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Season 1

7 Jan. 2014
The Kazama Family
The Game Creation Club must make a new game or recruit a new member by the end of the day or it will lose its club status. When the delinquent, Kazama, attracts the president's attention, he's stuck joining her club whether he wants to or not!
14 Jan. 2014
Curse You, Fake Game Creation Club!!
A group of suspicious characters begin to hound Kazama. As luck would have it, they're the real Game Creation Club and he got duped into joining the fake Game Creation Club! Why does his school after two of the same club, anyway?
21 Jan. 2014
Fujou Academy Freedom Festival
The Fuf Festival is coming up soon and the (fake) Game Creation Club needs to come up with something quick! Can they come up with something other than elemental-based ideas on how to sabotage the opponent?
28 Jan. 2014
That's the Evil Orchestra of Fourteen!
When Kazama and his pals get their butts kicked by the Band of 14 Devils, it's up to the Game Creation Club (Provisional) to come to the rescue! How will the girls fare against some of the nastiest delinquents their school has to offer?
4 Feb. 2014
What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!
Thanks to his fight with the Band of 14 Devils, the whole school knows about Kazama's position as a member of the Game Creation Club (Provisional). Now he's not only expected to hang out with them after school, but eat lunch with them too!
11 Feb. 2014
So That Means We're in a Love Triangle!
Hachi Siou has been smitten with Roka ever since she bagged him once. When he hears that Roka has bagged Kazama, he decides that the three of them are in a love triangle! He challenges Kazama to a game duel that turns into a school-wide tournament.
18 Feb. 2014
That's Dirty---!!
The game tournament is down to the semifinals! Siou finally gets his duel with Kazama while Roka and Takao face off in a nasty game of musical chairs. Which contestants have what it takes to climb to the finals? Who will walk home victorious?!
25 Feb. 2014
I Liked the Pixels...
Takao offers to treat Kazama as payback for helping her escape the teacher interrogation over the zipper-shot. Could this be a DATE in disguise?! The two sense dark energy while in the pre-sale line for her favorite video game series...
4 Mar. 2014
That's Right. I'm His Little Sister.
Noe decides to check out the Game Creation Club (Provisional). Her big brother isn't the gamer type, so it's hard to imagine why Kazama joined. She has no idea what she's getting herself into until it's too late. Can she survive the experience?
11 Mar. 2014
Tama-senpai, Long Time No See
Kazama gets kidnapped... again. It's up to the Game Creation Club (Provisional) to rescue "Princess Pinch" once more. But perilous (and stinky) hardships await them on the journey to where he's being kept!
18 Mar. 2014
I Have a Secret Move?
The game that will determine the fate of the Game Creation Club (Provisional) is on! If Kazama thought his club members were monsters, he hasn't seen anything yet. The ex-Student Council is going to give them a run for their money.
25 Mar. 2014
At This Rate, You'll Have Zero Friends for All Eternity!
The showdown between Chitose and Tama rages on! Kazama tries to help as Shield No.2, but Tama's sumo slaps and kabuki hair are insanely powerful. Can Chitose defeat Tama for the very first time, or is the Game Creation Club (Provisional) doomed?

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