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Stop the US remakes!
candelach9 May 2017
There was absolutely no point to this remake. Apart from Kevin Zegers being a better actor than his English counterpart, "Gracepoint" is inferior to "Broadchurch" in every way. The pace doesn't really work for American TV and the actors lack the raw- and realness we were given with the British townfolk in the original. The ending is the only thing halfway original about this piece but frankly who would sit through the tedious episodes leading up to it?
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Why bother ?
zenjunkie4 April 2015
Broadchurch or Gracepoint? I'm sorry but I don't understand why this remake was necessary. Why bother? On the face of it, Gracepoint looks OK but - I say again, Why? Firstly, Broadchurch was faultless. It was probably the best drama of its kind. Ever. Why mess with perfection? Secondly, why oh why get David Tennant to do it all over again? They could at least have had the decency to let some American play the part instead of persuading Tennant to adopt an uncharacteristic American accent. (I also question David Tennant's sanity in accepting this role - money maybe). And for the record, Danny's father in this version is totally unconvincing and does not have the impact it should. Somehow, there is this inability for Americans to follow the 'Britishness' of the English language. What is that all about? We, in England, suffer American programmes on a daily basis (some very good / others really not so good) and we don't complain about it. We don't feel the need to make our own version of American programmes. We have the intelligence to decipher the Americans relentless ability to completely deconstruct the English language and what's more we put up with it. Strangely, we also have the ability to understand all of your distinctly odd dialects. If Americans would just get over themselves and watch the original Broadchurch, I'm sure they could not be anything other than moved and amazed by it. I watched the first episode of Gracepoint and decided there was no point in watching any more. Having seen Broadchurch I was not interested in seeing a different version to compare it to. People of America, do yourselves a favour - watch the original.
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Broadchurch is Better
NerdyNinja499 August 2016
Gracepoint doesn't quite work for me. I was stunned by Broadchurch when I first watched it. Even though Gracepoint has almost exactly the same script, it lacks all of the magic that makes its British counterpart so good.

One of the things I noticed immediately is the show has that typical crime drama mood and lighting. Part of the reason I like Broadchurch so much is the beautiful lighting and cinematography that casts a stark contrast to the story line. It is evident in the setting alone how catastrophic of an event this is for the town. Gracepoint doesn't do that, which is disappointing.

The show also lacks the little bits of humor that many of the British actors (Olivia Colman and Jonathan Bailey especially) brought to the show. Yes, it's a very serious show, but those tiny moments of humor were what allowed me to fall in love with their characters so quickly. I never really felt attached to the characters in Gracepoint. I think this is partly due to the fact that the acting just isn't as good. To be fair, Broadchurch pulled in some of the best actors in Great Britain and it is hard to match that.

On a more personal level, it took me a while to get used to David Tennant's American accent. It's not bad (although he certainly doesn't rival Hugh Laurie's abilities); it is just distracting with how used I am to his Scottish (or British) drawl. Even so, I was glad they brought him in for the role. Tennant somehow manages to make Carver feel like a very different character, even with such a similar script, and that was fascinating to watch. He didn't show the same emotional underbelly as Hardy, however, and it took away from the character's likability (which does take a while to build in the original series). Even Tennant's character feels like a flattened version of his Broadchurch double.

Overall, I'd say it is a decent series. It isn't any worse than many other crime dramas you can watch on television here in the United States, it just doesn't live up to its fantastic source material.
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Judge It On Its Own Merits
Tillmont4 October 2014
I understand that many folks are staying away from the show because they are upset that FOX has made a mirror image of a highly regarded series, seemingly merely for the fact that it was "too British" for American audiences.. But as my cable option only added BBCAmerica half way through the network's broadcast of "Broadchurch" I have waited with baited breath for the "Gracepoint" and the very talented David Tennant to arrive on my screen. I was not disappointed. I urge folks to judge "Gracepoint" on its own merits. Yes, it was wrong for FOX do to what it did. But even if "Gracepoint" is a pale imitation of the original, it still is vastly superior to most USA fare. It pains me to think that drivel such as "Scorpion" becomes a hit with U.S. audiences while intelligent dramas such as "Gracepoint" flounder.
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Exaclty the same, but different
studioAT19 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Broadchurch was such a huge hit in the UK that it was inevitable that the US would want to do something with it. Why they couldn't just have bought the rights and shown it as it was I don't know. But anyway, we ended up with this American version, oddly with David Tennant playing the same character...albeit with longer hair.

