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Episode 6x12 and Beyond...
castanati14 January 2014
Brilliant - Simply, brilliant, a well-executed episode! Fantastic interplay between all of the characters in this episode, even Ryan' showing of little Sarah's picture was smooth an effortless. It fit the motif and scenes timing,very well. The interaction with Castle and Beckett was wonderful, and human with just enough emotional engagement to make you feel that they are in fact in love. Really enjoyed seeing Martha as the "strong insightful mother," and the woman face to face with her lost love, it was a nice change from the stage diva. I thought Castle resolution about his father was both timely and showed an adult Castle, not the witty, bantering court jester. Moreover, I cannot wait for the September - Season 7 "Wedding Event." Kate is also due for a promotion at the 12th - the question is will it come this season or in season 7? I think we all have been holding our breaths, waiting for the big event – the "Wedding of Castle and Kate." Nevertheless, we know that it won't be a wedding without either pre-drama or drama the day of…; several fans have even written possible scenarios - from Kate becoming a "runaway bride," to her having done something very foolish in an effort to not address her love for Castle. Such as marrying Josh ever so briefly, but Josh never signed the annulment papers – Ooops! Now, as much as fans hate, the latter, it seems likely to fit our Kate's personality and mental state at the time. Some have even stated that they will end up at "city hall" I do not think so.... what girl doesn't dream of her perfect wedding day and from Kate's conversation with Castle, Kate is no different. I do suspect that there will be a roadblock, but this is not the time to bring 3XK or any of his "doctor monsters" back. Let them at least have this one, since they will spend the rest of the series embroiled in one type of kiosk or another.

Most importantly, I am happy to see that the writers have rediscovered their "mojo." We were all getting a little worried, but have no fear; it is usually around the 6 season of a series, that direction of the series seems lost. The great thing about Castle, unlike most other crime drama's, is that Marlowe and crew value the fans input and have even used some fan ideas in episodes. The questions that may remain in season 6 – will be whether Castle's dad has a part in the bring down Senator Bracken? The character Kate has to have closure before the wedding day.

Possible season 7 - What will the confrontation look like as the doctor and 3XK meet their swan songs? The face-off here without question will be intense, this has I imagine been an intentional matching on the part of Marlowe - to re-enact a battle between Sherlock Holmes (Castle) and Moriaty 3XK (the doctor of course the "black widow") for those of you who know the older 30's version of the series with Basil Rathbone. The question becomes who will be the next pawn in this life or death game. Could it be a pregnant Kate, and/or Martha? Could this be the storyline that pulls in daddy – Jackson Hunt his skills could be useful here and will this be the storyline to take us into season 8? All and all, I think fans will be in for an exciting season 6 from here to the season's conclusion and we all – including myself have invested in more that our share of popcorn and tissues for Season 7.
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It was great, but...
bongoz18 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
... I find it hard to believe that, in all this time, Castle never told Beckett that the man suspected in the original kidnapping of Alexis in "Hunt" was in fact his father, who had saved Castle and Alexis. I mean, at the end of "Hunt", after he got the first edition of "Casino Royale", Castle was all ready to tell his mother about him, and given the dialog in this episode, at some point he must have done just that. And Kate was in the room, as was Alexis, at that post-kidnapping reunion. So did Castle tell his mother then or not, and if so, how could Kate not have heard the story? And if Castle didn't tell the story, why didn't Alexis?

The only way the events in this episode would make sense, with Castle's father's ID drawings from the farm and apartment in "Hunt" still unidentified by Beckett, would be if: 1) Castle never told Alexis about her grandfather, not even as a reason for her kidnapping (although Volkov certainly mentioned the father-son-granddaughter relationship), 2) Castle did not tell his mother about his father while Kate and Alexis were there, but did another time, 3) Martha didn't tell Alexis either, and 4) Castle subsequently never told Beckett.

Given Castle's talents, it's entirely feasible that he made up some plausible story regarding the kidnapping and rescue that didn't involve his father (who may well have told Castle to do so), and may even have taken a "family-only" attitude regarding the truth, but now that he and Beckett are engaged, he (and the writers) got some 'splainin' to do.
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