of filming.
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Worse Jason film ever, and I like most of his previous films
gpxdlr6 September 2016
This is one of Jason's worse films. I think he's starting to do "paycheck" movies. Some plot holes when he planned the assassinations of the 3 men. The blueprints, the bombs, the escape equipment and the perfect timing of everything. He must have shot and killed over 100 men! AND the guys he shot were terrible guards, bodyguards, elite fighters as portrayed in this film. They couldn't fight, couldn't 'hit the side of barn' and even Jessica got the better of a couple of them. Also no chemistry between them, an unlikely pairing of of these 'high-paid' actors. I will not recommend this to anyone. The others I liked were HOMEFRONT, CELLULAR, TRANSPORTER(1), and a film he did with JLo.
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Bad Action , story doesn't make sense.
bestdesigns26 August 2016
A Complete Package of Bad Action. whole movie doesn't make any sense , specially the action in this movie. I mean come on , one guy killed 100+ guy without a scratch. Whole action doesn't make any sense at all.

You ll be laughing at such bad action. He is swimming 100 miles to catch a ship , and his gun never ever runs out of bullets. people standing at front of him will not shoot him just watching him kill everyone. there ll be a blast right infront of him he is not hurt while other flown away a thousand mile.

Moreover jessica alba part made no sense at all. whole movie plot is rubbish. i would not recommend you guys to watch this movie. Hollywood really need some movie like Bourne. Which at least made some sense.
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Come-on People it's a Statham movie!
scocope-654-77116521 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What I really dislike about some reviews is that the reviewer wants a "Gone With the Wind" epic blockbuster movie but goes to see a movie that never promises to be one. This is an escapist movie, there are going to be times that one needs to suspend belief. There are going to be holes in the script (or perceived ones if you don't pay attention; the script is the type where one needs to pay attention AND remember things). Sometimes the special effects may not be as realistic as one hopes (remember this is a movie not an documentary),but the editing is tight The stunts can be crazy; for example he jumps upon on top of a hang glider early on (it's telegraphed a couple of minutes prior to it happening so this is not much of a "spoiler").

If you want an full-on action movie in which Statham "resurrects" (get it?) his mechanic role you'll like the show, but if you want to see a tight great script with nuance maybe you should just stay home.
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An awful movie with terrible acting and lousy CGI effects
radmikeli-521-70029314 September 2016
I think that this is my first review on IMDb and till now I've hesitated to to so. This movie turned that.

Mechanic: Resurrection is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Although line-up crew promised that this movie should, at least, be worthy of spending some money, it turned out that this is not at all true.

The filming locations were really great and that's about it when it gets to this movie. Bad acting (predominately by Alba and Lee Jones), combined with unconvincing story line (superficiality of good and, especially, bad characters) and mixed with non-imaginative CGI sequences turned this film into my first 1-star movie on IMDb.

Luckily, I brought a phone with me so I could play some games during this projection.
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Empty Entertainment...Fun in the Sun...The Lack of Creativity is Breathtaking
LeonLouisRicci29 December 2016
The Cliché is "By the Numbers". Here it is Literally "By the Numbers" that this Numbing Action-Fest Unfolds. Kill #1...Kill #2...Kill #3...Are You Asleep Yet?

Probably Not. Because Jason Statham is one of those Mumbling Action Heroes that is Fun to Watch Ply His Trade. That Being "Will Kick Ass...Will Travel".

This Travelogue is Set in Beautiful Locations. The Hand-to Hand Fights are Visceral and Not Overly Edited or Shaken. Stirred but Not Shaken, and if this Movie Reminds of James Bond it's because it's very much Like a James Bond Movie without the Humongous Budget.

In Fact when the "Mechanic" Escapes from Atop a Lift High in the Mountains onto a Human Kite, there is a slight Twangy Guitar on the Soundtrack that Evokes 007. Probably an Intentional In-Joke.

The Movie Looks Great, and Jessica Alba still Looks Great, but the same cannot be Said of Tommy Lee Jones. He Looks Awful.

The Movie isn't Awful it's just Awfully Flat and Formulaic. Worth a Watch for Statham Fans and Action Enthusiasts, but the Potential is Wasted and Delivered so Dry it becomes like so much Bright and Shiny Wallpaper. All Three Kill Scenarios are set up Virtually the Same and the Lack of Creativity is Stunning.