It sort of works. We get two more episodes than the UK version, which allows for more backstory to be filled in, and more twists to occur, but nothing that really we missed in the UK version. The 'different killer' bit, which was the selling point when the show aired here, isn't actually that dramatic, and in fact is a concept we've seen done in soaps lots of time before.

It's an honest attempt, but the UK version reigns supreme.
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An Open Mind is a Beautiful Thing, You Should Try It.
Pipkin_Sweetgrass6 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Only slightly spoiler-ish...

I went into this as a Broadchurch fan. In fact, a Broadchurch super-fan. I bought the DVDs and almost have them memorized. Gracepoint, however, was made for those who have never seen Broadchurch, which is most of America. That said, it has been made abundantly clear that after the second episode the stories diverge and we are assured that the ending winds up in a very different place. In fact, so much so that should there be a season 2, Carver's story will be radically different to that of his UK counterpart.Knowing this, I went into viewing Gracepoint on its own merits. I was not disappointed. Carver is a bit different, angrier, more cynical, still broken but more aggressive, almost like a wounded or cornered creature. I love the difference. Anna Gunn's Olivia is quite different as well. She is quicker to bite back and I like that, too. As to plot I've already spotted what is either a game changer or one hell of a red herring...cause of death in the child, Danny Solano. I also love the score. Written by Grammy Award winning drummer for They Might Be Giants, Marty Beller, it is as haunting as the score for Broadchurch but has an underlying feel of menace, eeriness and foreboding. Tennant's accent is fine. It's a non-specific east coast accent which is good. Especially given that there is no one true American accent. Here we are a fluid society, so movable that many of us have blended accents, so ignore any complaints you hear about it. I say well done, Mr. Tennant! The final scene...I won't spoil it...left me feeling chilled and filled with foreboding, this huge, mysterious thing, breaching, then sinking back into the dark depths. It felt like a simile for death. The acting by the platinum quality cast is solid, the production values are set high above that of any network show...this could have been a high-grade pay channel yes, even as a Broadchurch super-fan I am well pleased with Gracepoint.
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Best thing I've seen in a long time.
Aregie28 October 2014
I am generally not fond of remakes. But I haven't watched Broadchurch, and I am glad, because it hasn't influenced my watching this show with an objective eye.

Reading some of the reviews, I am really surprised at the criticism, and I'll bet that at least half of it is based in comparison. Other comments, though, like uneven accents - who cares? Why can't a Brit play an American? It's a shame, I think, that this couldn't have been a Canadian network production, as it was filmed in Canada with a Canadian supporting cast. The blend of accents doesn't bother me.

