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zeeshanalih3 October 2017
Highly suggest if you want a good laugh. The movie was funny and really good. It wasn't meant to be serious at all and I think that all the people crying about it are 60 year old single old farts who don't know what humour is. It's not meant to be realistic at all if it's a comedy movie for entertainment. It's not a damn documentary.

Tired of all these "critics" who act as if only Oscae nominated movies that are inspiring and touch your heart can be considered good. This was a great watch.
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It's actually pretty funny and joyful
Navod_wijesekara14 April 2018
This was very enjoyable & Worth all money to watch. No real masterpiece or a great script, but a solid plot & a lot of fun. If you JUST want to enjoy a film & have a nice time, this is pretty good. certainly deserves more rating than this! After seeing the ratings I avoided this film for a long time. But after some friends suggesting it, I thought to give it a try & Bam! I'm very pleased That I did. At least deserves 6.5 ratings. Tired of all these "critics" who act as if only Oscar nominated movies that are inspiring and touch your heart can be considered good. This was a great watch. If you don't understand the definition of joy or doesn't like fun without reason, You're that type of serious person, Just don't watch. Giving low ratings Is a unfair move. This was a funny one & I recommend to anyone within age 12 to 30. Even others, If You're of the kind.
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This movie is not that good but at the same time very enjoyable
benrandomz20 June 2017
First of all I want to say that I don't get all of the hate this movie is getting. This movie does try too hard to be funny and it isn't that funny to be honest, but I had a very fun time watching this movie, going in to it with absolutely no expectations. I got to say for m this movie isn't a waste of time and it isn't a waste of money.
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Very Funny
RhondaWilliams7627 July 2017
I worked on set of this movie and the actors are some of the best to work with. They are really funny on and off screen. The movie is really close to what would probably happen with teachers in real life if they could get away with it. I loved this movie and didn't stop laughing. The cast works really well together to make this movie one of the best.
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Full entertainment!
mrsylhet7 April 2018
Ignore the ratings and negative comments. It's a full on comedy ride all along. Great cast, superb acting and entertains you from start to end.
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there are laughs to be had
MLDinTN1 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This silly comedy actually had some laughs. It's the last day of school and seniors are pulling pranks. Tough guy teacher, Strickland, goes nuts and trashes his class room. Another teacher, Campbell, witnesses the whole thing and rats Strickland out to keep his job. So Strickland challenges him to a fight after school. Campbell does funny things to get out of it like bribing a student, planting drugs. And he has his daughter's talent show to attend, in which they perform to a Big Sean song with some raunchy lyrics. That was quite funny with the looks from the audience. They fight, but the fight saves their jobs in a way.

FINAL VERDICT: Had some good scenes, worth watching.
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Don't get any of the hate!
rockinminecraft10 June 2017
Sure it's no Godfather but it's hilarious. I personally enjoyed the whole movie. This, in my opinion, is better than Three O Clock High. And I enjoyed Three O Clock High. So give this film a chance. It won't waste your time. It's really good! It's awesome! And on today's standards this movie is okay for an 11 year old! Heck I watched it with my nine year old brother!! He loved it! So I give Fist Fight 10 out of 10! Definitely not anywhere near as vulgar as real middle school today! Definitely worth a watch and doesn't deserve 5.7 at least a 6
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take your money and burn it
fpox319 February 2017
this is by far on the top 3 'worst movies i've ever seen'. i don't usually write a review but i have to because i feel like someone grabbed me money & time.

listen. first of all, i don't put comedy movies in the same 'judging eye' as other genres. sometimes you want to laugh, just enjoy the cinema with friend so don't think I'm comparing it to pulp fiction.

this movie is so bizarre and not funny i think anyone with dignity to the movie making and not "we want money no matter what" should fire anyone connected to this one.