Mildly Entertaining but Empty
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This word seems to lose it's meaning, but ill say it again: Fun
gangstah_vino17 August 2016
This movie is fun! Nothing more than that.

Jason Statham is back and though this is not a good movie, it is a fun one and if you expected more than that you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Ill rate the movie with my usual ratingssystem which contains rating a few aspect of the movie with an overall total score at the end

Acting: 5/10. If Jason Statham looking stoically at everyone/everything isn't enough, we got jessica alba being used as a sex symbol first and an actress second. From Jason I can take it since it's his schtick, but jessica... yikes!

Action: 7/10. Though there were some cool scenes in there, nothing is original or great by any means. The action in the first the mechanic was better choreographed than in here.

Cinematography: 8/10. it is actually well shot and the action that is there is greatly shot with some wide angles here and there.

Dialogue: 3/10. I think they didn't even make a screenplay/script. they just went for it and came out with this.

Overall: 5/10. Wouldn't recommend it. It is fun and if there's nothing else in the cinemas i would recommend it while you were drunk and paid the matinée price :)
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Cheesy like HELL! Terrible
kekermawi15 September 2016
The one star because the first five minutes of the movie are good. After that comes the cheesy and extremely predictable lines. You feel like you're literally gonna throw up! Who eats those lines? I'm going to make sure not to watch anything for this director again. He probably said to himself I just want a stupid movie as people are too dumb to notice!

Jessica Alba was good and very hot. She was I think the least cheesy element and the most talented in this awful excuse of a movie! It's movies like this that justify piracy.

Oh, Jason does not get a single punch landed on him. Maybe one in the whole movie. It's no surprise that he will battle scores of people, but he is too perfect to get a scratch. Pahh... even Superman got some good realistic beating last I saw...
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Plenty of Action! Good Photography!
lavatch22 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Jason Statham's "mechanic" character named Bishop is called out of a peaceful retirement in Rio de Janeiro when an old adversary blackmails him into accepting three high-risk "assignments." The film is well-paced with well-choreographed action sequences. Jessica Alba is good as the romantic interest, a sensitive humanitarian who is being held hostage by the film's villain named Crain.

The narrative moves from Rio to Thailand to Australia, and finally to Bulgaria. There are also expansive shots taken at sea where Alba's character Gina is being held hostage.

The film is successful in its obvious goal of an action picture. Tommy Lee Jones provides a good dose of understated humor in his character as an arms merchant.

With Stratham's character, who is a one-man wrecking crew, the film is eminently watchable!
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This is a product, not a movie.
MeesTW23 August 2016
I went to a Sneak Preview where nobody got to hear what movie we were going to watch. I was hoping they put on the new Woody Allen movie or Hell or High Water, which looks very promising. When I saw Jason Statham his name on the screen I realized which movies I was going to watch.

The trailers didn't interest me at all, so I was skeptical prior to watching this flick.

This is one of the most generic films I have seen in a long time. There are many problems and just a few things that are actually "good" about this.

Characters: As many filmmakers know, characters are key for moving the plot. The only person who moves this plot is the antagonist, who's name I have already forgotten. Jason Statham and Jessica Alba are not very good leads in this. They have done some promising things in the past, Statham did great in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Jessica Alba was pretty good in that time she appeared in The Office and she was promising in Dark Angel, which I gave up on quite quickly. The actors are not the ones to blame though, the writers and the director are. Character development is barely in this movie and none of the characters except for Tommy Lee Jones are interesting or intriguing in any way.

Now I know there are people out there who think characters do not matter in an action flick like this, but I think it does. Go ahead and look up an action scene from a summer movie that you haven't seen yet. Pretty unexciting right? That's because you don't know and don't care about the interaction of the characters in that scene, and that was one of the biggest problems in this entire movie. Everyone is bland and forgettable.

Plot: It's like I was watching Killer Elite, from 2011. The story is exactly the same with the same lead actor: -A hit-man who makes his kills look like accidents stars in both movies -A loved one is captured -The antagonist tells the protagonist to kill three targets and the loved one will live

That's how generic this is: it's been done exactly the same years ago.