The acting is extremely good, and naturalistic, as is the script. There is some really artful camera work. The story is unfolding in a very compelling way, which leaves me wanting more. As the series goes on, it's beginning to have a little Twin Peaks flavour. Best thing I have seen in a long time.
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Intelligent & entertaining; Please renew for second season
agardsmith12 December 2014
I enjoyed Gracepoint for several reasons. The performances by the actors were engaging. The score excelled at bringing to the surface the subliminal emotional responses. The cinematography and editing was reminiscent of Hitchcock; beautiful and haunting, calm wilderness juxtaposed with terrifying urbane landscapes. I watched Gracepoint because it was great story telling. I would rather watch the retelling of an excellent story I have not heard than spend one second watching any of the swill called "reality television". I certainly hope this series is renewed for a second season. It was scheduled against Thursday night football and Scandal, which made it a ratings orphan from the start. Then there was the professional critics who reviewed it after only one or two episodes and found it lacking because it was so similar to the BBC incarnation of the year before. I am surprised they would be so harsh to have an "American" version of a series praised so highly. One would think they would encourage better shows however they originate so we can stop being assaulted by the moronic programs currently offered. For example, do these professional critics really think Gracepoint was inferior to new shows like 'Selfie' or 'A to Z' or almost any reality show. Please, do not let the moderate ratings of this first season allow this show to leave the American airwaves. It has thoughtful writing on the human condition. It is a very good police procedural series. Give it time to flourish with the current cast, crew and writers.
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Simply beautiful
lameconi7 October 2014
Watched Gracepoint 1st episode for the second time.David Tennant is incredible as Emmett Carver, he needs only a look on his eyes or a movement of his body to give life to a character. He can plays virtually everything and always be extraordinary. Love the accent too, the way he says "go away" to Ellie, was just..WOW. I don't compare his character with the one in Broadchurch. Here he is Emmett Carver and I see Emmett Carver, more cynical, less sickly. Anna Gunn is a wonderful surprise.Her Ellie is really impressive. She was a more resolute Ellie and this is a good thing as she aimed for a promotion. Less emotive than Olivia Colman, (I know Bafta and all, but somewhat I found her overacting on emotions) a good thing as cops are trained to cope all kind of tragedies. Very good Kevin Zegers as Owen and Virginia Kull as Beth was stunning. As a mother, I immediately felt her grief like was mine, and cried. Jack Irvine was a creepy Tom. I reserve judgment for the rest of the cast as their character will develop in following eps. I appreciated the great work on photography made by Mr Grillo and the stunning scenery. Less slow motion (good) and a minimal soundtrack no towering above the scene, in peak scenes there were just a few acoustic guitar's chords. Overall a great work, and more important, the Maestro's signature. Chris Chibnall and his script were acknowledged at the opening credits. Bravo. BTW, I watched Broadchurch 12 times, 9 times in o/v, 2 in Italian version and 1 in french version, own the DVD set and know the lines by memory. I reset everything and my approach to Gracepoint was made with fresh eyes and open mind. The result is amazing. Gracepoint is great.
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chriscoll7926 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I like Gracepoint. And having already seen Broadchurch doesn't change that opinion. I don't know what shows air opposite that time slot, but was surprised to hear that the show is struggling for ratings. The cast is great, David Tennant is good-looking (check out the miniseries "Spies of Warsaw," where he has the starring role), the story line keeps the suspense level high, the seascapes are awesome, and I look forward to the scene where Danny's mother takes revenge on the woman with whom her husband had a brief affair. The only thing I would change is to clarify why Danny was killed. Broadchurch left me at least a little bit uncertain about what happened exactly, both before and after Danny was killed. I'm not asking for gore! Just clarification of the motive, etc. But, tune in! You won't be disappointed. But I will be very disappointed if the show is pulled before the series concludes.
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Another remake failure
chrisjones-5131221 February 2017
The only thing that the Americans got right in this show was David tennant being cast hence the 4 stars this is nowhere near to the standard that broadchurch was at, please stop these poor remakes. Seriously the Americans can make some amazing shows and they are very original so why do they have to try take off ours and ruin them?
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what this series has in common with Central Banking...
A_Different_Drummer3 October 2014
Historians of the future will look back at this rather odd period of history we are in and, I suspect, be most amazed at how the western Central Banks, with the full blessings of the governments they support, decided the "free market" was not working and instead substituted their idea of what a market should be.

Which worked really well .. for THEM .. but hardly anyone else.

And here we see a parallel in the entertainment biz. This lowly reviewer did a review of BROADCHURCH for the IMDb, a review which was constrained only by the fact that I ran out of superlatives, and did not have a thesaurus handy.

BROADCHURCH was brilliant. It was epic.

GRACEPOINT ... not so much.

Somewhere out there is a producer, no doubt sunning himself on his yacht in some exotic port of call as I write this, whose sole claim to historical note will be that he "packaged" this travesty. In other words, that he went to the money guys and said, look, this is a proved project, it did great in the UK, and I have already snagged Tennant, who everyone said was the heart and soul of the original. Fox will pick it up. Foreign sales are in. We will be in profit even before the cameras roll.