script- no one in the WORLD talks like that, act like that, and those unrealistic moments so cringy i was embarrassed. "plot" - error 404 funny - didn't laugh even one time and all the theater was quiet 99% of the time.
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Phenomenal Casting
bottlegnome25516 September 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. It's shot, produced, and cut very well. The material is well written and you can tell they had a lot of fun making this. You've got Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, a live-action version of Archer's "Pam", and Hank from Breaking Bad; this cast is perfect for being wack! You obviously have to suspend some disbelief to enjoy it just like any comedy, especially one set in a High School. It's a movie about Redemption and the consequences that follow based on our actions, we learn that words are always going to matter, regardless of the circumstances. If you want a "Bad Teacher" type of movie or just a "screw the system" kind of film then this is definitely the one for you.
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Loved movie, laughed entire way though movie
pcruler-9495826 October 2017
Movie keeps the entertaining throughout the entire movie, constantly wondering what's going to happen next. Ice Cube definitely played a good role in the movie Recommend to any friends Good Comedy for entire family. THe back and forth between ice cube and Charlie day is suspense full and enjoyable
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If you are in the mood for an insane wacky adult comedy, then Fist Fight is that movie for you.
DarkVulcan2926 February 2017
They often say if a comedy can be horribly written, but if you at least make me laugh, then all is forgiving, and Fist Fight did just that. Fist Fight is a bad movie, but it knows it's a bad movie and it milks it for all it's worth, has well the actors in the movie.

A match up between Ice Cube and Charlie Day pretty much tells you how insane this gonna get. But I gotta say I was entertained through out, Cube give quite a crazy funny performance, Day is really funny also, not playing his usual annoying performance that where used to seeing, In one scene I felt he was about to go there but stops himself. Jillian Bell was also quite engaging has a schools guidance counselor who's kind of a pot head, she's like Rebel Wilson from How to be Single only funny and not annoying. And Tracy Morgan, well there is not much more to say there, he's just being Tracy Morgan.

It really brings you in the insanity of it's comedy, and if you are not a fan of it, then stay away. I liked it, would I sit through it again, probably not, if I sit through it to many more times, I may end up hating it.
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I'd Rather Take a Fist to the Face Than Ever Watch This Again
RustyShacklefordd28 February 2017
Fist Fight is a movie that I really did want to find some sort of enjoyment in. I'm a pretty big fan of Charlie Day and really would like to see him get some bigger roles outside of It's Always Sunny. Yet, there is no denying that Fist Fight is not only a new low for, but also one of the worst studio comedies to ever be released.

The biggest problem with the film itself is buying the premise itself. I understand that this is suppose to be a goofy comedy not meant to be taken too seriously, but there is only so far one can go out into the realm of disbelief before it becomes so implausible it brings us back into reality. Nothing in this film feels authentic or makes sense at all and only as a way for the writers to be able to advance an already stupid plot forward. Not since Identity Thief have I seen a film that bends and disregards so many rules of reality just to advance the story. if the laziness of the plot wasn't annoying enough, every character in the film is extremely unlikable and annoying to the point they feel like complete cartoons.

The other big problem with the film is that it is painfully unfunny. Even in the worst of comedies I can at least find one or two jokes that made me laugh, but I didn't even crack a smile at all during Fist Fight. It's very clear that the actual script for the film itself didn't contain many jokes and that the director/writers are relying on the actors to improvise most of the jokes to fill up the runtime. This results in almost every joke relying on forced profanity and sex gags. It thinks it's being edgy, but the jokes are so weak and tired it just comes off as desperate. Charlie Day is trying his best here, but with nothing to work with he constantly resorts to doing the fast-talking and freaking out shtick that he does in every other show and movie he's in to excess. Ice Cube phones it in playing the exact same role he does in the Jump Street movie (except much less funny) and Jillian Bell plays the stereotypical annoying woman character who constantly says lewd things for a cheap laugh. Even worse is to see Tracy Morgan first big role in a film since his accident gives him absolutely nothing to work with. If there is anything redeeming about Fist Fight at all, the actual fight during the climax is actually much better than one would expect given the rest of the films quality leading up to it, but it's not worth sitting through the rest of the film just to reach those 5 minutes.

Fist Fight marks a new low for major studio comedies in which the rules of reality or thrown out the window only so a plot that makes no sense can exist and decent writing is replaced in favor of improvising whatever swear word or sexual noun can be thought of on the spot. It's excruciating to sit through and a complete embarrassing for everyone involved. It's only 2 months into the year, but Fist Fight is a strong contender for one of if not, the worst movie of 2017.
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Skip the crass bore that Fist Fight is and go watch Three O'clock High instead
RforFilm21 February 2017
A good film fight depends on how the audience is experiencing it. The majority of the fights from the Rocky series work as we want to see Balboa win the boxing match that he's worked hard training for. The fights from Fight Club are engaging because the film establishes that this works as way to ease some of the tension that Edward Norton had developed within his mundane life. Looking at a bad example, the main battle from Batman V Superman is poor as the movie did not establish enough of a connection with it's audience and failed to give us a good reason for our heroes to fight.

