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Fun one: I always like their Special episodes.
AustinStar21 January 2014
For the fans of Family Guy, we all love it when we get taken to a place, a setting, adventure, outside of Quahog.

In this one we get to go into the Land of Grimm's Fairy tales.

Would have rated higher, but this is a format that the Simpsons has been utilizing for YEARS.It is still fun though.

The funnest part of these tales(, like Tree house of Horror,) is always seeing where each stock character is portrayed, and how their personality floats over to the role of the story.

Jack and the Beanstalk: No meg, but there weren't enough spots for too many characters in this one. They jammed in what they could, and it flowed pretty well. Not their best work, but I liked that one.

Little Red Riding Hood: Lovin' Stewie in another homosexual suggestive role. Brian has a part that is only fitting, and they are at least able to have a bit of that Stewie-Brian chemistry. But the characters were all in the right place and it is always fun to see retrospective observations, that Family Guy does so well.

Cinderella (but not by Grimm):

Pretty much a Disney knock off version, this relies on making fun of the movie. I liked it, but nothing original. But I liked it.
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Idiotic casting and ridiculous jokes make for another big downer
ericthoffmann19 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the last episode with the whale, you'd think that the creators would snap out of their lazy jobs, but NOOOOOO!

The biggest issue here is the casting. WHY in the hell did they have Stewie as one of the stepsisters and as Little Red? Meg should have easily been Little Red, and Lois shouldn't have even been Cinderella in the first place! I honestly think that those two popular girls from James Woods High in this show should have taken the place of Meg and Stewie, and have Meg as Cinderella. But I guess the writers don't think they have enough air time with Peter, Stewie, Brian, and Lois!

I honestly remember when Stewie didn't dress up as as female all the time. What happen to the old days? And why did they have Meg hang herself at the end? Whoever was in charge of this episode and the showrunners of this season and the last few need to be fired.

And let me tell you right now, if this show doesn't bounce back by the season finale, I'm through with this show. Understand, writers?
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