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Still fairly entertaining Warning: Spoilers
This is the third and so far last Funnyordie entry of Kiernan Shipka's little series acting as a child star therapist. I personally thought it is pretty funny, about as good as the first, but slightly inferior to the second, which was just super-hilarious. Shipka this time meets the kid from "Hunger Games", a fully-grown man who was once a child star (I guess) and finally a boy from "Insidious" and "Iron Man 3". I am not too sure about the other psychologist at the end. Maybe she is a child actress from "Homeland". She is not listed here in the cast. Anyway, we see actually some cat fighting here between Shipka's characters and also in the end with the other girl. The first interview was pretty funny, the last not so much. Still, I enjoyed this series a lot and I hope Shipka will make some more of these snippets soon. "Mad Men" is over by now and I have no doubt she will emerge as one of the rising stars of her generation. She is great in drama and in these short films we see that she is also very gifted with comedy. The director of this third installment is once again Stoney Sharp who also did the previous two.
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