Action: Action gets bland and boring quick. It's uncreative and uninspiring, there is nothing original, cool or crazy about it. There is not much to say about it, except that you can find this action in any summer action movie.

Now why did I rate it three stars instead of one? Well, the skyscraper scene was entertaining for a minute and Tommy Lee Jones's character was the best character in this film, every time he was on screen the film felt much better. And that's not because Tommy Lee Jones is a good actor, it's because this character had a personality unlike the rest of the cast.

Don't waste your money as this is another pathetic attempt of Hollywood trying to earn a few more dollars. Go watch Killer Elite if the plot sounds interesting or if you want to go to the cinema go watch something that isn't this. I'll do you a favor.
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For an action movie, it was too cheesy for me.
cybit-2636129 August 2016
The first half of the movie is like an Indian film full of romance added with a silhouette sex scene. You can see Statham being Statham on any other films and a premise so 80's that your dad might like it. He is in a nice place minding his own business when all of a sudden he is chased to get a "job" done. He got angry then ran for his life. He fell in love with a one night stand and gave his love interest a nice watch. For the grand finale, I was extremely disappointed on how it abruptly ended. Literally everyone in the cinema were like..."that's it?" and walked out of the door with disbelief. A waste of time unless you have nothing else to watch. 2 stars because it is Jessica Alba. 1 star for some action scenes. That's it.
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It's dumb, but fun
HellbillyDeluxe24 December 2016
Sure, this movie is dumb and has a lot of plot holes. Speaking of plot: There is no such thing as a plot. The "plot" is merely an excuse for the Action in this movie. But this is exactly where it does succeed: Jason Statham is kicking some major ass here and this is where the movie is entertaining. And let's not forget the beautiful scenery, and I'm not talking about Jessica Alba here, even though she has quite a few Action scenes as well and isn't just the Damsel in Distress.

All in all, it's a great Jason Statham movie, with fun Action and a beautiful and diverse scenery. Just don't expect too much. But if you're in the need for a dumb yet entertaining Action movie, Mechanic: Resurrection is just the thing you're looking for. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I really enjoyed it.
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Great for Statham movie lovers
thevandy27 August 2016
This is a Jason Statham movie. There all going to have wild antics and unbelievable action. I love his movies. Don't see this if your not an action fan. Unfortunately the script is a bit foretold in some places

but the action is extreme and very full. You don't have to worry about a plot. The scripting isn't an award winner but Statham is a true action actor. The real performer is Jessica Alba. Beautiful and sexy as always. The story maybe a little bit slow it does take a moment to get the jest. but in some areas it starts pretty much immediately. It takes a while for him to get the assassinations figured out, If you liked Jason in any of his other rolls, you'll enjoy this. Great cast and great action. This is no drama movie but it does have great action and a touch of love. Have fun and go see this movie. Unless you don't like action. Then go see a Love movie.
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Saddened - just totally saddened
sascharasin11 October 2016
Indubitably the worst movie since the Transporter sequel. Actually makes "Suicide Squad" seem marginally less wrist-slittingly awful. The plot (if you can call it that "i'm doing this for the children..." *vom*) is possibly the worst thing to happen to mankind since Mr Hitler's condom broke in 1888. There are more inconsistencies than a Clinton/Trump debate, the acting is about as hideously poor as it gets (Jessica Alba? I mean are you kidding me!?!) "Continuity" is not a word or concept the filmmakers (if you can call them that) are familiar with. "Resolution" also seems to have escaped them. There are odd characters who appear, have a momentarily profound purpose (first 3 minutes of the movie) and then disappear with zero explanation. The fight scenes are fairly well done - but the director (if you can call him that) sacrificed his integrity for his blatant (very obvious) crush on Statham who can't seem to get through a scene without being made to take his top off. Alba, regrettably possessed of little else in the way of talent - should have appeared topless instead and as often - at least she would have lent something to the movie. And what idiot casts Michelle Yeoh in a movie and doesn't have a single fight scene with her in it? (perhaps one who had her fighting in it, but let her get cut because she is a far superior action star and upstaged Statham??)

