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Sex & Nudity

  • There are sex scenes and nudity in most episodes. Consensual and non-consensual. Sexual assault, harassment and coercion, blowjobs, gay intercourse. Male and female, full frontal and rear nudity (e.g., breasts, butts, penises).
  • Daphne dances at a strip club in her spare time.
  • Claire accidentally walks in on Mia having sex. She watches them later.
  • Bryan masturbates to Claire's voice, talking to her over the phone. Not explicit, but heavily implied. (Hand movement behind a raised leg, heavy breathing over the phone etc.)

Violence & Gore

  • Claire is self-harming. Variety of injuries.
  • A Ballerina's toenail comes completely off.
  • Ballet dancers are heavily implied to have eating disorders.
  • Claire smashes a man's head with a glass when he startles her.
  • Paul throws a bird's nest, with chicks, over the side of a building in anger.
  • Bryan is severely beaten in an alleyway. We see his half-healed injuries later.
  • A man slaps his son.
  • Bryan knocks an old man unconscious, and leaves him on a bathroom floor alone. He's pushed over the edge when the old man tells him how to get "his girl" to marry him.
  • Mia is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, ending her career.
  • Paul puts glass in Claire's pointe shoe, without her knowing, to ensure a cathartic performance.
  • Romeo stabs and slits Bryan's throat.


  • F*, shit, chickenshit, whore, slut, cock, dick, bitch, and c* are all used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cocaine use.
  • Injections of an unknown drug (possibly Heroin).
  • Romeo gives Claire a pill (possibly Valium), so she doesn't have to be aware when she's with the Company's Chairman.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Abuse and catharsis, are prevalent themes.
  • A man screams at a young woman to "Get out of my sight!"
  • Romeo is highly erratic, probably with schizophrenia. Can be disturbing to younger viewers.
  • A man is angry that his partner died. He throws eggs and screams at his headstone in tears.
  • Paul is a volatile, tempestuous character. Psychologically, emotionally, and verbally abusive. Exploitive, manipulative.
  • Claire has an incestuous relationship with her brother, Bryan. They had a child together (we never find out exactly what happened to her).
  • Their father is an abusive drunk. He verbally (and at one point, physically) assaults Bryan, and shows obvious favoritism of Claire. It is revealed he sent Bryan overseas hoping he'd get killed.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Claire is coerced to pimp herself out to the Company's Chairman. She makes herself throw up to prevent him from having sex with her.
  • Bryan violently hogties and masturbates over Mia. She's then released, and left alone, traumatized.
  • It's heavily implied Sergei runs a Sex-Slave operation. On his yacht, we hear crying behind closed doors.
  • Claire and Bryan have comfort sex after their father verbally abuses them.

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