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  • Broadchurch was originally conceived of as a ten episode series, but the network which aired it in Britain, ITV, was only willing to buy eight episodes. So the producers cut two episodes worth of material and made an eight episode series. When Fox became interested in making an American version of the show they allowed the producers to make it ten episodes long. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Aside from the change of setting from the UK to the US, and some attendant name changes of characters, the series follows the basic plot of Broadchurch fairly closely with some scenes playing virtually the same as in the British original. There are some differences however:

    * There is a subplot with Danny being caught shoplifting by his sister's boyfriend Dean, and a subplot where the police briefly suspect Dean of involvement in Danny's death.

    * Emmett Carver is portrayed as much more hostile and unlikable than Alec Hardy, the British version of the character, was. There's also some more attention paid to Carver's personal life, with his estranged daughter showing up for a visit in one episode.

    * Gracepoint reworks the character of Reverend Paul Coates. In Broadchurch he is a relatively recent arrival in town who is friends with Beth Latimer. In Gracepoint, the character is described as a Gracepoint native who knew Beth from school, and who has harbored a secret crush on her ever since. While the police in Broadchurch give Coates a cursory inspection, in Gracepoint they question him more intensively.

    * There is a significant additional plotline in Gracepoint involving a backpacker who was seen talking with Danny prior to his death. In Broadchurch, Danny had been seen arguing with a local postal worker, a lead which is never further addressed in that series. In Gracepoint, Danny was seen having a friendly discussion with a backpacker and is later found to have the backpacker's phone number in his possession. The search for the backpacker forms an important part of the investigation in the middle part of the season.

    * The other major change is the resolution of Danny's death. In Broadchurch the killer is revealed to be Joe Miller, Detective Ellie Miller's husband. He had been having secret rendezvous with Danny, who he claimed to be in love with. When Danny tried to break off their relationship, Joe strangled him in an attempt to keep their activity secret. In Gracepoint Joe is also the killer. However, in this version Danny was found bludgeoned to death. As in Broadchurch, Joe and Danny had been having a secret rendezvous. Danny tried to break it off and Joe chases him, Joe claims to Detective Carver that Danny died after tripping and hitting his head on a rock. However, it is later revealed, in flashback, that something else happened. Tom Miller, Joe's son, had seen his dad leave that night and followed him. When Joe chased Danny, Tom intervened, wielding a piece of wood to try and fend off his father. However, Tom accidentally hit and killed Danny. After this, Joe decided to cover up the killing, to protect his son.

    * Finally, Broadchurch has two additional seasons. The second season deals with the murderers trial as well as the reopening of the bungled case which brought David Tennant's character to Broadchurch. The third season deals with the investigation of a rape case. Edit

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