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The Film Stage
It’s stupid, mindless, and crude, but I laughed throughout and admittedly can’t wait to watch it again.
The fact is that moviegoers deserve a better class of comedy, or at least movies that aren’t composed of one part recycled three-act filler and one part vamping.
There are too many misses among the hits. Once you get past the premise, there’s not a lot farther to go
The movie works best when it finds a balance between flatly familiar and over-aggressively unexpected.
For at least an hour of its hour and a half running time, Fist Fight is a complete failure, a sour comedy without laughs. But then something happens in the movie’s last quarter. It doesn’t exactly redeem itself, but it comes into focus and starts making sense on its own weird terms.
The film's last act grows more enjoyable by the minute, observing as the teacher stands up not just to his tormentor but to everyone else who might want to demean him.
Predictable and overdone, it’s yet another unremarkable studio comedy that wobbles on its before getting knocked out.
There’s little tension or comic build-up.
Washington Post
The slapsticky, sight-gag-heavy yukfest, which is filled with the kind of phallic humor you may have sniggered at when you were 16, floats like a dead butterfly and stings like a B-movie.
A risible excuse for comedy that treats compulsory education as a joke and violence as a reasonable way to solve problems.

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