All in all, an absolute travesty of a movie. It is watchable once - but only if are drunk, have been lobotomized, and the only other option is dragging your genitalia down a street of broken glass and razor blades while a bunch of lepers throw raw sewage at your wounds.
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Dear me Statham and Tomy Lee Jones must be good Err NOT
meetings-191-88905427 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well with a couple of A-Listers you would of thought this film was going to be decent wouldn't you...IT wasn't it was dire in so many ways, The effects/CGI was on par with Sharknado vs whalewolf it was that bad, and as the film moves on the CGI gets worse? the ending part Statham throws a nade into a hot tub and it blows up like a small firework something that is all smoke and a little "Pop" i am sure if it had of been a real nade it would of blown the hot tub to bits, the ending scene where his girlfriend is in the floating escape pod she looks at the ship all blown up and its so obvious its a floating stage? Then there was the part where Statham killed the rich guy in his pool, the part when the guy saw Statham underneath the pool the guy tries to get out of the pool and there is a whirlpool in it after the bottom of it cracks, I'm sorry that would never happen and if you watch the guy fall from it he falls at least twice as fast as he would of done? The film is a mess from the start right to the end, Seriously place these words in youtube and watch the video on this film called "Mega Shark VS Kolossus" its more realistic than this Statham one.
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Nail-biting thriller and un-stopped action with Jason Statham as a hot-headed and top hit-man
ma-cortes25 September 2018
Spectacular follow-up plenty of frantic action , thrills , intrigue and lots of violence . Sequel to ¨The mechanic¨ by Simon West , at the same time a remake from classic film directed by Michael Winner (1972) that was starred by Charles Bronson with screenplay by Lewis John Carlino . Thrilling movie about the very deadly rivalry between contact killers and in which the hardened elite hit-man Bishop performing a lethal mission . Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a very professional hit man who always works alone , he is the number one killing people with a bullet whose reputation has caught up with him. Bishop makes his missions of the way more mechanic and perfect, and that's why he is known as ¨The mechanic¨ . Present-day , he is retired , stressed and tired and living under a new secret identity, as Arthur Bishop has found shelter in noisy Rio de Janeiro. However, there takes place a set-up against him , and under the serious threat of being exposed by his arch-nemesis, a relentless killer called Riah Crain (Sam Hazeldine) , a former hired assassin and nowadays , a powerful gunrunner . Bishop will have no other choice but to agree in carrying out three dangerous suicide assignments across the four corners in the world . As his last assignment for an old colleague results to be the killing three important business men . But Bishop is caught in the middle of treason and threat .

This crime thriller packs intrigue, suspense, noisy action-packed with grisly killings ,explosive excitement, thrills and lots of violence . This moving film is as calculating , cold and passionless as its central characters , two brutal enemies . Jason Statham with his usual hard acting displays efficiently his weapons and killing mercilessly his objectives . It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Statham's side in spite of being a cruel killer . Statham as a wealthy murderer for a powerful magnate offers the sort of strong acting as always. Furthermore, appears a nice secondary cast such as Jessica Alba as Bishop's love interest, but the romance isn't what this movie offers , it is about action and violence and director knows his work , as well as Sam Hazeldine , Michelle Yeoh , John Cenatiempo and special mention for veteran Tommy Lee Jones in a brief appearance as the millionaire Max Adams .

It packs stirring musical score composed, orchestrated and performed by Mark Isham . Colorful cinematography by Daniel Gottschalk with spectacular scenes filmed in several locations in Phuket, Thailand , Bangkok, Thailand , Penang, Malaysia , Sofia, Bulgaria ,Varna, Bulgaria , Buzludzha Mountain, Central Balkan Mountains, Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (Sugarloaf Mountain) ,Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney Opera House , Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia . This big hit motion picture was professionally directed by Dennis Gansel though with no originality , being a simple and plain vehicle for a big star : Jason Statham . German filmmaker Gansel has directed a few but successful films such as : The wave , Napola , We Are the Night and Berlin I love you . The director Dennis Gansel 's well-oiled techniques generate some explosive entertainment and excitement,as usual . This is an acceptable film about a deadly rivalry among killers , thrilling kidnapping and restless rescue that will appeal to Jason Statham fans and action lovers .
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Absolutely horrific
niels_louwes459 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The only redeeming factor of this movie was the first five minutes where Statham is laying in his boat listening to that great Black Pistol fire record.