OK, said the money guys, but what about Tennant's accent? No problem, was the reply, Tennant will do an American accent. It sounds like a cross between Dallas and the Bronx, but no one will complain. Everyone loves the guy. He used to be Dr. Who, for heavens sakes.

OK, said the money guys, what about the location? No problem, was the reply, we're off to British Columbia. The Canucks have been keeping their dollar way below the Greenback, we will use Canadian extras, all costs will be 20% below the norm, or less. More profit for us.

OK, said the money guys, what about all those Canadian accents in a US production? No problem, was the reply, we have market research showing that only other Canadians can accurately recognize a Canadian accent, Americans are mainly confused by it, they think it may be some part of Vermont no one has ever actually been to.

OK, said the money guys, we're in.

And that, kind reader, is as close as you are ever going to get to how and why this was made. And, coincidentally, it also answers the questions asked here on the IMDb by the earlier reviewers.
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Just... not.
fallen_caryatid22 July 2015
I won't list the differences between this and Broadchurch, as others have already done so on the Gracepoint IMDb page, but these are all, by my estimation, quite minor. The new or enhanced backpacker and the priest story lines were of some little interest, but ultimately didn't contribute much. (Particularly when you realize that the 2 additional episodes you get in the USA version vs. the UK version were meant to have existed before, and the Brits cut them for cost; meaning, these aren't a new addition, just a restoration.) Even the big ending 'whodunit' twist that was advertised, to my mind just came too late to do much other than fall flat, in terms of storytelling.

I liked the actors that played the priest and Beth well enough, and the daughter and her boyfriend were perfectly tolerable, but otherwise I found the acting to be painfully wooden---particularly Ellie Miller's character... and even my much beloved David Tennant. Maybe he was just too focused on the American accent to act as well as he is able, but side by side, the Broadchurch performance was nuanced and powerful, and this one felt more like a rote recitation of lines. I just don't understand all the positive reviews of people who've seen both.

I almost NEVER have totally negative things to say about TV shows or movies; I can always find something worth seeing, but this? Flat, stiff, bland. The soundtrack was pleasing. Er, the whales were nice. My recommendation is to give this a pass entirely, and watch Broadchurch instead. And remember, that's two series' long, so you get the crime solving and the trial, which was amazing in its own right.
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A show that worked on both sides of the Atlantic . . .
purrlgurrl19 December 2014
Easily as well done as the British "Broadchurch", on which it is almost entirely based. David Tennant is impressive in both the UK and US shows, playing the abrasive "interloper" detective recruited to a small town police force, taking the job away from a local woman on the force who applied for it. His arrival coincides with the murder of an 11/12 year-old boy and the series follows the investigation and hunt for the killer (much like the first season of The Killing a few years back). It also highlights the working relationship between the detective and the woman he beat out for the his job (Anna Gunn). The chemistry between them is terrific and their scenes together are reason enough to watch. Michael Pena and Virginia Kull are also standouts as the parents of the murdered boy.

In both series the killer is revealed to be the same character, but the reveal is handled just a little differently between them. In the UK series, we can imagine that the main characters will come back and carry on (and indeed Broadchurch was renewed). However, the ending of Gracepoint is more suited to a one-airing mini-series, which it feels as though it was meant to be despite Fox's announcement that Gracepoint was canceled after one season. But really, it never felt as though it was meant to be a long-running series, especially with Tennant's commitment to the UK original.

I watched both shows simultaneously and am no end of impressed with Tennant's talent and ability to Americanize his character. Despite a few accent slips in the first episode, his accent was firmly nailed down by the second.
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A Pale Imitation of a Vibrant Original
muffin-munro3 October 2014
Gracepoint is an American remake of Broadchurch - a 2013 British miniseries (8 parts to date with a second season promised in 2015). Imagine a chilling atmospheric thriller set in a small town in coastal England where, after an 11-year-old boy is murdered, the dark secrets of the picturesque town are unearthed in the harrowing search for a child's killer. Now, strip that story of all tension, ambiance, and nuance; dumb down the script, introduce an utterly incongruent musical score, and strangle whatever was left of this gritty crime drama with bad CGI and overwrought acting straight out of high school drama camp. This, my friends, is Gracepoint.

