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James Brolin: Jackson Hunt



  • [showing up on Castle's doorstep] 

    Jackson Hunt : Sorry to miss our meeting, but, uh, I was a little busy getting shot.

  • Jackson Hunt : Trust kills faster than bullets.

  • Kate Beckett : We need to speak with Anderson Cross.

    Receptionist : Let me see if he's available.

    Richard Castle : [his phone rings]  Excuse me.

    Kate Beckett : Yeah.

    Richard Castle : [answering phone]  Castle.

    Jackson Hunt : [on phone]  Richard, something is about to happen, but you cannot react.

    Richard Castle : I'm sorry. Who is this?

    Jackson Hunt : Lives are at stake. Don't react.

    [hangs up] 

    Receptionist : Sorry, Mr. Cross isn't picking up. Oh, here he is. Mr. Cross, these people are here to see you.

    [Cross enters - it's Jackson Hunt] 

    Jackson Hunt : Hello, there... I'm Anderson Cross.

    Kate Beckett : Hi, I'm Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD.

    Jackson Hunt : Detective Beckett, so nice to meet you.

    Kate Beckett : And, uh, this is Richard Castle.

    Jackson Hunt : Sorry, I didn't get the name.

    Richard Castle : Uh, Richard. Richard Castle.

    Jackson Hunt : So, why don't we go on into the conference room where we can talk?

    Kate Beckett : Yes.

    [Beckett heads in, leaving Castle and Hunt alone] 

    Richard Castle : [whispers]  Dad?

    Jackson Hunt : [firmly]  Not a word.

  • Jackson Hunt : Let's run this just so we know we're all on the same page. Richard, what do you do?

    Richard Castle : As soon as the Kingfish network goes online, I log in, I download the list.

    Jackson Hunt : You don't just log in, you gotta be first.

    Richard Castle : Right.

    Martha Rodgers : But why does he have to be first?

    Richard Castle : Because it locks out the Iranians from downloading the list.

    Kate Beckett : Right. And while Castle's downloading, I'll track the signal using the Wi-Fi analyzer on my phone.

    Martha Rodgers : You can find a spy on your phone?

    Richard Castle : Mother, there's an app for everything now.

  • Jackson Hunt : Ted Rollins, your victim. What have you learned?

    Richard Castle : What have I lea... I'm sorry, until a year ago I had no idea who you were, and now you come out of the blue and the only thing you have to say is, "What have you learned?" How about a, "Hello, son. How you been?"

    Jackson Hunt : You're getting emotional. And now's not the time.

    Richard Castle : Really? 'Cause it's been about forty years. So when would be a good time?

    Jackson Hunt : With what I do? Never. Or did you forget what happened in Paris?

    Richard Castle : No. How can I forget?

    Jackson Hunt : Well, then stop acting like you did. You know what I do. You know who I am. I let my guard down, people die.

  • [having been shot and talking Castle through removing the bullet] 

    Jackson Hunt : Okay, now make an incision through the wound, about an inch long.

    [Martha hands Castle an X-Acto knife] 

    Martha Rodgers : Here you go.

    Richard Castle : Okay. About an inch.

    [Jackson grunts as Castle makes the incision] 

    Richard Castle : Okay.

    Martha Rodgers : Ooh.

    Jackson Hunt : All right, now here comes the fun part. Carefully, and I do mean carefully, pull the slug out.

    [Martha hands Castle a pair of pliers] 

    Jackson Hunt : But do me a favor. Try not to make *my* nose light up, huh?

    [Martha laughs sarcastically] 

    Richard Castle : Right. Okay.

    [he digs into the wound for the bullet] 

    Richard Castle : I think I have it... I got it.

    [he pulls the pliers out, empty handed] 

    Martha Rodgers : Oh!

    Richard Castle : I don't got it. Sorry.

    Martha Rodgers : Careful, Richard.

    Jackson Hunt : Now that you know how not to do it, why don't you try the other way?

  • Richard Castle : So, you wanna tell us how you got shot?

    Jackson Hunt : Not particularly.

    Richard Castle : What about the three guards you murdered while escaping from prison? You want to tell us about that?

    Jackson Hunt : Don't believe everything you read.

    Richard Castle : So you didn't kill 'em?

    Jackson Hunt : I work outside the system. Which means I need an effective cover. Hired assassin, wanted by Uncle Sam... opens a lot of doors.

  • Jackson Hunt : Well, there was a massive breach at the CIA. Someone hacked the files containing the identities of our deep-cover operatives.

    Richard Castle : Do you know who?

    Jackson Hunt : No. But it was an inside job at the highest level. That's why they called me. Because I'm outside. My orders were to find the mole and recover the files.

    Kate Beckett : What does any of this have to do with Ted?

    Jackson Hunt : Ted was one of my best guys. I recruited him to help me find Gemini.

    Martha Rodgers : Gemini?

    Jackson Hunt : Code name for the mole. He was planning on selling the DCO list. But we couldn't find him. If these files get out, the consequences will be very real. Then yesterday we had a breakthrough. Ted identified the buyer, and he signaled me to meet so he could tell me who it was, but, uh...

    Richard Castle : But Gemini got there first. *He* killed Ted.

    Jackson Hunt : Leaving me SOL. Until you told me about the Iranian rial.

    Kate Beckett : You... You told him about the rial?

    Richard Castle : I...

    Jackson Hunt : Ted left that as a fail-safe message... about the buyer.

    Richard Castle : Right. It's old-school spy craft. But... Gemini knows all the old tricks, so he took that coin to throw you off his scent.

    Jackson Hunt : Yeah. Once I found out the Iranians were involved, I traced Ted's trail back to an apartment on East 38th Street across from the Iranian mission. Only Gemini got there ahead of me.

    Jackson Hunt : And he ambushed you.

    Jackson Hunt : From a rooftop across the way. Soon as I opened the door, all hell broke loose. But I'm good at hell. And I made my way back to the car, but he was right on my tail. I had to drive into the East River just to get away from him.

    Kate Beckett : Look, this is an *incredible* story and I can see where Castle gets his talent, but it doesn't mean that any of what you said is true.

    Jackson Hunt : You don't believe me?

    Kate Beckett : Mm-mm.

    Jackson Hunt : Well, turn on the news.

  • Jackson Hunt : Well, after the shootout at the apartment, I knew I was blown. But I still had to recover this list.

    Richard Castle : So to keep the upper hand, you let Beckett and me walk into a trap. We could have been killed.

    Jackson Hunt : I would never let anything happen to you two.

    Richard Castle : The way you never let anything happen to Ted?

    Jackson Hunt : There are reasons I have to do what I do, Richard. One day you'll understand.

  • Jackson Hunt : Martha, hand me the needle and thread.

    Martha Rodgers : Uhh... Okay, here it is. And here we go.

    [gives them to Hunt] 

    Martha Rodgers : All right. You've stitched yourself up before, I take it?

    Jackson Hunt : At least this time I got a needle.

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