So when a movie like todays is building up to a big fight, then it has to establish some relatable characters and justify the need to brawl. Given that this is school based, the best example is an eighties comedy called Three O'clock High. That one was about students getting ready for a fight after class. It was funny and smart with how it understood how a lot of students would react under the fear and the naive attitude of adults. Now we have two teachers meeting after school in Fist Fight.

It's the last day of high school, which is also prank day. What operates is the high school from hell as teachers and staff are victim to pranks that are so elaborate and insane that real teenagers might see as too much work. English teacher Andy Campbell (played by Charlie Day) is worried that he'll get cut as principal Richard Tyler (played by Dean Norris) is more worried about keeping the budget low. Campbell is also worried about his soon to be born second child and daughter who is dealing with bullying of her own. All Campbell wants is to get through this day without much trouble.

Campbell's day is thrown into chaos by history teacher Ron Strickland (played by Ice Cube) who is not having any lip from the students. When a prank involving a television disrupts the class, Strickland goes crazy with a hatchet chopping a desk in half. When the principal demands answers, Campbell reveals that it was all Strickland, causing the history teacher to lose his job. In response, Strickland tells Campbell that their going to fight after school. Campbell does everything he can to get out of it, even talking to coach Crawford (played by Tracy Morgan) and guidance counselor Holly (played by Jillian Bell) for advice. Of course, the fight is on.

What's interesting is that the movie tries to convoy the message about underfunded schools. It's a good message if Fist Fight wasn't so hypocritical of itself. The main problem is that everyone in this movie is an awful human being. I don't mean all the main characters, but everyone! Aside that every student seems to be a serial killer, both Charlie Day and Ice Cube are both unsympathetic and too unlikable to want to follow for an entire movie. You know your in for a bad movie when the running time is only and hour and a half, yet it feels like three.

What's worse is that until the fight happens in the end, your stuck with these people for a long time. They try hard to throw every joke they can from student pranks an F –bomb or a meth joke, but very little of them did anything for me. I mentioned before in my review for Sausage Party that you have to offer more then shock jokes and foul language. Fist Fight falls in that same category, but is far worse for being a failure as a comedy and trying to say something about the American school system.

I'll give this two bloody school gym mat out of ten. Despite some committed performances and a fight that does have some good moments, I really cannot recommend Fist Fight. Take your milk money and go rent Three O'clock High instead. It's the same, but funnier and smarter. This is one fight that won't end with any winner.
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Hilarious!!!! Ignore the bad reviews..This is funny as all heck!!!!
kricul29 May 2017
Ice Cube...Amazing! Makes me think about TGIF!!! and Charles Day who?!?!? Wow! What a funny funny guy! Spot on on all the lines!! Jokes great! and the Woman Counselor picking up the guy students!! Hahah! and Tracey morgan..and the End credits?!?!?!? Paying props to old school hip hop?!?!? Are you kidding me..?!?!

I have concluded that if people have lost their sense of humor these days. If you don't like this one, well......
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Fist Fight was mostly a waste of time but not too painful if one sticks to the end...
tavm22 February 2017
Just watched this with my movie theatre-working friend. I wasn't really looking forward to this but since it was only gonna run 90 minutes, I decided to go ahead and watch it with him. It wasn't really worth that much of a look but after a awhile, I didn't think it was too painful to watch. But there's not really all that much that I thought was funny though my friend was mostly the opposite. I guess the language and the dirty jokes and scenes was just something I just managed to tolerate. And I also thought much of the plot was just pointless to the point that for the most part, I did feel I was wasting my time watching it. But since it was so short and I was partly amused at some scenes, Fist Fight wasn't a complete waste of time. But I don't think I ever want to watch this again, that's for sure!
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"Fist Fight"- Likable, charismatic performances cannot save this woefully unfunny comedy. The heckler in my audience was funnier than the film...
MaximumMadness1 March 2017
So, I just got back from seeing "Fist Fight"... And already, I'm struggling to remember a single thing about it. Other of course than the fact that it's a comedy that somehow didn't illicit a single laugh from me, and only was able to conjure up the most-hearted of occasional chuckles and smirks.