Why anyone would try to transplant such a deliberately understated and geographically specific narrative as Broadchurch to a low-budget, hackneyed, American production is incomprehensible. Firstly, Gracepoint's unimpressive (and clearly computer-generated) hillsides overlooking a placid lake pale in comparison to the brooding landscape of Broadchurch's treacherous cliffs, foreboding waves, and relentless "never-ending sky." Secondly, Broadchurch may have some weaknesses (particularly to the classical English murder-mystery enthusiasts) but whatever it might lack in overall narrative structure it works to make up for with superb performances, particularly from Olivia Colman and (perhaps surprisingly, considering his participation in Gracepoint) David Tennant. Unlike the nerve-frayed Scot he plays in Broadchurch, however, in Gracepoint, Tennant's cardboard American falls in line with the stiff, overblown performances of every one of his co-stars - including the prototypical blonde, perky, flushed-and-breathy female detective played by Anna Gunn.

I want to emphasize here that Gracepoint is not an adaptation or a re-telling of Broadchurch: it is an offensive regurgitation. The majority of the script is reproduced (so badly) from its British antecedent. Thus, if you are considering watching Gracepoint, stop what you are doing immediately. Go to Broadchurch. Go directly to Broadchurch. Do not waste your time on this washed-out remake; do not be wearied by this hobbled script and hammy acting. For the sake of all that is good and innovative in British television today, watch Broadchurch instead.
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Why Americans
evanokane8 August 2018
Why do you Americans always have to make a bad verision on uk shows face it the uk is better at music tv shows America has had a lot of good movies so have we just don't copy a British film. In Gracepoint it is the exact same as broadchurch I'm so annoyed
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Fantastic Production Values
journalist14 October 2014
No, the show isn't Broadchurch and never could be, it is not set in England. Having got that out of the way I believe the show has real promise with the proviso that Anna Gunn improves and settles into her part.

Tennant of course is superb as usual; however, the real stars of the show is the script, production and direction, all are of unusually high quality; take for example the scene when the Danny's mom is stuck in her car during the traffic jam, she hears that they've found a body....she jumps out of the car and the camera pans to and holds on her son's discarded lunch box, just awesome. The episode is full of classy little scenes like that which drags the show above competitors and I believe will set it among the very best of 2014's American TV drama. Well done Fox!
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don't bother.
a_lowther11 June 2019
Just watch the original. this is just a sad knock off. why can't americans watch british television? can't believer he took the exact same role as the detective. silly all around.
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US based copy of Broadchurch
lovedoozza23 June 2019
I agree with the last few contributors in that it's complete madness remaking a tv series where the storyline is identical. Can they really make money doing this? David Tennant's America accent is pitiful.
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Addictive, Wonderful Show
shoppervick15 November 2014
Gracepoint is the perfect 10 episode show. The locale is a craggy sea town with colorful characters and moody weather. The storyline moves somewhat slowly, but it's an enjoyable ride to take while you learn who killed Danny. Along the way you learn a little about each character who may, or may not, have done the deed. It's annoying that people compare it to Broadchurch. The show does what it's supposed to do - it entertains you. Each week I wait with anticipation for the next episode. That is the recipe for a successful television show - when the viewer is drawn back time and again. If Fox makes another 10 episode mystery in the fictional town of Gracepoint after this one is over with Detectives Gunn and Carver working to solve the case, I will be sitting in front of my TV again each week. Bravo Fox!
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Involving mystery in a small town - plus there is Anna Gunn
phd_travel23 October 2014
Tuned in because of Anna Gunn. Like many I miss Breaking Bad even Skyler. This 10 episode mystery drama is quite involving. A small Northern California coastal town suffers a tragedy when a young boy is found dead.

