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Season 1

21 Jun. 2015
Episode #1.1
Three young VAD's (Voluntary Aid Detachments) go to Hospital 25A near the front in Boulogne. However, it isn't what the trio expect and lots of troubled events occur along the way.
28 Jun. 2015
Episode #1.2
The first wave of casualties are brought to the hospital, including down-to-earth Major Crecy, whose legs have been amputated, and Jackie Byeford, the young private who saved his life, making them the only two survivors from their unit. Crecy's imperious wife Adelinde arrives and is disruptive, demanding her husband be moved to another ward though he wants to stay with Jackie and Kitty breaks the rules by allowing Jackie to say goodbye to the major, who is despairing and suicidal . Joan impresses Rosalie with her feminist attitude though Margaret makes clear her lack ...
5 Jul. 2015
Episode #1.3
Private Albert Nicholls has had a hand shot off but loathsome Major Yelland claims he is a malingerer who wounded himself to get out of the war and, despite the efforts of Colonel Brett and Matron, he is court-martialled and shot. Yelland, an incompetent and snobbish surgeon, taunts Thomas Gillan over his experimental treatment to save a patient's leg with a prosthetic, though Thomas is successful and Yelland is moved away. Meanwhile young Irishman Enda Peach stages a naked revolt against the hated British, drawing an unusual response from the sergeant who sees him as...
12 Jul. 2015
Episode #1.4
Kitty goes to a hotel to see Elliot Vincent, who is actually the husband on whom she cheated and who makes her sign papers for a divorce. When he tricks her into thinking she can see her daughter he attacks her and she is saved by Miles, though she later rejects both his and Peter's attentions. The colonel is angry when shell-shocked young soldier Lawrie Prentiss is returned, now epileptic as he had told Margaret to give him a ticket home. In fact she hid the ticket and claimed to have lost it, a fact used by Matron to have her transferred to another hospital. A group...
19 Jul. 2015
Episode #1.5
The disruptive Major Ballard, head of a troop of Indian Sepoys, arrives at the hospital, desperate to return to the fighting. Establishing that, like himself, Matron has lived in India, he asks for her personal attention but she discovers that he is going blind. As a career soldier he is angry at the thought of being invalided back home and Matron has to stop him fighting a potentially suicidal duel. After he has gone she pulls out a photo of an Indian man. Jaco, who has been trying to locate Joan's lover Anton, is attacked and, when Kitty tends to his wounds, he ...
26 Jul. 2015
Episode #1.6
Joan is arrested and charged with aiding an enemy to escape. With news of the killing of British nurse Edith Cavell by Germans her accuser, Colonel Purbright, is keen to make an example of her and only the reappearance of Anton prevents her from being shot. Purbright believes Joan's actions reflect badly on Colonel Brett, himself distraught as he has learned of the death of his son in action, and Matron is perturbed when Margaret returns to give evidence on the colonel's running of the hospital. Although Soper wants Margaret to testify against the colonel as he wants ...

 Season 1 

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