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Season 1

20 Jul. 2014
One hundred eggs are inseminated by Dr. Alison Lennon as she convinces the president to hold a national lottery to see who will carry the prized embryos. However a battle over the embryos soon erupts.
27 Jul. 2014
Rules of the Game
Alison faces the aftermath of her actions. Vanessa, Darius, and the President's advisers debate the next steps of the Lottery. Kyle and Elvis seek refuge with an old friend, until Elvis has a diabetic attack which puts his life in danger and threatens to expose them.
3 Aug. 2014
Greater Good
Vanessa, Darius and President Westwood deal with a hostage crisis; Alison makes a discovery.
10 Aug. 2014
Vanessa has second thoughts about the lottery and consults with Darius and the President.
17 Aug. 2014
Crystal City
The President announces the 200 lottery finalists; Vanessa makes a discovery about the kidnapping.
24 Aug. 2014
Sleep Deprived
Vanessa works against Darius to control the Lottery; the Lottery contestants acclimate to the pressures of their new lives; Kyle meets an unlikely new ally; Alison's investigation intensifies.
7 Sep. 2014
St. Michael
Alison and James share with Vanessa their thoughts and theories about the source of the fertility problem. Plus, Vanessa finds out Darius is working with so-conspirators to take control over The Lottery. At about the same time Kyle is asked to take advantage of his current standings with Allison.
14 Sep. 2014
Truth Be Told
Alison follows up on the evidence that James uncovered; Vanessa uncovers Darius' plan.
21 Sep. 2014
Mr. Torino
The President discovers that Gabrielle has made a deal with Perry and confronts her.
28 Sep. 2014
In Extremis
The President announces the winners; the mystery behind the infertility crisis comes to a head.

 Season 1 

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