Anna plays a police detective and David Tennant who her new boss. David has a bit of an owlish expression with the eyes but it's not that bad now he is older. Anna acts more disheveled and emotional than on Breaking Bad and it's interesting to see her in a different character. Michael Pena (just seen in Fury) plays the murder victim's father. Nick Nolte has a small role.

The story itself is interesting you want to see who dunnit. It's not too Twin Peaks surreal and mysterious - relatively grounded and realistic. At least it can't drag out too long since it's only 10 episodes.
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Excellent show
deniseschickel29 November 2014
Love this show! Can't wait for the next episode. I originally started watching it because of David Tennant - saw him in another drama recently and wanted more. He is amazing. Love to watch him. The plot is interesting, lots of characters with their own story lines, complex relationships and plenty of mystery.

Just saw an article on the possibility that it may not be renewed! Had to write a review to ask Please Don't Cancel This Show! Especially because we don't have a conclusion to the crime yet.

There are plenty of characters in this show to merit more story lines in the future. Keep it going! Think the writing is excellent.
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Gracepoint - Fox
hayzel24812 December 2014
Such a great show, just finished the first season... From the preview of the show, it appeared to be very interesting. Within the first episode I was roped in., and not a t.v. person-usually not caring what is on..this show really brought the viewer into this small town, got to know the people and had a Real Fleel to the show. The actors were very great-had not heard of any of them besides Nick Nolte.....left off with anticipations and craving of Wanting More. Fox T.V, really did a fantastic job of having the viewer seeming being involved in this mini series. Leaving the viewer to request the network to produce more of this miniseries.... ...... With the same town, same folks.... MORE Great writing, gives pause to actually think about what is going to happen................ Then of course what will happen... Then --OOHHHH Ahh....Bam..... did not see that coming.... kinda show......... More GracePoint Please FoxeyPeople. Bea Kowalski , age 50
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bad deja vu
SnoopyStyle28 October 2014
In the idyllic coastal Californian town of Gracepoint, a dead boy is found on the beach. The boy turns out to be Danny leaving behind his parents Beth (Virginia Kull) and Mark Solano (Michael Peña) and his older sister Chloe. Family friend police detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) investigates but she's not in charge of the case. Emmett Carver (David Tennant) is a new hire with a past who is given the case to Ellie's resentment. She wanted his job.

There is something wrong with this show and I put 90% of it on having seen Broadchurch before this. I like the original and there is a lot of tension as the destructive forces descend on the town. The original isn't perfect. It does drag on a little too long. Watching this version, all the tension is gone. There is value to watching another group takes a crack at the material. I would have like for them to re-imagine it into something more different. Jodie Whittaker in Broadchurch is so effective in her performance that she drives the show to a good start. Virginia Kull couldn't replicate the effect. The only improvement I see is actually David Tennant. His non-Americanness stands out and sets him apart from the rest of the town. That isolation is more compelling in this version. Everything else is either awash or inferior. Even the location is more problematic. There is a smallness and isolation in an English coastal town which is missing when it's put in America. I'm not saying this is poorly done. It's just hard to watch this after watching the original. Maybe not watching the original helps the enjoyment of this version. I can't really comment on that.
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A tiresome and utterly boring remake of a good mini series
sudarat-wanlakham17 October 2014
Although the plot is good and the acting fair, the writers failed miserably in capturing any audience interest at all. I painfully sat through the first two episodes thinking that the pace would pick up a bit. But halfway through the third episode I just tuned out and changed channels. I don't think that I could possibly get through another episode of this slow moving boring conversations and endless scenery shots that at some point may or may not have some relevance to the plot. It's a sleepy town and a sleepy mini-series. Minutes upon minutes of scenery shots and boring conversations. Fire these writers. Perhaps at some point I will download it and save this movie for a time when the electric goes out, the internet goes down and all the TV stations are off the air and I am really tired but can't sleep. This show should get me to sleep quickly.
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