It's a truly sad state of affairs when a heckler popped up in the sparse audience at my screening, and he was genuinely so much funnier than the film, that I didn't even bother reporting him to the staff. And neither did the only other person who was in the theater with us. Yes, it's a shame, but "Fist Fight" is a dreadfully dry and humorless film, filled to burst with top-notch comedic performers doing the best they can with a stale and trite script and bland, flavorless direction. It's frankly shocking just how little life there is to the film and how badly is squanders just about every single attempt at making a joke or setting up a good running gag. The excellent Charlie Day, likable Ice Cube, gorgeous Christina Hendricks and amusing Jillian Bell all deserve a much better film than director Richie Keen and his trio of screenwriters are able to muster up here.

Day stars as High School English teacher Andy Campbell, a nice guy whose a bit of a pushover, as he contends with a series of personal conflicts on the last day of the school year. This includes infamous senior pranks, his wife's pregnancy, the lingering threat of potentially losing his job due to lay-offs... and of course the wrath of Strickland (Ice Cube), a vicious and strict History teacher who he accidentally gets fired and who swears vengeance by challenging Campbell to a fight after school. And so the race is on for Campbell to try and figure out a way to stop the fight from happening, while he also juggles the other issues that the day will bring him.

To get it out of the way, the cast is probably the only good thing about the film. Day is a lot of fun as our lead and Ice Cube makes for a satisfying enough foil, even though the role is written to be so far over-the-top as to be ridiculous. Co-stars Jillian Bell and Christina Hendricks are a bit of fun, both both are very under-used and despite prominently being featured in the advertising, both get maybe 5 minutes of screen time. (And I'm pretty sure Hendricks only really has about three lines of dialog, and other than that basically just stands around for cheap, tactless eye-candy.) And I will admit that without spoiling it, there is one stand-out sequence in the final act that almost got me because it came relatively unexpected.

But other than that... the film's just atrociously and aggressively dull.

From the opening minutes, you basically learn the film only has two real "jokes" that it uses over and over- that being the repetitive and cliché "senior pranks" and Ice Cube becoming increasingly violent in such a way that it's more disturbing and troubling than funny. When one of the main recurring jokes of the film is the fact that the students have drawn male reproductive organs all over the school for our leads to occasionally stumble onto about once every ten minutes, you know you're in for a painful ride. It's tasteless Middle-School humor that anyone over the age of 20 will likely just find repulsive and groan- inducing. There's a reason most of us stop doing that sort-of thing once we reach adulthood... it's just not that funny once you grow up.

And Cube's character is written to be so hateful and heinous, you can't even really laugh at his behavior. When his first major scene involves him brandishing an ax and threatening a student with it, and he spends most of his time threatening Day with lazy justifications for his actions, you lose all sympathy for him. Oh, and the film also makes our "hero" out to be so much of a coward that you end up hating him, too. Kinda hard to sympathize with a lead who is such a measly little worm, he does some really immoral and terrible things to get out of the fight. Add to that some laughably terrible old tropes and painfully predictable story-threads from the DOA script and director Keen's complete lack of creative vision, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. It's not even a good-looking film. I can't even give it that credit.

If you're 13-years-old and think that dirty anatomical sketches and people screaming about sex and punching each other is comedic gold, you'll probably love this film. If you're at all a discerning and responsible film-goer, you best stay far away from "Fist Fight." This is just a putrid, shockingly unfunny endeavor.

I give it a terrible 2 out of 10. Avoid.
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Painful to Watch
larrys35 June 2017
As many reviewers have already noted this movie is terribly unfunny and can be painful to watch. Being crass and crude in a film can work if done in a certain way, but this one was just awful. For me, there were only two positives here. One was the performance of Jillian Bell as the teacher Holly, and the other was that the movie did eventually end. I would say try and steer as far away as possible from this turkey.
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The best Friday Late Night movie I watched In ages
ssalmanhussain26 April 2019
Don't be off put with the reviews This is the best Friday Lay night movies about a nice guy rubbed the wrong way one too many times. Do watch if you want to have a good time
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Best comedy movie i have ever seen
azizsas24 July 2018
I'am reapting this movie everyday hahahahah and still make me laugh again
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The Movie You Watch if You Just Want to Laugh
leddyfzm7 May 2018
This is the kind of movie you watch if you just want to laugh. It's the movie you see when you have a bunch of friends over on a Friday night and you want to unwind.