The plot is so weak and predictable that it makes me wonder how people can actually rate this higher than a 2. One of the biggest flaws of the movie is that nothing is well thought out. It seemed as if they just shot random scenes with required plot lines, such as love and revenge just to quickly fit it in to the overall story.

One of the craziest things is the fact that Statham is absolutely invincible in the movie. Not once does it seem like he's in any kind of danger.

Another glaring weakness is after he has made two kills and then decides just to go try to kill the main protagonist of the film. He tries this and fails, and then gets to just continue on with the third kill as if nothing happened. It's like they deliberately put that part into the movie to seem like some kind of plot twist.
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"The Mechanic Resurrection" Brainless Entertainment
brankovranjkovic8 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Jason Statham doing what he does 'best', predictable punch-up, shoot-em-up movie.

Our hero is forced to perform three almost impossible assassinations and make them look like accidents, or the 'girl' gets it. Jessica Alba (the 'girl') is Statham's love interest, who he's just met, who we also learn later in the film runs a charity for children in Cambodia – honestly? Really? C'Mon!

The plot is very similar (almost identical) to the first film. He faked his death in the first film and again this time. Seems to be the popular reoccurring theme. He flits around the world Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, and Bulgaria getting the 'jobs' done.

Invariably will most probably do all the same stuff again in the third installment ..... let's call it 'Mechanic Re-resurrection – Where's my car? Like the one in Transporter!'

Compared with the first film this isn't as good, just too similar but not done as well. If you're a Statham fan you will enjoy this film, otherwise I have watched and told you about it so you don't have to.
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cranmerman29 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Minimum score awarded for this travesty. An under weight (in both senses of the words) actor desperately out of his depth. Fight scenes resemble something from a Marvel television series,with the camera shots being swapped so often to hide the fact nobody can actually fight act you will get dizzy trying to watch it. The bad guys are all straight from a comic. The script; even Stan Lee wrote better for 12 year olds. Imagine a James Bond film made with 28 dollars and you get the picture.

The hero is supposed to be an ex assassin yet does several dangerous jobs for the life of a woman he barely knows. Story ; 2 / 10. Script ; 2 / 10. Acting ; 2 / 10. Feasibility; 1 / 10.

This may have worked in the 60's as a mission impossible episode.Unfortunately even todays children are not that gullible.
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maureenalexander-5490221 September 2018
Slick, choreographed violence, just enough of a storyline thread to give coherence. I found it entertaining, exciting and undemanding. Higher critique unnecessary.
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Bad Movie - Good Laugh
hcamiel25 August 2016
So, going into this movie, i was expecting a dumb action movie, but in hindsight, i was expecting "someone who has trouble reading" dumb, not "someone who is utterly lost without supervision" dumb.

To be clear, this movie is so cookie cutter bad that viewing it seriously will just make you sad. but the movie is great to watch with a few friends and riff on.

The whole plot is just so bland and far fetched, actions are sometimes so illogical and the movie doesn't even follow it's own rules (for instance, from the trailer we learn he has to assassinate a few people and make it look like an accident. yet one kill is very very clearly not an accident)

The CGI is so bad, i'm not sure if Worldwide FX is that bad of a studio or if they had to work with a very very limited budget, maybe both.

On a special note, The romance scene between JS&JA is really vulgar, as in, you feel uncomfortable watching and feel almost guilty.
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jordan_wood28 November 2016
Mechanic Resurrection is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. It had everything from dope fight scenes to smokey love making and some sick explosions. This movie did everything right and it could not have turned out better. Show this to your friends, your kids, your neighbors, your dog, Darren from the pub, show everyone and anyone this masterpiece of a film. If you're on a plane, demand they play this movie. If you're on a train , gather the rest of the passengers and bond over this. If you're driving, tape your computer to the dash of your car and floor that heap of metal down the highway as fast as you can go. This movie gets your blood pumping, your adrenaline running, your testosterone raging. Have sex with your girlfriend after watching this movie, hell bang each other while you're watching and pretend you're both Jason Statham and Jessica Alba and have the greatest time of your life. If there is a God I want to thank him for allowing this movie to be made. This film is a blessing on all of us. Thank you Jason for being a bad-ass. Thank you Jessica for having sick titties. Enjoy your night everyone, watch this movie!
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