Will it win an Oscar? Not a chance, but it isn't horrible. The plot is pretty transparent and some of the acting is meh, but it's watchable.

This just isn't the kind of movie that a critic even has to review, in my opinion. It'll never win over a critic who takes themselves too seriously.

I agree with another reviewer that said this movie tries a little too hard to be funny, but you end up having a really great time watching it. It does have hilarious moments that make it worth watching.
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Snitches get stitches!
Reno-Rangan14 September 2017
The first feature film for a television director. He did not get the best cast, but best among the second string. Charlie Day's first lead I'm seeing. I mean not like, among other big stars he used to do the roles. Yes, there are like Ice Cube in the film, but the whole narration was presented from the Charlie's viewpoint. This story needed strong voice, but he had none. You may get annoyed for that, but that's the first fun side of the tale. Charlie Day versus Ice Cube! This kind of combination is not new, but decently used to tell the story. I like Cube in comedies than the serious roles.

Well, it's not about the story, it's just a one day event. The final day of the school and a tough day for all. Because some of the staffs were fired from the job, the students' misconduct peaked, it's totally a messy day. The English teacher, Campbell, gets into a fight for going against his co-staff. So the day goes on as the countdown begins for their most anticipated fight at the final bell of the school. The preparation for that and all other craziness take place before the finale.

When the film started, it was like any other B movie, very familiar atmosphere and predictable. Once the second half kick-started, I felt it was getting better. And the climax was even better. So, it ended strongly, after a so-so opening. Till that end, I did not think it deserved a decent respect, but at the end a better one. With this kind of cast and thematic, the film was much better. Really a well made, nothing more than on the entertainment perspective. So, if that's your sole purpose to watch a film, then this is the right one. Go for it. A much better film than the rating it had received. #TeachersFight

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Teacher vs Teacher oh it's on like donkey Kong.
Terryfan10 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Fist Fight my brother and I saw in theaters while the movie isn't all that it is crack up to be there is some good to it just have to look past the bad.

The plot of the comedy is that Andy Campball (Charlie Day) is a English Teacher with a supporting wife Maggie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and his daughter Ally (Alexa Nisenson) but he accidentally got his co worker Strickland (Ice Cube) fired after being confronted by Principal Tyler (Dean Norris) After words Strickland challenges Campball to a fight after school and the troubles just get worst as Campball try everything to get out of the fight.

The comedy for the movie is a mix of hit and misses.Some of it can make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt the rest will leave you going what were they thinking? That's the issue with comedy movies lately is that they try too hard and don't try enough to make a good joke or have a comedy bit that makes sense. That's why I think most people hated this movie was because of the fact it is suppose to be a comedy and yet it can be bad comedy.

However the climax fight is reason enough to watch the movie along with curiosity.

I give Fist Fight an 7 out of 10
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Actions have consequences
nogodnomasters29 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a no brainer high school comedy. Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) and Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) are teachers at Roosevelt High School during a teacher layoff. Tracy Morgan plays a coach that hasn't had a victory while Jillian Bell plays a drug using guidance counselor who likes teen boys too much. Andy gets Strickland fired. Strickland wants to fight Andy because he is a snitch.

The characters and action are over-the-top. Students are unruly. I admit I had to laugh at all the gags and stupidity.

Guide: Excessive F-words. No sex or nudity. Sex talk.
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Not a bad movie
robbertwlewis2 July 2017
I don't understand the hate of this movie the could have directed it a bit better maybe had some better lines but still a good one time watch and its great for a few chuckles and a movie night the story supports it self and make perfect sense at the end of the movie what the idea was all about actors 7 9 9...story 6.... i wish with the actors they had they would have had a better writer but again a good one time watch don't just put it out watch it with the wife or gf she will get a kick out of it.
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Waste of time
defne-8802320 May 2017
The movie is such a cliché and superficial. There is nothing creative in the movie. You have seen everything before in lots of other bad movies. Their is no clear point of no return and the climax is unbelievable vague and lame. I did not have the patience to watch the whole movie so i was forced to scroll forward and the end was just as lame as the rest of the movie. The only positive thing to say about the movie is that the first 15 minutes was actually quite okay and fun. The rest was just awful. My advice is "Dont watch it, Wast of time!"
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